In this article you will learn what a putlocker is? Why do we need a pusher? Is it safe? Is it legal or illegal? Why use a pusher? What are the alternatives for the undertaker? Why do we need alternatives? All these questions are answered in this article.

We also provide an overview and links to all alternatives to the putlocker. We will inform you about all the pros and cons of the different locations.

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In today’s online world, the demand for entertainment is growing by the day. We all want to sit down and relax. An abundance of content is broadcast daily, including numerous films, web series, documentaries, stand-up comedies, podcasts, reality series, TV shows, etc.

But you can’t see everything for free. You have to pay for each platform to see these materials. That’s why sites appear as Putlocker.

Putlocker was established in the UK in 2011 to watch films, TV programmes, web series, etc. Since its creation, the site has acquired thousands of monuments. Putlocker published the latest films and TV programmes on his website. It’s great to see all the bonus movies and TV shows for free.

Why do we need alternatives to Putlocker?

At that time, there was another website, Megaupload, which offered all this entertainment for free. Offering illegal content is illegal. That’s why it was banned by the government. After the ban, the number of Putlocker users increased from 800,000 to 1.3 million. It also quickly attracted the attention of the British government for offering illegal content. Putlocker is also prohibited, as is MegaUpload.

That is why we need alternatives to these pirate sites, because they are forbidden from the government’s point of view.

Alternatives for travel locks

Some of the best alternatives for Putlocker to watch free movies and TV shows.


On this page you will find all movies and TV shows. Here you get a simple scrolling down interface where you can watch all kinds of movies: Action, Thriller Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc. If you want to watch TV shows, just click the TV Shows button to the right of the Movies button.

There are not many advertisements on the homepage. You can watch movies with just one click. After clicking you will see a small advertisement, after which the film will run smoothly with a good internet connection. Popcornflix offers all current and past films and TV shows. It also offers stand-up comedy shows.

2. Sun protection film

This site offers a better user interface than popcornflix. At the top you will find all tabs such as movies, TV shows, anime, etc. You can also select content by country and IMDB rating, with options like these above. You can watch movies in HD. But you’ll have to see more ads on this site. They also redirect you to other pages.

3. Movies


It has the same user interface as the movie Sunny. In the top right corner you will see some pop-up advertisements. But you won’t see Japanese cartoons and stand-up comedies here.

Above you see categories such as TV show, IMD, country. It also redirects you to other pages. But this site loads faster than sunny movies and popcornflix.

4. Yes Movies

It has a cooler user interface than the others, with no ads or pop-ups on the homepage. Above you can see all categories, as well as the other three. But there are no Japanese cartoons and stand-up comedies. But you get the latest series and movies from the web.

5. Movies4h

It’s a great website with an elegant user interface. You will find the gender category on the right. They don’t display pop-ups. There are only movies and web series. If you want to watch movies and web series, please visit this site without being unnecessarily interrupted by advertising. You can also download it here.

6. Movies

Putlocker pages

It has a cool and original user interface with no pop-up on the home screen. You will get well-organized content on this and other sites. But it redirects you to different pages when playing multimedia. But don’t worry, you can still watch. There’s no anime or stand-up comedy show.

7. Rainierland

It doesn’t have a good user interface. It’s not as smooth as the others. But there are no annoying pop-up ads on the homepage. Here you will find the latest films and web series. You do not have to log in or register here.

8. Megacher

This page loads slowly and the fonts and layouts are not very attractive. But it has a handy movie search box. You will be given separate categories above for a selective selection of films and TV programmes. You can search by region. There is no pop-up on the homepage.

9. 5 films

It doesn’t offer too many options for you, but you will get a fair amount of movies and web services. If you haven’t looked too much at the content. You can then go to this site because it has a good user interface. Everything is well organized and there is no pop-up on the homepage.

10. Movie Entertainment

It is a very elegant site with bright colors. They also have an application that you can download from this site. And as with any website, I introduced it to you. It also offers well-organized movies and web series, but no anime or Japanese stand-up comedy. You have a search function to easily get your movie wish. However, there are some popups in the upper right corner.

11. Viewer

You can also consider this site, but it doesn’t offer too many possibilities. You can search for these series and films on an annual basis. It doesn’t have many pages, but it does have the latest movies and TV shows. From time to time you will not be redirected to other pages. You can watch it in full HD quality.

12. Popcorn time

It is a very good site to visit, it is very popular for watching TV programs, web series and movies. You can also download it here to view it later. You do not have to log in or register here. You can easily view them on any device or operating system. You get well-organized options for too many shows.


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