Google Shuts Down Stadia’s Development Studios

According to Phil Harrison, vice president of Google Stadia, the platform will be closed for the second consecutive year. Still, all is not lost for Stadia, as Harrison reiterated that he will work to help publishers and developers make external games available to them. Viewers remain unconvinced by this decision, which may call into question Google’s past statements and behavior.

Stages of promise and success

Although Stadia was by no means the first streaming gaming service, it has become one of the most important and successful. Thanks to Google’s massive infrastructure and advertising budget, Stadia was eagerly awaited and proved to be the ultimate among its contemporaries. It is also not tied to specific consoles like PSNow and Project xCloud, which greatly expands the potential of the game library.

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The idea of Stadia is essentially very close to the old flash games or the more modern online casino games. To give you an example, take a look at the long list of New Zealand casinos today. These casinos attract you with bonus offers and a huge game library, but the ability to play from anywhere is just as important. They require virtually no downloads and can be streamed to virtually any location accessible with a modern mobile device. This is the same idea Stadia is pursuing, but for a different part of the market.

Although Stadia is not an international gaming success, it still enjoys a good reputation in its field. Unlike the old streaming services, it came at a time when devices and Internet connections were fast enough to handle it, which left a strong impression on newcomers and industry professionals. Some games, such as the recent Cyberpunk 2077, even worked much better on Stadia than on the current generation of consoles.

Google Group

Like Google with its technology, they also have a reputation as software killers. Whether it’s their own products or systems acquired from other companies, Google’s tradition of withdrawing support before due diligence has been done is legendary. In light of this latest move to withdraw support from its own development studios, there are fears that Google will follow suit with Stadia.

The Future

As a technology, game streaming is one of the most demanding in terms of modern Internet use. Unlike video streaming, which is relatively simple, game streaming requires much greater bandwidth for playable images and, equally important, low latency. While bandwidth is easy to manage with the proliferation of ultra-fast Internet, latency is not so easy. Due to geographic proximity, the latency problem can only be solved by adding additional Google Stadia servers, which is an expensive but achievable task as the service grows.

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I’m looking forward to it. Google is working on it. At the very least, the general improvement in bandwidth should make this technology more viable. Combined with more servers, it should also improve reliability in realistic use cases. The only question is whether the service will be cost-effective enough to last until these changes are made. If not, we can add another project to Google’s growing digital graveyard.

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