The story of the New York bounty hunters has aroused the interest of many observers who are obsessed with technical details and are trying to prove that it is a joke. So far, these claims have been false. This story is certainly bad journalism, aimed at misinforming readers, but it has not yet been proven to be a hoax.

In this case, we take into account the statement that the data does not match the production data of the disks. The bitches claim that the readers were manufactured after the events in question, based on the serial numbers.

This article will show that the theory is not correct. The manufacturers determine the warranty periods. Therefore, you cannot assume a production date based on the end of the warranty period.

The story begins when Hunter Biden (or his assistants) dropped the laptop because of water damage in a repair shop. The repair shop made a copy of the laptop’s hard drive stored on the external drive. Later, the FBI hid and seized the laptop and this external drive.

The serial numbers of both devices can be found in the calendar published by NYPost:

These serial numbers can be entered on Apple’s support pages (FVFXC2MMHV29) and Western Digital (WX21A19ATFF3) to find out what hardware it is when the warranty period expires – and is likely to begin.

In the case of this external disk, the warranty of 3 years expires on the 17th day of the month. May 2022 – which means that the journey will be interrupted on or around May 17, 2022. May 2019 (as they claim) This is a full month after the announced date of the 12th. April 2019, when the notebook was taken to a workshop.

There are many explanations. One of them is that the disk called by the government (9 December 2019) was a copy of the original disk.

But the explanation is simpler: The warranty periods are extended by the manufacturer by a few months. In other words, if the warranty expires on the 17th. The month of May ends, which means that the record was probably set in February.

I can prove it. By the way, I bought a Western Digital record a few days ago. If we have used the same logic as above to work in the reverse direction after the warranty period has expired, this means that the drive will be manufactured within 7 days in the future.

Here’s a screenshot from, where I took the disk on July 12th. I bought in October.

Here is an image of the hard disk itself from which you can read the serial number:

The date of manufacture (DOM) is 31. July 2020 is printed directly on the instrument.

But let’s see which Western Digital reports indicate the end of the warranty period:

We see that the guarantee expires on the 25th. October 2025 ends. According to Amazon, where I bought the record, the warranty period is 5 years:

So, if we insist on an expiration date of exactly 5 years, this means that in the future this disk will be manufactured in 7 days. Today is the 16th. The guarantee starts on October 23rd. October.

The reality is that Western Digital has no idea when the drive will arrive, i.e. when I (as a consumer) expect the warranty period to start. They set this period at a few months to take into account the time they think the device will be in the sales channel, the time between manufacture and the time it is likely to reach the customer. Hardware is rapidly losing value, so it is unlikely to remain on the channel for more than a few months.

Thus, instead of proving that the chronological order is wrong, the serial number and the warranty period indicate that the chronological order is correct. This is exactly what you would expect if the repairman were to restore the files to a new external drive.

Another problem related to this topic is file recovery, which in the opinion of the author is unbelievable. In recent versions of Apple MacBooks, if the motherboard is damaged, it is not practical to recover data from the drive. Today, in 2020, the SSD is soldered directly to the motherboard in a laptop and is also encrypted with the motherboard’s TPM chip.

But we’re talking about MacBook Pro 2017, which probably had a removable SSD. Other Apple laptops have special connectors for reading SSDs from dead motherboards. That’s why recovering files for laptops from that time is not as impossible as it seems.

In addition, the workshop may have repaired the laptop. The damage caused by water varies according to the extent to which the water is used. The damaged device can be restored and recharged in at least one kind of recovery mode.


Recording serial numbers and searching for them is exactly what hackers have to do in these kinds of stories. The complexity of the story is great, especially the story of the New York newspaper, which is certainly bad for journalism.

On the other hand, it goes both ways. We need to be even more careful when questioning things that agree with us. This is an excellent example – we seem to have found irrefutable evidence that the New York story was a fraud. We also need to ask ourselves this question thoroughly.

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