PDFBear offers users an online alternative for editing their PDF documents. One of the processes that this online PDF editor offers is adding page numbers to your PDF files. It is very simple, and the quality of a PDF document will not change just because you add page numbers.

Why do you need to include page numbers in PDFs? Well, you can drastically improve your PDF document by making it more representative and professional. It would be pretty hard to find something in your PDF if you didn’t know what page it was on. You can avoid these unwanted scenarios by numbering your PDF pages with PDFBear.

Simple process

The only thing this online PDF editor can do is add pages to the PDF. In return, you save yourself a lot of hassle and complicated processes to easily insert a page number in PDF files. In fact, you can number your PDF pages in four easy steps.

If you follow these four steps, you will have a simple process for numbering your PDF pages. First, you need to select and upload the PDF document in which you want to add the page numbers. Then wait until this online PDF editor has verified the download. After this step you can specify the page or position where you want the page numbers to be displayed.

When you have determined the page or position in the PDF where you want the page number to appear, click the Page Number button. You can download the modified PDF document directly to your computer, laptop or other device.

Transparent and user-friendly interface

This PDF editor on the PDFBear website is incredibly easy to use. PDFBear has simplified the user interface so that users are not confronted with a multitude of buttons when numbering their PDF documents. In turn, even people with minimal technical knowledge and experience can use this PDF editor to insert page numbers in their PDF file.

PDFBear also ensures that this online PDF editor is ready to use as soon as users access it. It already has the best settings for adding page numbers to any PDF file. So anyone who wants to number their PDF pages with this tool can do so immediately. You no longer need to add data to the settings of this PDF editor before using it.

This online PDF editor allows users to number their PDF pages easily from the browser. It’s also free, which makes it the best choice when it comes to adding page numbers to online PDF files.

Emphasis on detail

This online PDF editor from PDFBear allows users to add page numbers to any PDF document. This online PDF editor also allows the user to customize the typography and position of the page numbers. You will probably have many variations of how you want the page numbering to look.

PDFBear’s online PDF editor also allows you to designate the first page of your PDF document as the cover page. If you do not change this instruction, PDFBear’s online PDF editor automatically assumes that the first page of the PDF is the first page.

You can avoid this dilemma by declaring the front page the front page. This step prevents the first page from being returned as the first page of a PDF document.

Available on all platforms

This PDFBear online PDF editor should work well and smoothly on any platform. So if you are using a system with Windows, Mac or Linux, there are no compatibility issues when adding page numbers to the PDF. No matter which platform you use, you can easily add page numbers to your PDF for free.

This online PDF editor works through a web-based process and connection. In return, you do not need to install any standalone software for this PDFBear editor. All you need to open and use this PDF editor is a web browser and an internet connection. Access via Chrome, Safari, Firefox or another web browser of your choice.

For example, you can add page numbers to your PDF files from your smartphone with this online PDF editor. That’s right, you can take this online PDF editor with you on your mobile device. All this PDF editor needs is a mobile equivalent of the web browser application you use and, of course, an internet or Wi-Fi connection.


It is true that PDFBear allows users to add page numbers to any PDF for free. However, this free process only lasts a certain number of times. If you want to add page numbers to more than one PDF document per day, you need to subscribe to PDFBear PRO.

PDFBear PRO is a premium subscription for all PDFBear editing, optimization and conversion tools. For $5.99 a month, you can expect editing, converting or optimizing a PDF to be much easier than with a free subscription.


If you are looking for a secure way to add page numbers to online PDFs, PDFBear is your best alternative. You can add pages to a PDF for free. Without a doubt, editing PDF files has never been easier. PDFbear lets you add page numbers to PDF documents with just a few clicks.


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