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An HDMI splitter is a device that receives a signal from a single source and duplicates it across multiple displays. Mainly used to display the same picture on many TV’s or monitors.

I wonder which is the best HDMI splitter for a 4K TV. How many onions are recommended? Do you need a signal amplifier? And does the HDMI splitter work to expand the monitors? Not only do we do our best to answer the most common questions about HDMI splitters, but we also introduce you to some of our favorite splitters.

Before you start, here are the products we recommend.

Our selection of the best HDMI splitters available on the UK market by 2020!

1. HDMI 4K – 4K 30 Hz Distributor

2. Technically 2 HDMI splitter channel 1 V 2 Output

3. HDMI splitter 1 of 2 Outputs

4. TESmart 1×2 HDMI 4K at 60 Hz Separator

5. Neotech 2-way HDMI distribution box in aluminium

1 – HDMI 4K – 4K 30 Hz distributor HDMI 4K – 4K 30 Hz Distributor

4K at 30 Hz

StarTech’s 4K Four-Port HDMI Splitter lets you share up to four HDMI displays with an HDMI device for video or audio playback, such as a video projector, video projector, or audio projector. B. A cable TV top box, Blu-ray player or computer.

With support for 4k (Ultra HD), this splitter offers amazing image quality and backward compatibility with previous HDMI versions such as 720p and 1080p video resolution devices. So you are always ready to take advantage of the latest display technologies. 4K HDMI Splitter – 4K 30 Hz – 4 Port is equipped with EDID emulation, which saves you time, especially during installation, as it ensures that all your settings, such as B. frame rate and resolution, between the displays and the video source. EDID also maximizes compatibility with 4K displays by enabling simple and convenient plug-and-play configuration.

The housing of the HDMI splitter is made of sturdy aluminum, which is heavy and durable enough to prevent the HDMI cables from slipping or shifting during adjustment. In addition, the small size is ideal for use with all types of digital signage. 4K HDMI Splitter -4K 30Hz – 4 ports supported by free lifetime support and 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

2 – Technical hole 2-channel HDMI splitter 1 to 2 outputs»-4K-Support-»-UK-Reviews.jpeg

Technically 2 HDMI splitter channel 1 V 2 Output

Suitable for domestic use, made of aluminium

Techole’s 2-way HDMI splitter is a fairly simple splitter with one HDMI input and two outputs. It is made of high-quality aluminium, which is constructed to be as heat-resistant as possible. Don’t worry about overheating!

In terms of specifications, it can support a resolution of 4K and inputs and outputs with a frequency of 30 Hz. It also carries sound. One thing you need to know about this splitter is that it is powered by a micro-USB cable, so you will need to find the USB port next to the TVs.

In short, the Techole 2-way HDMI splitter is the ideal device for people who want to connect to two displays at the same time.

3 – HDMI splitter 1 of 2 outputs»-4K-Support-»-UK-Reviews.jpeg

HDMI splitter 1 of 2 Outputs

Supplied with cable

This HDMI splitter is one of the cheapest on the market. If you are looking for something basic to help you in your work, this tip should work.

It has one input and two outputs and must also be charged with a micro-USB cable.

The quality of the assembly is quite simple, it is made of plastic and not aluminium. However, it works quite well and can reproduce a resolution of 4K at 30 Hz. It also transmits sound to your screens.

If you need a simple and inexpensive HDMI splitter, it’s usually worth taking a look. A remarkable thing about this HDMI to source splitter cable is included in the package. It’s hard to beat at this price.

4 – TESmart 1×2 HDMI 4K @ 60 Hz Separator»-4K-Support-»-UK-Reviews.jpeg

TESmart 1×2 HDMI 4K at 60 Hz Separator

4K at 60 Hz capacity

As ultra-high definition becomes the standard, we need an HDMI splitter capable of handling higher resolutions.

Although most monitors can support a resolution of up to 4K at 30 Hz, there are situations where a higher frequency is required. Here comes the HDMI 1×2 TESmart splitter. The special thing about this splitter is that it supports up to 60 Hz instead of the usual 30 Hz.

The splitter has one input and two outputs, as well as handy LED indicators that indicate which connector is being used. What you should know is that the unit is equipped with a DV 5V power supply. In most cases, high-definition separators require an external power supply.

In general, this HDMI splitter is suitable if you want to view media with a resolution of 4K at 60 Hz on two displays at the same time.

5 – Neotech’s 2-way HDMI aluminium splitter»-4K-Support-»-UK-Reviews.jpeg

Neotech 2-way HDMI distribution box in aluminium


The current default monitor resolution is 1920×1080 or 1080P. For most people, 1080P is more than enough. If you are not interested in 4K and other resolutions, you will be happy with a HDMI 1080P splitter.

Neoteck 2 is designed for 1080P visitor numbers. It is one of the cheapest HDMI splitters on the market and therefore does not support resolutions higher than 1080P.

It is a very small aluminum device that works perfectly. It has one input and two outputs, which are powered by a USB cable.

On the other hand, your monitors only support 1080P, so this splitter works perfectly. You can save money while getting the results you need.

In general, Neoteck 2 is the ideal HDMI splitter for people with a limited budget.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing aHDMI splitter?

There are many situations in which an HDMI splitter can be useful. To give you an example of some practical scenarios: One of the most common applications of HDMI splitters is sending the sky + window signal to two or more displays.

What about the specifications? Most HDMI splitters support HDMI 1.4, the standard for HDMI cables. On the other hand, for higher resolution speeds, you need a device that supports both HDMI 2.0 and an HDMI 2.0 cable.

If you want to connect TVs in multiple rooms to the same source, you need a long HDMI cable. I recommend a 25-foot HDMI cable. HDMI cables can lose picture quality (signal pickup) when they are significantly longer (15 meters or more), so it is recommended to keep the length at about 15 meters, the shorter the better.


After checking the HDMI splitter inspection list, you may feel overwhelmed. Despite the fact that there are many specifications, only three are important:

The supported refresh rate, measured in Hz, basically means how many times the display can be updated per second.

As a rule, 30 Hz is more than sufficient for movies and other media. On the other hand, a higher frequency (Hz) is ideal for video games. If your HDMI splitter cannot support the source’s Hz frequency, the picture will appear unstable.

As mentioned above, the most common screen resolution is 1080P. However, if you are using higher resolution media, such as B. 4K resolution, you must find a separator that does not support this resolution. You probably also need an HDMI 2.0 cable.

  • Supported HDMI versions

Speaking of resolutions, it is important to pay attention to the supported versions of HDMI on HDMI splitters.

Some of the splitters do not support the latest versions of HDMI, which means you will not be able to view 4K media. The most common version of HDMI is currently 1.4, although 2.0 is slowly becoming the new standard. HDMI 1.4 is generally sufficient for everyday use.

For high-resolution media, please note that an HDMI splitter usually requires an external power supply to meet its requirements. Most 1080p compatible splitters only need a USB power supply, while high-end 5V splitters only need a USB power supply.

Generally, if you want to purchase an HDMI splitter, pay attention to the resolution you prefer. Is 1080P acceptable to you? In this case, almost all HDMI splitters will work, as this is the most common resolution.

Higher permits are subject to more requirements. Not only do you need a high-resolution HDMI splitter, you also need the right HDMI cable.

Branch and switch differences

If you’ve ever had to connect multiple devices to the same TV, you may have wondered what the difference is between an HDMI splitter and an HDMI switch. These audio-visual accessories may look very similar, but their end use is very different.
I would like to clarify the confusion that people usually cause, and in this article we will show you how to choose the right model for your needs. Otherwise you risk buying the wrong product, which can cost you time and money.

What is an HDMI splitter?

The HDMI splitter is a device that distributes the signal from a single source, such as Playstation, XBox, Sky+, BlueRay, to multiple monitors. Not all HDMI splitters are the same, so you should be extremely critical when choosing an HDMI splitter.

So let’s assume that your original audio and video source is the PlayStation 4 or the projector over your head. You want the picture to be displayed on multiple TVs at the same time. It could be two televisions, four, eight; it doesn’t matter how many. The splitter has a number of outputs – and each output means a new compatible display.

What is an HDMI switch?

As far as the signal is concerned, what the switch does is the opposite of the splitter. This means that you can connect two audio and video sources to the same screen. To understand your logic, let’s take an example.

Imagine a TV with an HDMI input. For example, if you try to connect PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you’ll have to switch between them because there’s no physical space to connect them both at the same time. The switch solves this problem. You can connect both consoles to one HDMI switch and one switch to a TV. Simply change the button to switch from one source to another.

Why is there so much confusion between the splitter and the switch?

Both accessories are very similar and have similar functions. For example, some brands have the same design for both, although the objectives are different. Add to this the fact that many people buy one of these products without knowing whether this will solve the problem. Because the descriptions are similar, switches and partitions are introduced in cars without the consumer knowing exactly what he needs.

In the United Kingdom, for example, you will find models of separators with two, four or more outlets. View our selection above or visit Argos, Maplin or Amazon UK.

Frequently asked questions

Can HDMI splitters expand the desktop?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. HDMI splitters are designed to duplicate the original signal on two displays. In other words, both displays show the same image. They don’t work with dual monitors.

Is the HDMI splitter high quality?

This depends on the quality of each product, but in most cases the image quality is not affected by the splitter. For best results, use an HDMI splitter with an external power supply and a high-quality HDMI cable.

Does the HDMI splitter cause an input delay?

When using an active HDMI splitter, it must not cause any noticeable input delay. It’s an adapter, it doesn’t process the signal. However, if you are using a playmaker, you must ensure that it can handle the correct frame rate. For example, if it is limited to 30 Hz, it means that you only see 30 frames per second, which is usually not smooth enough.

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