Microsoft today released a new version of Windows 10 for insiders. While the build doesn’t include many new features, there are many improvements. In addition, Aero Shake is no longer disabled by default, so you don’t have to enable it manually.

Here are the new features of this version.

What’s new in Windows 10 Build 21301

Touch Keyboard Design

Microsoft has made the following improvements to the integrated touch keyboard application.

  • When you disconnect the keyboard, it switches to the small layout and you can easily move the keyboard with the handle on the top of the keyboard.
  • Small layouts and split layouts now have an updated character appearance based on the default layout.

  • The settings menu now has a nested structure for more clarity and less clutter.
  • The standard keyboard on screens 12 inches and larger now has a more traditional layout with ESC, Tab, and Windows keys.
  • The candidate panel displays up to 5 sentences and centers them in the position above the keyboard.

Some of the above features are limited to a small group of users in the device channel. This is a controlled implementation that allows Microsoft to identify potential issues before the functionality is rolled out to all insiders.

In addition to the above, there are other changes and improvements.

Other changes and improvements

  • Spring Lists : When you right-click on locally saved files displayed in the jump lists, you now have the Open File Location option in addition to the Open option.
  • Come in: The N’Ko keyboard allows you to access currency and certain other characters by pressing the keys on the top line of the keyboard while holding down the Shift key.
  • Come in: Updating of basic dictionaries to improve spell check and relevance of predictive texts.
  • Settings: Turn the touch screen function on or off under Settings > Devices > Press to stop changing administrator privileges.

Finally, the list of repairs to be carried out on this building is very long.


  • Fixed bug where taskbar context menu and messages and interests no longer overlapped.
  • Fixed an issue where messages and interests were using 100% CPU on the first run under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Task Manager could crash when the Details tab was clicked.
  • Fixed a recent issue with some Insiders regarding the clock and calendar delay that allowed ShellExperienceHost to consume an unexpected amount of CPU.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the state repository service to stop prematurely when starting the service. If you were affected, one possible symptom was that it took longer to load the office when you logged in. If you are still experiencing connection performance issues, send them to the tracking file under Installation and upgrade > Connection.
  • Fixed a bug where searching on Change Password and using the result to launch Settings would crash Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where Aero Shake suddenly stopped on recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue where moving a window between monitors with mixed DPIs could cause window panels to be calculated at the wrong DPI, causing the window to overflow when maximized on the other monitor.
  • Fixed bug where some HEIF files could not be rendered even if the correct codecs were installed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Microsoft Edge website to be pinned to the taskbar, which didn’t work on recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause repeated connection and disconnection of VPN by loopback.
  • Fixed an issue causing some 32-bit systems to lose network connectivity during recent flights.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused nothing to happen after clicking on the Wi-Fi password required notification.
  • Fixed bug that could cause some games, such as State of Decay 2 or Assassin’s Creed, to crash or freeze on startup.
  • Fixed several problems that prevented the recorders from reading items from our diagnostic systems in scan mode.

In addition, the change log contains a number of known problems.

Known problems in this building

  • Miracast users can benefit from a very low frame rate in this building.
  • We are following up on reports that the update process is interrupted for a long time when trying to install a new version.
  • We are studying a problem that affects the reliability of the launch and other modern applications launched during the previous flight. If you are concerned, you can reload the layout from the Start menu.
  • Live preview of pinned pages is not yet enabled for all insiders, so you may see a gray window when you hover over the thumbnail in the taskbar. We continue to work to improve this experience.
  • We are working on a new taskbar for existing pinned pages. At the same time, you can print the page from the taskbar, remove it from the page edge://apps, and then print the page again.
  • Sometimes news and interest cannot be ignored with a pen.
  • Messages and interests] Messages and interests take up more space than expected in the taskbar on the left.
  • The taskbar button may display outdated information when a user logs into a Windows session.
  • News & Interests] The News & Interests output shows the content in a single column before quickly switching to a two-column output.
  • The Text button on the taskbar may be displayed in pixels on high-resolution displays.
  • When attempting to share content, the stick is deleted.
  • In some situations, the crash does not stop until the taskbar button is pressed or the freeze effect occurs.
  • ARM64] Insiders who have a preliminary version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver installed on the Surface Pro X may experience a reduction in screen brightness. This issue will be fixed in a future update.

If you’ve set your device to receive updates via the device channel/shortcut number, open Settings – > Update and Recovery and tap Check for updates on the right. Allows you to install the latest available version of Windows 10 Insider Preview.

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