As technology jumped leaps and bounds, it didn’t take long for the elite casino game developers to pounce on the opportunity to reinvent the wheel with the bonuses and dynamics of slots. Taking advantage of the jackpot features for slot games, online casinos took slots to the next level with bigger and bolder jackpot games.

But when the 2010s rolled around, a new era of slots took off and continues to take off like a rocket with the Megaway, Hold, and Wind features. If you’re ready to stretch out your pockets with Megaway, Hold, and Win Slots, consider this guide your stepping stone for a new and rewarding slot journey.

Megaway Slots

Along the way of the American iGaming boom, was the rise of jackpot and progressive slots, and mobile gaming. Also, the Megaway concept took American online casinos by storm. While it is still debated which game exactly kicked off this amazing slot genre, it is believed that Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt helped usher in the Megaway concept. The first Gonzo’s Quest was released in 2012, and while it seems to be a regular five-reel game with twenty pay lines, the real gem is the amazing Megaway feature. What exactly is a Megaway? Megaways are bonus reels added to the built-in reels during regular or bonus gameplay.

The Megaway concept builds on the cascading reels feature, where you continue to get re-spins as long as you keep winning. The difference is that new reels are added to the cascading wins process, and the winning multiplier grows by one. Even better is the chance of this avalanche feature, as it is known in other games besides Gonzo’s Quest, which can go on for quite some time or until you reach the maximum winning multiplier or pay lines. Megaway slots can easily get over 10,000 pay lines.


Similar to Megaway slots is the tumble feature. Some tumble feature slots might add new reels, but they add new icons to replace the previous ones that helped to trigger the winning combination. But you might have unique icons with significantly higher payouts along the way.

Understanding Hold and Win Mechanics

In its essence, Hold and Win shares the same principles and mechanics as re-spins. With Hold and Win, the reel or reels are locked in place while the other reels are spun. However, the caveat is that you usually experience larger winning multipliers and special symbols that only land during the Hold and Win feature. Also, Hold and Win battles Megaway slots by having the player win other game bonuses on top of the Hold and Win multipliers.

If the game supports jackpots, you can win those during this process, which goes for the progressive jackpot. Like most re-spins, it takes special symbols to launch the Hold and Win feature.

Features of Hold and Win and Megaway Slots

As new sweepstakes casinos come online, more slot game additions feature Megaway and Hold and Win features. In fact, these online casinos have special categories just for Hold and Win and Megaway slots.


As always, be on the lookout for bonuses and promotions that usually apply to Megaway and Hold and Win Slots. But besides the amazing winning opportunities, Megaway and Hold and Win slots still provide immersing character themes and bonus rounds that are worth your while.