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  • He will inform you about suspicious websites.
  • It will add a report from you to help others.

Google has just introduced a new extension to its network that makes it possible to inform users about suspicious websites and report them as such. This new extension is known as Suspicious Site Reporter. This will help users to highlight sketch pages with a click on the button. Some websites on the Internet are considered risky for users because they can steal a user’s personal information and spy on a user’s financial information. The new expansion of suspicious website reporters will help you stay away from such sites to avoid damaging your personal content and financial information. Google developed this extension to alert users to fraudulent websites and crowds who create a list of malicious websites based on user reports to keep user information safe.


A suspicious website extension that reports, warns the user when he visits a potentially harmful website, so that the Google extension believes that the website may not be safe. The user can click on the extension to send Google a report containing the URL, a screenshot of the site, the IP address and the HTML content. If Google finds it unsafe for users, it will be added to Google’s list of secure browsers to alert others.

The extension code is open so
developers can both access its GitHub page and contribute to the project.

Google has implemented a function in Chrome 75 that now makes it possible to warn users when they open a website with a suspicious URL. According to the company, this is determined by comparing the URL of the page with the URL of the website the user has recently visited.

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Not all the places we visit are safe. Only some ads are filled, not real ads, and some ads are full of malware that could infect your computer at any time. However, the good news is that Google has introduced a modern chrome extension that allows users to report suspicious websites.

Google cannot actually delete sites via a reporting site, or at least Google cannot delete sites that do not host its services, or remove them from the search results, which means that users will be less likely to click on their links. Given the enormous size of Google, any changes will undoubtedly have an impact and influence on the site.

According to Google, clicking this icon allows you to report a dangerous website in Safe Browsing for a more isolated evaluation. When you add a website to the secure browsing list, it is not only supported by Chrome users. And protects other browsers and network users. You can download and install the Site Reporter extension in Chrome’s online store.

For those who don’t know how to activate or manage Chrome extensions, read our tutorial to learn how to manage them better.

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