When Paytm was a new application, it offered a refund almost every time you made a deposit, paid bills, transferred money, and so on. Now you only get a refund if you’re lucky. Although the Paytm site is in operation, One97 has set up a strange and time-consuming method to reset the password and log into the site’s account. If you have forgotten your account password, call your phone number and, to access the Paytm website, download the PayTM application and scan the QR code.

Honestly, Patem’s a bloated proposal now. It has features you’ll never be able to use. Despite the fact that you can ignore these functions, the size of the application has doubled from 25-30 MB to 56 MB. For these two reasons and many more, you can use another Paytm application.

Best applications such as Paytm

Amazon payment

Amazon payment

Amazon launched its payment service in 2016. It offers 50 to 100 INR in the first week of each new month for all types of fillings. In addition to cash refunds, it also offers refund transactions that you can use to get a cash refund through popular third party services. You can find the transactions in the Pricing for Nominations section. This month Amazon Pay launched a contactless payment service. Users can use this service in Mi, Samsung, Lenovo, etc. stores to pay for the goods purchased. They can use the Amazon Pay service to pay their bills, reload their phones, book tickets, etc. Amazon allows users to create a UPI that can be used for payments on the Amazon website or in other third party applications. Payment for the services is made in the Amazon Shopping application.

Google pay

Google Payment

Google Pay is the most popular UPI application in India. This request is for UPI only. It does not support credit or debit cards. In order to use GPay, you must link your bank account to GPay. Google Pay offers scratch cards to users when they send money, pay bills, etc. If users scratch a card by sending it back to the screen, they receive an unexpected refund or nothing at all. Unlike other wallet applications that update your wallet, Google Pay automatically transfers money to your bank account.


Free of charge.

The free AXIS Bank is an excellent alternative to Paytm. Every week he makes new cash-back offers. During the blockade, free loans up to Rs. 60,000 were offered to people of their choice. It allows users to invest in investment funds, buy gold, etc. It also offers a trade-in voucher for digital subscriptions. A few months ago the company launched a campaign offering a 40-50% refund of a premium Sony Liv subscription, which currently costs Rs 999. The free bank is owned by one of the largest banks in India. It is a reliable and safe application.



Mobicwick was once considered Paytm’s best rival. Today, UPI applications such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Freecharge have reduced the popularity of Mobikwik. The company has developed its own version of the refund system called Supercash. How does SuperCash work? If you top up your account with Supercash for 200 rupees, you can only spend part of the Supercash amount on one transaction. For example, you can only use 10 Rs of 200 Rs Supercash.

OHIM – Making India cashless


Bharat Interface for Money is an excellent application for users who are bored by the bloated payment application and are looking for a simple application to pay bills, send money, etc. OHIM works with UPI technology. Like other applications such as Paytm, which I have presented here, OHIM rewards users with a cash refund. One of the most interesting features of OHIM is that you can see if a person’s bank account is valid. This reduces the chance of a payment being made to the wrong account.

UPI applications launched by banks

The UPI applications introduced by the major banks have made life difficult for Paytm and similar applications. Banks offer cash refunds when users use their application instead of Paytm for online/offline transactions. Last month, transactions worth Rs were made via the UPI service. 1.3 trillion were reported. It is easy to create a unified payment interface account. You must link the phone number to your bank account. Then the UPI-login sends the code to the bank, and the bank sends the code back to the phone. The application processes both codes and then activates your UPI account.

Conclusion: If you don’t like Paytm, try one of the applications I mentioned above. Do all applications need to be installed? Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to install and use all applications. If you do, you can make more money.