Why choose Google Drive and Box?

As access to information increases, so do the requirements for storing that information. With online cloud storage, you can store your data online and access it from anywhere without having to bring a data server.

Compared to traditional storage services, cloud storage has a number of advantages. For example, traditional storage capacity is limited, while cloud storage offers unlimited online storage capacity. When the right software, infrastructure and platform are deployed, cloud services are very valuable and can become an important part of the business.

There are many cloud storage services on the market, but only Google Drive and Box offer enough capacity for basic users. Google Drive offers 15 GB and Box 10 GB. There must be many users who choose these two cloud services, given the amount of capacity available.

Difficulties transferring between Google Drive and Box

Google Drive and Box are very useful for storing personal documents. Cloud storage is able to protect sensitive and confidential information, and data is protected during transmission and storage. Moreover, if the bandwidth is not sufficient, the user can increase it according to his situation.

But for users who choose to use multiple cloud storage providers, moving documents between different cloud storage services is a tedious, large and complex problem. Basically, users will choose the traditional upload and download method to move files between different cloud storage services. Such processes often lead to many problems:

Frequent account changes : Since many users use Google Drive and Box at the same time, they usually switch between the two accounts when transferring files from Google Drive to Box. This will test the users’ patience.

Repeat the boring steps: When transferring multiple files, users should be prepared to download them from Google Drive and then transfer them to other accounts. However, if there are too many files, the user may have less time to perform repeated operations. In addition, this method requires you to stand next to the computer and wait for the transfer to complete.

How easy is it to transfer files between Google Drive and Box?

How easy is it to transfer documents via cloud storage without having to download them? Maybe this tool can help you, it’s called MultCloud. It is a web-based tool for cloud transfer and synchronization, with Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync and Cloud Explorer as its main features.

The cloud transfer feature lets you transfer files directly between Google Drive and Box. If you really want to know how it works, you can find the detailed steps below.

Step one: This tool doesn’t require you to download an installer, you can go directly to the MultCloud website, enter your email address and password to register, and you can use its features.

Step two: After you’ve successfully registered your account, you’ll need to grant MultCloud access rights to your Google Drive and Box account. Click Add Clouds, select Google Drive, and then click Next to complete the following authorization tasks. Next, follow the same steps to assign MultCloud permissions to your Box account.

Message: After successful verification of your account, you can see the newly added cloud drives in the left interface. You can also add other cloud drives supported by MultCloud, such as. B. OneDrive, MEGA, Dropbox, etc.

Step three: Click the Transfer to Cloud icon, then select Google Drive as the source folder, Box as the destination folder and finally click Transfer Now to complete the transfer. If you want to transfer files from your Google Drive box to Google Drive, you can swap the source and destination folders.

If the user is transferring too much data, this method may be easier. Invisible, this tool can help users solve the complicated problems of transferring files between cloud drives, and can also save users a lot of time. With this tool, you don’t have to sit at your computer all the time waiting for the migration task to complete because MultCloud takes care of the tasks in the background.


Data can be transferred between two cloud drives in three easy steps. This method is much more convenient than the traditional way of loading and unloading. For users who want to transfer large amounts of data, this tool can be a good choice. If there are other useful tools similar to MultCloud, please let me know as well.

When you need to back up important files, such as. B. To sync Google Drive with OneDrive, you can use Sync in the Cloud for a free sync. With the advent of the digital age, users need to be careful about the security of their data. If you keep a good backup, you can recover data after a loss and prevent further losses.

frequently asked questions

Can I transfer files directly from Google Drive to Dropbox?

Google Drive Files to Dropbox is a file transfer and backup utility for Google Drive. Allows you to save Google Drive files directly to your Dropbox folder. You can back up Google Drive to your Dropbox folder. … You can use this application directly with your player.

How can I speed up file transfer to Google Drive?

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