Seeker is recognized as a leader and innovator in web and cloud application security. Find out how to improve safety with IAST

Seeker IAST wins the CybersecAsia Awards in the category Best Cloud and Web Application Security | Synopsys.

Synopsys is proud to announce that Seeker® IAST has won the CybersecAsia 2020 award for the best security of cloud and web applications. This award underlines Seeker’s position as market leader in terms of features and capabilities and offers the best detection, tracking and monitoring of sensitive data leaks for today’s complex web, mobile and cloud applications.

CybersecAsia is the leading CISO/CISO Choice Awards program that recognizes Asian cyber security pioneers for their outstanding achievements and innovations in the industry. CybersecAsia, based on Asia’s most trusted source for cybersecurity information,, recognizes organizations that provide solutions to the significant and complex security risks associated with the increased availability of applications and data.

What is the viewfinder?

Seeker is an interactive application security testing solution (IAST) that provides an overview of the state of web security and accurately and efficiently identifies vulnerabilities and security holes. Seeker seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD workflows and allows you to perform automated and continuous security testing of web, cloud and micro-service applications. It provides continuous real-time feedback, including code understanding, so that you can make timely corrections throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Unlike other IAST solutions, Seeker can do more than just uncover security holes. It automatically checks and validates that the identified vulnerabilities can actually be exploited and provides developers with a list of priority vulnerabilities, defined and dictated according to the nature of their applications and the most critical risks. This reduces the noise of false positives and lowers risk, while identifying the most urgent vulnerabilities that need to be addressed first, making development, testing and deployment lighter and more flexible.

How does Seeker support the security of web and cloud applications?

The CybersecAsia award recognizes Seeker’s leadership and innovation in web and cloud application security. Let’s see how Seeker helps development teams strengthen their security position in web and cloud applications.

Seeker uses proprietary tools and runtime analytics that enable security teams to continuously monitor, identify and verify vulnerabilities in the cloud, micro-services and web applications. Seeker supports applications hosted on the Azure PaaS, AWS and Google cloud platforms.

Search agents can be easily manipulated across multiple terminals or nodes of the target application, and they monitor any interaction between the tested application services offline in the background while the teams perform their usual development and testing activities. Seeker easily integrates into your CI/CD workflows. Web and API integration provides the tools you use for local, cloud, micro services or container development.

Agents | Overview

Because Seeker can be deployed early in the development cycle and in combination with manual, functional or automated testing, vulnerabilities in web applications can be detected and fixed before they are deployed. That’s what makes the seeker stand out: Seeker is the only IAST solution capable of effectively detecting, tracking and tracing sensitive data leaks common in modern, complex web, mobile and cloud applications.

Seeker is an important tool for organizations undergoing digital changes and migrating to the DevOps platform. According to Gartner’s 2019 report, the 12 Things to Do DevSecOps a Success, the IAST is considered a key success factor.

Are you using the viewfinder yet?

If you are already a member of Seeker, you know how important this is to your security position. We are pleased to announce that Seeker 2020.10 will be held on the 5th. This document was published in October 2020 and is now available. This release includes exciting new features, including a data stream card, improved diagnostic and auditing capabilities, support for new Java 15-based applications, and several new and customized controls. More details can be found in the Synopsis community.

New for the researcher or would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about Synopsys’ powerful IAST tool? Visit our solutions page to learn more or dive into this Seeker webinar to find out how Seeker can help you meet your security needs.

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