NYPD has a story about Hunter Biden’s e-mails. Critics say it’s not like email and that there are typing errors, showing that they’re wrong. That’s a lie. For example, the application prints Apple Mail emails into a PDF file. Errors in the font are related to viewing PDF files in your browser – you won’t see them in the PDF application.

I’ll prove it on this blog.

I do it by making fake mail. It’s not about proving that the emails haven’t changed, but about proving that they could easily have been changed – the NYPD has not shown the necessary diligence to prove that they haven’t changed. The fact is that these inexplicable problems are not evidence of a forgery. All emails printed by the mail application in PDF format and then displayed in Scribd look the same.

We start by creating a simple text file on your computer called erratarob-conspire.eml. E-mail messages are based on text files. I use Apple’s TextEdit application on my MacBook to create a file.

The structure of e-mail is simple. It consists of a block of metadata consisting of fields separated by a colon:. This block ends with a blank line, after which we have the content of the message.

When you click on a file, the Apple Mail application is launched. It opens the email and displays it on the screen:

Note how the mail application reformatted the metadata. In addition to viewing your email, you can easily click on the names to add them to your address book. So, on the right side of the screen is (VP) – a bridgehead icon is created for each account in your address book. I take note of this because my version of Mail (VP) is not printed in PDF format, but appears on the NYPost website in PDF format. I think it’s because his mailbox is three years older than mine.

The only thing I can do with e-mails is save them as PDF documents.

This creates a PDF file on the hard disk, which we can view just like any other PDF file. Note that the application has reformatted the metadata and that the metadata is different from the way it appears on the screen and in the source code of the e-mail.

Sometimes websites like this want to display the PDF in a web page. For this you can use the Scribd-website, which makes the PDF files look just like below:

The conspiracy of Erratarob in the name of asphalt

The way it appears on the screen changes depending on many factors. However, for most people there are small problems with the police, especially with the name Hunter Biden. Here is a screenshot as it appears in my browser. We can clearly see how the n and t characters of the hunter’s title are collapsing.

Again, although it’s a fake email, every real email has the same problems. This is the result of creating PDF’s and using Scribd. You can simply click on Scribd to download the original PDF (my website or the NYPost website) and then use your favorite application to view PDFs. It protects the scribble from incorrect display.

Others argue that email doesn’t work so well that email clients always show square brackets around an email message that contains the characters < and >. Usually, but not in all cases. Here, of course, Apple’s Mail application does a lot more work to make everything look good without showing it.

There’s a small difference between what my MacBook 2020 produces and what’s in the original NYPost article. As the metadata in your PDF file shows, it was produced until 2017 MacBook. My reproduction isn’t exact, but it’s very close.

We’ll just use Occam’s razor. Assuming the letters were false. The easiest way to do this would be to create a text document, as I have shown above, and open it in an email client to print the message. It took me less than a minute, including a careful selection of an unknown Russian name. The most difficult way for foris to use Photoshop or some other technique to manipulate the pixels, resulting in such writing errors. So if you see writing problems, the most likely explanation is just something I don’t understand, not the evidence of a conspiracy.


The problem with conspiracy theories is that anything that is not explained is used as evidence of a conspiracy.

We can see it here. If the information published by NYPost contains inexplicable formatting errors and the only theory known to explain it is a conspiracy, it proves that there is a conspiracy.

It’s stupid. Unknown things can just be unknown, which doesn’t mean they are inexplicable, although you can’t explain them. Here’s what we see here: People have convinced themselves that they have evidence of unexplained formatting errors, when in fact the formatting can be explained.

The history of New York has many problems. These are data taken out of context to misinform the reader. We know it’s a trash story, even though all the letters are real. We don’t have to find conspiracy theories to explain it.

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