All types of combat games have developed a monetary structure that uses currency of some sort to unlock features or purchase items. Players can usually hunt for gold concealed in various objects scattered throughout the map. The gold then enables them to make purchases of weapons or protective armor for their in-game characters. Learning how to control the game’s cash flow is a crucial part of making significant progress in every battle.

What are Dota 2 Shards?

While many games, including League of Legends, generally use gold, Dota 2 has developed its own in-game currency known as shards. Players can identify them from the two on-screen icons known as Aghanim’s Shard and the Moon Shard. To begin accumulating shards, players have to collect guild points through a daily contract. Joining a guild, which is a collective of up to fifty-five players, also enables a player to climb the rankings. Points are usually awarded every time a challenge is successfully completed within a battle. The points are then exchanged for shards at a later stage.

Earning Rewards

There is a great incentive to earn as many shards as possible as they can be exchanged in the Dota 2 Shard Store for a variety of exclusive rewards. These may include cosmetic skins that help personalize a hero’s armory. Actions that lead to a reward of 500 shards include winning three matches in one week.


If a player manages to recycle six treasure fragments, they should receive 2,000 shards. Whenever a hero moves to a higher level, the player may collect up to 4,000 shards for reaching Platinum and 9,700 shards for joining the ultimate Master Tier.

Currency Leads to Enhanced Gaming

The in-game Shard store is well-organized and kept updated. It presents all players with choices such as tools to help their hero make the most of their abilities. If a player wants to purchase an Artificer’s Tool, it can cost around 1,000 shards, while a Key of the Dead Reckoning costs 20,000 shards. Items that were released in-store some time ago, but are still available, are usually referred to as Legacy Items. To purchase treasures or relics, which cost up to 10,000 shards, players must upgrade to become a Dota Plus member.

Benefit of In-Game Currency

Online combat games use currency to help increase creativity within team strategies. By completing missions, players are rewarded with points that can be exchanged for currency. When Dota 2 players have saved enough shards, they can purchase cosmetic skins or tools to enhance their game play.


Currency provides the game with many benefits. It improves a game’s structure by encouraging teams to develop devastating tactics that viewers find entertaining. Teams that are coordinated and plan creative tactics usually earn high amounts of currency. leading to improved rankings. Visit Dota 2 to find out how teams use tactics to earn currency and improve their gameplay.