Don’t we all love to play music on our favourite companion, also known as a smartphone? Whether we go to work, relax or play sports, music is an integral part of our lifestyle. For more musical experience, the music player is very useful.

Although Android smartphones come with their own standard music player, not much can be said about their own capabilities because they are not really multifunctional. This means that they are not equipped with functions such as EQ balancing, presets, etc.

The need for an hour in a decent and free Android music player. But the market is saturated with many dubious apps, all boasting that they are the best free app for Android, and that’s not all! How to find the best music player for your Android smartphone? Of course, check out our list of the best free music players for Android!

the best free music players for Android

These third-party music player applications help you find the best music player for your specific needs at home. What’s more, these elegant music applications give you a unique and enriching music streaming experience on your Android phone. So, are you ready to find the best free music players for Android? Let’s get started. :

Pay attention: The list does not correspond to any order or preference. We want you to choose it according to your needs.

Best free music player for Android users in 2019

1) Black player

the best free music players for Android

Supported by an intuitive and minimalist interface with a stream of subtle features, this Android audio player with its fast transitions is truly sublime. Music Player USP or Black is a highly customizable program in which you can change fonts, animations and colors. Not to mention that it is equipped with an equalizer to give you the perfect bass in your song. So if you’re a bass lover, the BlackPlayer is your weapon.

You can also set sleep timers and scroll through the built-in lyrics while the songs are playing in the background. Of course, the free version includes additional options to control playback according to your preferences.

2) Exceeding

the best free music players for Android

GoneMAD is a slightly underestimated free music player for Android. GoneMAD offers a fast and clean interface where you can easily find a number of functions. First of all, the interface will not seem confusing, and that is what distinguishes it from other parts of our list of the best free music players for Android.

In fact, GoneMAD can play different music formats such as AAC and FLAC with ease and grace, and has a built-in equalizer for 16 groups. He knows his way around genres ranging from progressive metal and garage rock to hip-hop and EDM.

You can also use features such as pitch correction, DSP limiter, sleep mode and tag editing. You can easily access text-based applications and use over 250 different settings.

3) Music player Pi

the best free music players for Android

Decorated with attractive transitions thanks to a beautiful interface, the Pi music player is a great value for any music lover. It includes a five-band EQ with a bass boost for bass lovers. The Pi Music Player also offers 3D reverb effects, a sleep timer, a virtualizer and ten presets.

In fact, you can use gesture support, change metadata and enjoy a variety of themes and genres ranging from grunge to psychedelic rock and kick music.

What does it introduce in our offer of the best free music players for Android? The Pi Music Player features a melody cutter and a unique Pi Power Share function that makes it easy to share songs with friends on different platforms.

4) Phonograph

the best free music players for Android

Although very simple and minimalistic, phonography is a powerful force when it comes to getting rid of the flood of parameters and colour themes. With Phonograph, users can even customize album artwork. It comes with the integration of, a tag editor and a set of screen lock controls for smooth music playback in multitasking mode.

If you’re looking for a simple and efficient music playback application with an impeccable user interface, the Phonograph is just what you need. In general, it can be an ideal alternative to Google Play Music if you don’t want to switch to Android applications with a bloated user interface.

5) Pulsar

the best free music players for Android

Pulsar, another free Android music player with a clean and soothing interface, makes you want to drool on its interface for no reason.

On the other hand, the transitions and configuration options will indeed seem attractive to those who made the transition from their standard player for the first time. Of course, you can use functions such as: error-free playback, built-in voice, sleep timer, etc.

In fact, the Pulsar music player can also automatically synchronize an image of an artist/album if your songs don’t have the original artwork. All in all, Pulsar is one of the best free music players for Android, which is definitely worth its weight in gold for users looking for an effective application with some great features.

6) At least one music player

the best free music players for Android

Minima was developed by XDA to provide users with advanced music features. In terms of user interface and hidden power, it’s a huge mess.

You can organize your songs into different categories such as albums, playlists, songs with some interesting features such as B. mirror to close the player easily. Not to mention the fact that the Minima music player also has a sleep timer and is quite easy to use. Don’t despair that Minima is a relatively new music application, it’s still worth a try!

7) Shuttle services

the best free music players for Android

The shuttle, developed by analogy with Google Play Music, includes everything a passionate music lover could wish for in an audio player. Shuttle’s simple and uncomplicated interface allows users to customise items such as themes and footprint with the brilliant 6-band EQ and bass boost.

What makes Shuttle one of the best free music players for Android? It is equipped with other features such as scribbles and sleep timers, which are mandatory in music player applications. You can also use an impeccable display and display the built-in texts.

8) Stella

the best free music players for Android

Quite unique in our list of the best free music players for Android, Stellio offers the fascinating possibility to change the theme of your interface according to the color of the album cover. So once you’ve mixed the playlist, the colour of your theme changes fundamentally every time a new song appears. Stellio also offers scrombling, fading and lossless audio formats with an impressive 12-band equalizer.

In addition, Stellio also offers playback options for the Android Wear watch, which is a plus for users who want to wear their music all the time. The only drawback is that users have to accept advertising on the free version.

9) Power lamp

the best free music players for Android

Poweramp is a very well known music player and the main scene of Android music players. Poweramp is an application worthy of a music player that can track your score in terms of simplicity. With support for formats such as WMA, FLAC, ALAC and m3u, you should try Poweramp if you haven’t tested it yet.

This free music player for Android also features a 10-band EQ and flexible mono mixes. You can also adjust the bass and treble. The back? Poweramp is only free for 14 days and you need to purchase a premium version now.

10) CloudPlayer

the best free music players for Android

And it complements our range of free music apps for Android cloud players that keep your song libraries in the cloud.

This means you can stream music directly from popular sites in the cloud, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. You don’t have to worry about backing up and syncing your music for the cloud player, so you’re always in touch with your music. It also supports Chromecast and AirPlay.

Not to mention a 10-band EQ and 17 SuperCloud presets for enhanced headphones! So much so that you can make a large number of settings in the application to meet your needs.

И… that’s the end! Did you like our CV with the best free music players for Android? Did we miss one of your favorites? Sounds in the comments.

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