Disagreement, the cross-platform communication application, is popular among players. The reason is that you can connect game consoles like Sony Play Station, Xbox, etc. to Discord. You can also create groups and add members to groups in the Discord area. The groups in this application are called servers. Once your server is up and running, you can chat with people, share files/GIFS/photos, etc. In 2020, Discord introduced templates to help users quickly create/start a server. The company has also shifted its focus from gamers to anyone looking for a communications app and changed its motto. If you use Discord and for some reason no longer like it or don’t want to use it anymore, you should know that Discord is not the only application that supports real-time interaction, video calls, file sharing, etc. Here are 5 great apps like Discord that you can use:

Best alternative uses for Discord


Telegram is a great alternative to Discord. It is a cross-platform, privacy-focused, feature-rich messaging service. Unlike Discord, which only supports 8 megabytes of attachments, Telegram allows users to share files up to 2GB in size. The application supports end-to-end encryption and also provides the ability to delete a sent message after N minutes/seconds. Sometimes you can send a message but later regret the decision to send it. Telegram allows the sender of the message to permanently delete the message from the recipient’s device and from the sender’s device. Just like in Partition and applications like it, in Telegram you can create groups (called channels). Communities, also known as Telegram channels, can have up to 200,000 members. Telegram can play videos hosted on other sites within the application’s own interface. You can also send/write a direct message to a user by typing @ followed by the username and message. Telegram supports voice, video and text chat. It securely stores user data in different countries.


To use Slack, you must either join a workspace or create a new one. If you use a work email address, Slack extracts the company name from the email ID and sets it as the workplace name. When users create a Slack account with a business email ID, the app lets them join your workspace (the one with the business name in the email address). For example, if you create a workspace with an email address of abc@example.com, Slack sets the workspace name to Example and displays an option to allow users who have signed in with an email address containing example.com to join the Example workspace.

As with other applications, e.g. B. Discord, you can invite people to your workplace. Each workspace in Slack can have multiple channels. The application automatically adds these channels to the workspace – usually in a random fashion. Channels can be used for different purposes. For example, you can discuss a project module on one channel and another on another channel. If you’re a gamer, you can talk about one campaign game in one channel and another in another. Slack allows users to send direct messages to other users. Little support for smilies, attachments, etc. This allows you to share screenshots of games, files, videos, etc. It has a search function. The results of the study are limited to the workplace.


The element protects user data with end-to-end encryption. Users can login with their phone number, email address or username. It is not necessary to provide an email address when creating an account. This item allows users to select the server on which to store their user data. The default location is Matrix.org. You can also host your own Matrix server if you know Linux. The Item application allows you to search for groups by name without logging into an account. However, you must log in to the application to participate in the discussion. The item displays notifications on phones. If you use Element on your PC, you can enable desktop notifications. With this alternative Discord application, you can send direct messages and create groups. It supports video calls, voice calls, emoticons and file sharing. This item allows the user to enable/disable the Composer function (recording interface). For example, you can disable tooltips for emojis, enable Ctrl + Enter to send, etc. In addition to features like WhatsApp, Element has many privacy and security related settings. You can delete sessions, export E2E keys, enable verification of deleted sessions, and more.


Skype is a conversational type application that supports voice and video calls. The instant messaging application Skype allows you to communicate with up to 24 people at once. The application supports emoticons and GIFs. It allows users to create meetings and participate in online video conferences. Skype is a cross-platform service. You can access chats on mobile and desktop computers. The application allows users to share files of up to 300 megabytes in size. Why Skype? Well, Skype has been around since 2003. Most people who use the internet will have heard of or come into contact with Skype. It’s easy to convince people to use Skype.


Mumble is a low-latency communications application perfect for users who want their messages to be seen or heard immediately. The application also encrypts communications between two or more users using a 256-bit encryption algorithm. It has two special features for gamers: audio positioning and in-game overlay. It also supports push-to-talk function. Unlike previously mentioned apps like Discord, Mumble’s source code is published on Github. If you’re familiar with the programming language Mumblecore is written in, or if you’re familiar with programming, you can go through the code if you’re concerned about security.

More applications like Discord:

Conclusion: If you’re looking for another Discord app, use one of the 5 apps I listed above.

frequently asked questions

Is there a better application than dissonance?

There are over 100 alternatives to Discord for various platforms, including web, Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac. … Other good apps like Discord are Mumble (free, open source), Telegram (free), Tox (free, open source) and Slack (freemium).

And if you disagree?

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What was used before the disagreement?

The 7 best alternatives to Discord – Online Tech Tips

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