How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277 [100% Working Methods]

If you get a 277 error code while playing Roblox games, please read the following to learn how to correct the 277 error code in Roblox [100% Manual].

I think most Roblox users can get this error at any time by playing Roblox on their devices. So far, no one knows the exact cause of this error. In addition, we cannot receive updates from Roblox game developers. They haven’t even responded to this mistake, I think they’re working on it. Don’t worry about the error, there are many ways to correct the error code of Roblox 277. In this article I will show you how to correct the error code 277 Roblox.

Roblox 277 Error code overview Roblox 277 Error code overview

  • Pay attention: Some users may try to restart the game to correct this error, but you still get the same error code 277. The conclusion about restarting the game is therefore not the solution for this error.

You may encounter other Roblox-related errors, such as Roblox error code 267 and Roblox error code 610. For these two errors there are workable corrections, but with regard to error 277 we have to apply working methods to correct this error. So it is time to read the article to find out what the Roblox 277 error is and how to correct it.

Contents of this article

What is the error code for Robox 277?

Roblox is the most popular game with 150 million active players worldwide. But in this Roblox game, there are some bugs that have not yet been fixed by the developers. One of these errors is Roblox error code 277. Most players are annoyed when they get a bug information window during their interesting game. It doesn’t matter if you play the game on your mobile phone or on another game console. But one day you’ll be faced with this mistake. Basically, this pop-up error is the most common problem with Windows and Mac devices.

You will get an error of type Disconnected, Lost Connection to the game service, Please Reconnect (error code: 277) while you are in the middle of the game. Most games have lost their users due to such errors. Because if they make these mistakes during the game, they give up or try to connect to the game, but trying to connect to the game won’t solve the problem, as I said before. If you try to restart the game, you will see the same error message again.

Reasons for error code 277 in Roblox:

In fact, no one knows the real cause of this error, because some say it’s due to a bad internet connection, someone says it’s due to Roblox log files, and someone says it could be due to the ports. Everyone believes in their own theories. I believe that, for whatever reason, we must find a solution and apply it on our side to solve this problem.


  1. Poor communication, especially Wi-Fi problems.
  2. The port used by the router to connect to the game.
  3. Maybe because of problems with the Roblox server.
  4. Maybe because of a conflict between Roblox’s log files.
  5. Because of some compatibility issues.

All I know is that the reason is not necessarily the same for every user who encounters this error. Internet connection, damaged system files, malware infection and incomplete installation files – all of which can cause Roblox 277 to fail. So you don’t have a choice. Follow the manual to learn how to correct the error in Roblox 277.

Procedure for correcting error code 277 Roblox:

I have worked on many methods, but I advise each user to make sure these devices fully meet all requirements before correcting errors on their PC/laptop, Smart Mobile or Windows game console. If you have a computer 1. The computer doesn’t work properly and some basic checks need to be done first to make sure there are no other problems in the game. The basic check includes rebooting the system, cleaning the computer and some basic fixes on your PC/laptop.

Finally, make sure that these devices meet Roblox’s minimum requirements for hardware speed and Internet access. In order to play Roblox on your PC/laptop, your devices must fully comply with the following requirements.

Preliminary investigations:

  • Windows 7, 8/8.1 or Windows 10. If you are using Windows 8/8.1, you will need to run the Roblox game in desktop mode, as Metro mode is currently not supported.
  • At least DirectX 9 and the shader 2.0 model.
  • 1.6 GHz processor or higher, 1 GB of RAM and at least 20 MB of system memory.
  • At least one internet connection from 4 to 8 Mb/s or more

After checking the requirements, check your Internet connection to see if it is good or bad, and also check your hardware requirements.

Method 1: Delete all Robox logs and files:

Not only Roblox, but many gaming applications store data on your device, such as game history, settings, and other files that occupy space on your device. During a game, these files can also cause certain causes and crashes when the game starts on your devices, so these crashes can cause errors. So I suggest you clean up these temporary files regularly to avoid errors.

How to remove logs and files from the Roblox application

  • First press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to start the start dialog on your PC/laptop.
  • Now enter the name of the folder in the next dialog box and press Enter.

%local data%Robloxlogs

  • Now select all files in the folder by pressing Ctrl + A at the same time and delete them completely by pressing Shift + Delete at the same time.
  • Open the Run dialog box again and navigate to the folder below.

% USER PROFILES%AppDataLocalLowRbxLogs

  • Select all files in the folder again by pressing Ctrl + A at the same time, then delete them completely by pressing Shift + Delete at the same time.

Now check if your Roblox game works properly without error code 277. The sad thing is that once the game logs are removed from your PC/laptop, all saved games and previous settings are deleted, so you have to start the game again.

Method 2: Roblox startup in compatibility mode:

Each time a new update comes out of an application, which means that the update is only compatible with certain versions. For example, the new updated version of Roblox works very well with Windows 10, but when it comes to older versions of Windows, many people are likely to have problems running on older versions of Windows devices.

I think I know two ways to solve compatibility problems on Windows devices.

  1. Changing compatibility mode settings
  2. Use the built-in device to resolve software incompatibilities.

Change the compatibility mode settings:

  • First right-click on the shortcut of the Roblox application on your desktop and select Properties.
  • Now click on the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program in compatibility mode box.
  • Now scroll down to choose the version of Windows you want to use to customize your application.
  • I mean, come on. Click on the Apply button.

Now check the Roblox game on your Windows device to see if it works or not. Otherwise, follow this method – the built-in software compatibility troubleshooter.

Use the built-in device to resolve software incompatibilities.

  1. First click on the Start button in your Windows.
  2. Now enter Run Programs and perform a search.
  3. You will get different results than with programs created for earlier versions of Windows. When you find them, just click on them.
  4. Now click Next to start the troubleshooter and check for any compatibility issues with your applications.
  5. Once the troubleshooting is complete, you will see a list of applications that are experiencing problems.
  6. Find Roblox here. When you find Roblox, click Next.
  7. Now select the diagnostic option you want to use.

Use these two methods according to your specific problems. Now go back in the game and check if the game is working properly. If not, proceed as follows.

Method 3: Change the open ports on the router:

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