Are you an Airtel customer? Do you know how to check Airtel’s bank balance? If you are not familiar with the Airtel audit process, this article will help you with Airtel for all USSDs.

Nowadays everyone has unlimited calls and a limited database. Everyone therefore wants to know the balance of his or her data and the validity of the supplement. Airtel provides us with various USSD codes to get all the information about your Airtel prepaid SIM card.

What’s the USSD code?

Basically, USSD means additional unstructured service data. It is one of the communication services managed by mobile phone operators. These USSD codes are sometimes called Quick or Feature Codes. These codes are used by mobile phones to communicate with the computers of the mobile operators. These codes are mainly used for prepaid callback services, menu-based information services, mobile money, location-based services, WAP browsing, to install a mobile phone on the network. There is a separate USSD code for each request.

Airtel USSD codes for Airtel balance verification:

Here we provide USSD codes for Airtel users to obtain relevant information about their Airtel SIM card.

121 Airtel customer service number
198 Airtel complaint number
*123# Check Airtel balance



Check the free 2G data balance
*123*11# 3G balance sheet audit
*123*8# Check Airtel 4G balance
*123*197# Airlines Night data Balance sheet
*123*2# or


Check local SMS credit
1909 DND activation/deactivation

Or 52141.

Hotel credit number
*121# My Airtel, my offer.
*121*4# Extra Airtel services
*121*7# Overview of the last 5 transactions and value added services
*121*1# Check the ratio in minutes between Airtel and Airtel.
*123*6# Local balancing of night minutes between Airtel and Airtel.
*123*7# Check your local credit for STD-SMS for free
*123*8# Check the balance of free STD minutes
*141# Airtel Talk gift service
3G-SMS on 121 Activate Airtel 3G
*222# 5 special offers
*321# Airtel Live Service
*325# Free access to the license book
*515# Twitter services
*566# Airtel special offers and rewards
*567# Activating/deactivating GPRS
*678# Hello Tunes Menu
*888# Missed Call Signal
*777# Package with local national SMS messages
*282# Get your own Airtel number.
*141*10# Airtel Credit Code
SMS Ports to 1900 Portability of mobile phone numbers
SMS messages start at 121 Start a service
SMS STOP to number 121 End of each shift
USE OF SMS DATA at 121 2g/3 Check balance G
SMS UNB to Check the amount that has not been posted

You can also use the Android or iOS applications to check the functionality and balance of your Airtel SIM card. Here you can download the Airtel Android application, connect to your Airtel mobile phone number and enjoy the many features of the Airtel application.

Airtel USSD Code FAQS :

Get answers to your questions about USSD Airtel codes:

How do I know the balance?  To check the balance on your Airtel SIM card, enter the USSD code *123# and you will receive the current balance and validity period.

How to check the charge status :   To find out the status of Airtel’s pricing, enter the USSD code **121*7#6.

How to find the best offers from Airtel To find out more about the best offers, enter the USSD code *121*1#.

How to check the last 5 transactions: To retrieve the last 5 transactions, use the SSD code *121*7#.

Allows you to check your Airtel credit via SMS:  Enter HELP and send it to Airtel number 121. You will then see the corresponding USSD code.

You can check your Airtel balance online:

Visit the Airtel login page and enter your Airtel mobile phone number and click the Send OTP button. Then enter the received WBS on your Airtel number. After logging in you will see your mobile phone number and your validity and credit balance.

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