In this guide, you’ll learn about Macbook’s hidden features that will save you a lot of time.

Every proud owner of a Macbook should know the secrets of this beautiful device. Honestly, it’s an engineering profession full of surprises. A pleasant surprise, if I may say so. MacBooks have many features that can be discovered by the traditional method of trial and error or by reading manuals like this one.

Of course it’s also cool if you happen to come across a new combination that might give you a few tricks. However, this method takes time and is therefore inefficient. All in all, these shortcuts on your device are meant to make our lives easier, aren’t they? So it can be very useful to study them. You only need a few minutes for this tutorial. But think of the time it will save you.

Macbook Hidden Features


Screenshots may be necessary for our work or communication, but they’re not boring. In fact, it’s not just about producing them, it’s about sending them and storing them after they’ve been used for the purposes for which they were designed. You will receive z. B. First take a screenshot of an area that is much larger than desired. Then you have to cut it, save it, copy it and only after that you have the possibility to send it. And when you’re done, it’s best to remove the image right away. Otherwise we end up with tons of junk on our desks. Well, we have a better idea. Press and hold the Command, Shift and 4 keys while selecting the area you want to change in a screenshot. You’ll see a visor to let you know the command works. When you’re done, press the space bar. The best part: The screenshot is saved as a copy and can be pasted directly. It won’t be stored anywhere on your Mac unless you choose to do it yourself. corners

Hot spots are a fairly well-known phenomenon. But it’s worth mentioning. This function provides easy access to applications or other settings. Pressing the corner of the screen activates the Hot Corners and displays the selected icons while everything else remains in the background. You can find this function in the System Preferences tab, Screen Protection.

3. Dictionary access

Don’t we all want access to a good dictionary when we need it? No? Just me? You’d want to know it’s literally within reach. Yes, modern MacBooks provide ultra-fast access to dictionaries. Just use three fingers and touch the touchpad. You will immediately see that the dictionary is ready to answer all your questions. This is especially useful for students who have a lot of material to study. What the student doesn’t think: I need someone to write an essay online. I can no longer understand all these terms and definitions. Thanks to the easy access to the dictionary, they no longer have to suffer so much.

4.words will be filled automatically

In a world full of car parts, life without them seems stupid. Your MacBook can offer you this option in Home Messengers. Just press the Esc and F5 keys at the same time, and you don’t have to struggle with long, complicated words. of thelabel

Many of us are guilty of opening too many applications on our MacBooks and say they should work without showing any mercy to our laptops. We only do this because we tend to forget how many applications are running in the background. Or we’re too lazy to look at them and manually close them one by one. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about this little thing anymore. Just use the command and the Tab key together. Do not let go of the command when browsing all open applications. Everything that has to be closed, gets a Q (for dismissal). That’s it! You can also hide the request by pressing the H-key.

6. Hide Documents.

Do you have something to hide on your desk? Press Command + Option + D, select the document you want to hide and it will magically disappear! Don’t worry about it. You can use the same combination to bring them back to the light.

7.Conversion colors

Apple’s developers try to think of all their customers. Many people suffer from a lack of visual freedom and the world is often not ready to meet all their needs. Fortunately, the Macbook doesn’t belong in this world. It is open to the needs of users. By pressing Command + Option + Control + 8, the user can reverse the colors of the screen. You can use the same suit again for cleaning if you are curious about what it looks like. Yet it is an excellent feature for those who really need it.

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