Welcome to our article on the 5 best built-in dishwashers.

A built-in dishwasher is very different from a freestanding dishwasher or a slimline dishwasher. They are designed to be slid under the countertop in a specific location. At the same time, they fit perfectly into the existing decor. There is usually a cabinet door that closes in the front or fits over the dishwasher door to hide it. It’s not necessary, but it’s more attractive.

For households that have room in the kitchen for a built-in or semi-integrated dishwasher, a freestanding model makes no sense. That’s because it takes up more space (and therefore may not fit in the room) because of the built-in sides – ceteris paribus.

If space is too tight for a built-in model, check out our guide to dishwashers. To find out if a particular dishwasher model is right for you, you can also look at the dimensions of dishwashers in the UK using our guide to dishwasher sizes and dimensions.

At a glance: Our top recommendations for built-in dishwashers

The humble dishwasher is now a common sight in British kitchens. Standing at the sink and folding your fingers while washing dishes may be an old tradition, but people lead increasingly hectic lives. So putting plates, bowls and cutlery in the dishwasher is the least of your worries.

A large built-in dishwasher is the most useful of these types. That’s because it has better ground clearance and a higher payload (listed in our reviews below as a guide). The largest model offers additional space for internal loading and for a load. This eliminates the need to unload and clean a small collection of plates, bowls, etc. first, and then refill the dishwasher with a second load of dirty dishes. This saves time and is much more practical!

It is not a good idea to choose a built-in dishwasher model almost at random. You should read our mini reviews of the latest recommended built-in dishwashers and choose the one that suits you best. Our evaluations are scannable; key specifications are also listed at the end of each product evaluation.

Fully integrated or semi-integrated dishwasher – the best choice for you?

All dishwasher models shown below are full-size models. For tight spaces – built-in or freestanding – our narrow dishwasher rail is worth a look. You can find models of both types that are as sleek as possible.

The main differences between the integrated and semi-integrated model should now be discussed. Our exams include 4 integrated models and one semi-integrated model. But what are the main differences between the two types?

Large built-in dishwasher

A built-in dishwasher is placed under the worktop, where it is usually placed between other appliances or next to kitchen cabinets close to the floor. Technically, it has no sides – it’s mostly bare metal – so the design is less detailed than that of freestanding models. There is also less choice on the market, mainly because in terms of design there are fewer ways to distinguish one model from another.

For this type of dishwasher there is usually a false door (which is part of the kitchen), which completely hides the dishwasher. This includes the control panel and sliding door.

The advantage of these models is that they are much quieter than semi-integrated or freestanding dishwashers. This is due to the sound-absorbing effect of the front door and the fact that it is surrounded on the other side by kitchen cabinets.

Integrated models always vary in size. So you need to determine whether or not a particular model will fit into your kitchen space. For more information, see our guide to dishwasher sizes. In addition, our reviews include the dimensions of each product for your convenience.

When you buy a built-in model, it never stands alone outside or even in the laundry room. There are no pages to add later if you change your mind. So in your current home and in a future home, the same built-in model should fit in the space provided for the dishwasher.

Partially integrated large dishwasher

Partially integrated dishwashers are not at all common.

If you’re not sure whether you want a stand-alone or integrated dishwasher, you can try the middle ground.

The semi-integrated dishwasher is designed so that the control panel of the dishwasher is visible and accessible from the front. However, the retractable door is concealed by a shorter intermediate door. This allows kitchen designers to maintain the overall aesthetic by covering the dishwasher with the same wood finish.

As mentioned earlier, there are only a few good semi-integrated models to choose from. The result was that we offered only one excellent model in a category where there were no worthy competitors. As the French say, c’est la vie.

5 best integrated dishwashers

Our mini-tests of the best integrated dishwashers include 4 fully integrated models and 1 fully integrated model. Semi-integrated models are less popular, but we have included one anyway, both for the sake of completeness and because it will be of interest to some of our readers.

#1 Bosch Serie 6 SMV68ND00G

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Bosch Series 6 SMV68ND00G

Our top pick in the large integrated dishwasher category is the Bosch Series 6 SMV68ND00G.

It can be installed in your kitchen and is made of durable stainless steel. The Bosch brand is reliable and offers excellent value for money. The above-mentioned series 6 is currently under revision and the simpler series 2 will also be revised at a later date.

The design is sleek, with a control panel on the top edge of the door. The touch controls are metal and backlit to confirm the currently selected program and more. This is a common approach to designing fully integrated dishwasher models.

In the middle you’ll find the digital time display and the controls for selecting the different wash programmes, and on the right the special options available such as the start timer, intensive zone, Vario Speed and many more.

On the left side of the control panel are the temperature settings and other wash mode options, such as Intensive 70 degrees, Glass 40 degrees and Quick 45 degrees.

In the upper part of the door, there is a printed explanation of each wash cycle, in case you forgot (this saves you the trouble of looking for the manual).

Here we go through the different programs and special options:

  • PerfectDry – Exemplary drying performance based on Bosch zeolite drying technology. He also works with complex plastics using 3D air movement technology.
  • ExtraDry – A special program that ensures dryness in the hardest to remove areas.
  • Eco 50 °C is an energy-saving wash setting at 50 degrees that requires more time for the cycle.
  • SuperSilence – Only 44dB to run the dishwasher at night without losing sleep (or disturbing the neighbours).
  • Glass 40°C – special setting for glassware to achieve the best and driest cleaning results.
  • Pre-rinse – The pre-rinse program helps the dishwasher to get rid of stubborn food residue so you can wash your dishes regularly and get great results.

There are also special VarioSpeed Plus and Hygiene+ options for different wash effects.

The VarioDrawer and Rackmatic features offer more than other dishwashers. For kitchen utensils and cutlery, there is a special third drawer that provides more space for plates, bowls and more. The racks are also more adjustable than most other dishwasher models.

Smart timer features include a 3, 6 or 12 hour delay, audible confirmation at the end of the wash cycle and TimeLight, which projects the remaining time as a mini-LED on the kitchen floor at the bottom of the machine.

For parents, there is a child lock that must be pressed twice to open. The self-cleaning filter system ensures excellent cleaning results. However, if the salt or rinse aid level is low, this is confirmed by the indicator lights.

The rated energy depends on the program used, the set temperature and other factors. It can operate from A++ to D in terms of power consumption. While the fast 35 minute wash is energy efficient, the longer Eco program at 50 degrees is more economical.

However, there is no half-charge option, which some smaller models do offer. Still, the 13-compartment unit allows larger households to fill this high-quality Bosch dishwasher, set a timer, and start it. It’s safe to say that no one will miss the half-price option.

Overall, the Bosch Series 6 SMV68ND00G has all the features and will deliver excellent results for years to come. You can hardly go wrong with that.

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 13 seats
  • Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 55 cm (D) x 82 cm (H)
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Energy Rating: A++ to D
  • Noise level: 42 dB
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Bosch Series 6 SMV68ND00G Manual(s) : Instructions for use

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#2 Miele G5000 series

Miele G5000 SCCLST dishwasher buy at Home Appliances Direct

The other major dishwasher brand is Miele, but Miele is still the most expensive option in all of our dishwasher buying guides.

This is the top model for people who think they deserve the best. So it makes sense that the Miele G5000 series is our second choice for a fully integrated dishwasher.

It looks and feels solid, with a rod-like handle to successfully open the door.

There is an integrated control panel at the top of the door, as in the Bosch Seri 6 model described above. This time, only the right side is reserved for the control panel and timer display, while the left side is used only for marking.

The control panel is slightly less sophisticated than the Bosch model, but still elegant and easy to use. In addition to a timer with LED, it has an on/off button, 5 temperature settings with push button selection, timer options and various LED indicators. Its simplicity will appeal to those who want a powerful dishwasher without the headaches.

There is a separate cutlery drawer, which is one reason why the G5000 series is replacing the 14-seat Bosch.

There are 5 wash programmes in total. But don’t let that put you off. Less here. This Miele model is smart. It uses sensors to determine the degree of soiling of dishes and plates and adjusts the wash programme accordingly. The customer doesn’t have to think about it and can’t make a mistake by choosing the wrong program and get the dirty dishes back.

Five programs, including glassware, EcoPower and a short cycle option to reduce wash times that need to be done faster. The Quick Power Wash option ends after 59 minutes. The automatic wash function is the function that changes the wash programme according to the degree of dirtiness of the contents. Therefore, there is no possibility of pre-purification.

In terms of energy and water consumption, the dishwasher uses only fresh water (no recycling) and consumes 6 to 8.9 litres per full cycle. The selected program determines the degree of use. Using hot water also reduces the energy needed to heat the water in the dishwasher. The energy class is A++, but in EcoPower mode it reaches A+++. Again, it all depends on the chosen program in terms of energy efficiency.

The timer can be set for a generous 24 hours, so you can load the dishwasher, leave it on first thing in the morning and run it late at night when everyone has gone to bed. The low noise level of 45 dB in the quietest programme helps.

Overall, the Miele G5000 series is an excellent integrated dishwasher. A little more capacity, low energy consumption and intelligent wash programs make dishwashing a breeze.

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 14 seats
  • Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 91 cm (H)
  • Weight: ? kg
  • Energy Rating: A++
  • Noise level: 45 dB
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty
  • Miele G5000 User manual :

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#3 Bosch series 2 SMV40C00GB

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Bosch SMV40C00GB

Our budget choice is the very powerful Bosch 2 SMV40C00GB series. Although this dishwasher is at the lower end of the Bosch range of built-in dishwashers, it still offers many useful features with the thoroughness and reliability that consumers expect.

Here we continue with the upper control panel of the Series 2. The layout is also slightly different from the 6-series – the power button is on the left side, next to the logo. In the middle and on the right side are LED indicators, option keys for changing options, additional indicators and a start button. By separating the start button from the power button, you can avoid mistakes when you turn off the dishwasher instead of leaving it on. A thoughtful note.

There is a separate cutlery basket and no third drawer, as is often the case with cheaper models. This slightly reduces the total number of place settings, which for series 2 is 12.

You can choose from 4 wash programmes and 3 temperature settings:

Saves 50 degrees – Low energy mode with lower cooling temperature for a longer period of time.

Normal 65 degrees – standard wash setting.

Pre-rinse – possibility to pre-rinse particularly sticky plates, dishes and cutlery. It’s good to have one.

Quick Wash 45 degrees is the fastest option (only 29 minutes compared to some models that take twice as long).

The InfoLight that projects the remaining time is available here so you don’t have to guess. It will be visible on the floor and you don’t have to open the door to see it.

EcoSilence Drive is available to make the motor run as smoothly as possible. There is also an AquaMix glass protector that prevents glass and other delicate items from crumbling.

A lifetime AquaStop guarantee is included in case of water leakage from the drum. Plus, the load sensor, detergent sensor and detergent overload/underload prevention indicators are a nice bonus. There is also little rinse aid and salt.

Energy ratings range from A+ to F, depending on the program, temperature setting and other variables. In general, the two models discussed above have higher scores for equivalent programs than this model. It also typically consumes 14 liters of water per cycle. In the quietest mode, the noise level is 54 dB.

Overall, the Bosch Series 2 in a bay window is built as an economical integrated package and delivers excellent results for singles or small to medium-sized families. While it doesn’t have as many partial settings and fewer wash programs, it still offers a lot of laundry options and has a reputation for Bosch quality laundry. Some good warranties cover different aspects of the dishwasher for several years and provide peace of mind.

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 12 seats
  • Dimensions: 55 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 82 cm (H)
  • Weight: 33,4 kg
  • Energy Code : A+ to F
  • Noise level: 54 dB
  • Warranty: 2 years for the manufacturer and 10 years for the indoor pool itself.
  • Bosch Series 2 SMV40C00GB User Guide : Instructions for use

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#4 Indesit DIF04B1

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Indesit DIF04B1

This Indesit model became our popular choice as it has captured many hearts and minds in the UK. This may also be because consumers mistakenly think this is a cheaper option than the Bosch Series 2, which is generally not the case.

The familiar top-mounted control panel features a circular on/off button, a program P button, and four indicator lights with a simple wire icon representing each function.

There is a cooler Eco mode that uses less water and an A+ rating. With the other three rinse programs you can wash your dishes intensively at higher temperatures or keep your glasses and other items shiny at the end of the program.

The soft-pull door is lighter, so it can be opened and closed with less force. The stainless steel interior prevents this dishwasher from rusting. The unit supports up to 13 assembly stations, the equivalent of 130 plates, bowls, knives, forks and more.

There is a cutlery basket instead of a cutlery drawer, as with the Bosch Series 2 model. The upper shelf is height adjustable and the lower shelf is at a fixed level. When the upper basket is fully adjusted, it is possible to load a plate of maximum 28 cm. However, consumers should note that loading is done from left to right, not front to back. Some people do not prefer this, so please keep that in mind if it is not your preference either.

The 4-stage filter system uses sieves to prevent water particles from entering the dishwasher.

Energy consumption is A+. This requires an Eco-mode. Other axis programs are likely to be more energy intensive. About 12 litres of water are used to complete the normal cycle.

Overall, the Indesit DIF04B1 is a good model that offers a reasonable range of features. It’s not as powerful or potentially durable as the Bosch or Miele models in question, but that hasn’t hurt its popularity. The long-term warranty, with its requirement that a paid technician install the parts, remains a thorn in the side of some customers.

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 13 seats
  • Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 57 cm (D) x 82 cm (H)
  • Weight: 35.5 kg
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Warranty: 10 year parts warranty (but technician paid by Indesit must pay as much labor).
  • Indesit DIF04B1 Manual(s) :

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#5 Hotpoint AquariusSemi-integral dishwasher

Buy on Amazon Hotpoint Aquarius semi-integrated dishwasher

The Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher is our top choice in the semi-integrated category. It is true that in this region there is not a large supply of quality products, so there was little choice.

The grey tone of the slate door is accentuated by the black control panel above it; this will be both visible and accessible, while the dishwasher door will be hidden behind a false door that matches the existing kitchen cabinets.

The control panel is a well designed panel with buttons for power control, program selection and half or full load. In the middle is the Hotpoint logo and numerous indicator lights which show what they all stand for. And there are more selection buttons on the right side, including a start/stop button on the right.

There are several programs available. These are ECO, Intensive (high temperature), Normal, Express (fast cycle), Soak (pre-wash, actually) and Half load.

The upper basket is height adjustable to accommodate larger plates.

The energy rating for the most intensive cycles ranges from A+ in Eco mode to F. Water consumption per cycle is 12 litres. The noise level is 49 dB, which is also reasonable.

Overall, the Hotpoint Aquarius semi-integrated dishwasher does quite well in this category. While it doesn’t have many wash programs, it has enough to get the job done. Even the units with 13 seats should be big enough for most families. If you are in the mood for a semi-integrated style, Aquarius is a good choice.

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 13 seats
  • Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 56 cm (D) x 82 cm (H)
  • Weight: 32,1 kg
  • Energy Code : A+ to F
  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Warranty: 10 years on parts and 1 year on labour.
  • Hotpoint Aquarius semi-integrated dishwasher factsheet(s): Instructions for use here

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How to choose the best built-in dishwasher for you

We think carefully about the choice of recommended equipment. We thought it was important to explain a bit about how we choose (in this case) the best dishwashers, so you know we’re paying attention. After all, our reputation as Nerd Herders is at stake.

Let’s see:


We look at the different specifications of the dishwashers we review. We want them to offer value for money. Our research includes performance, design, brand reliability, economic modes, washing and drying modes, etc. We examine all the features of each model to better understand and convey them to our readers. So with integrated or semi-integrated dishwashers, you can choose the one that suits you best.


We look for all the necessary information for each model. He tells us how it works, what it does well and where it sometimes fails. A good quality built-in dishwasher should be well built, even if most of its dimensions are not visible. There are different models of dishwashers in the integrated and semi-integrated classification. In many cases, the best brands are priced higher than the worst in terms of durability, quality and performance. Although the cost of a dishwasher varies greatly depending on the model, we select the best appliances in different price ranges and recommend only those. In this way, our customers will be more satisfied.

Owner feedback

While we strive to test the suitability of each dishwasher, we are still in a relatively small area. So we’re going to look at what consumers are choosing and what they’ve recently said about the models in question. These valuable comments are incorporated into our reviews to help our readers better understand how to choose between different models of dishwashers.

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