There may not be a particular reason for the country or region in the App Store to switch to iPhone in iOS 9. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to change country or region. For example, you left the country and moved to another country. You will need to change your Apple ID as your current Apple ID may be linked to the old country.

Change the Country Region in the App Store to iOS 9 for iPhone or iPad

Imagine there’s an application you can hardly wait for, but which hasn’t been launched in your country yet. In this case, you will also need to change the country or region of the App Store to install an application that is not available in your country.

Whatever your last reason, switching to other countries for iTunes and the App Store isn’t that important. However, there are many factors to consider before you get started. So let us help you get started.

What to do before deciding to change region in the country of the App Store

  • Make sure you don’t have an iTunes Match subscription on your iPhone or iPad.
  • If you want to change your country or region, you must cancel your Apple Music plans.
  • Make sure you don’t have apartments for rent, otherwise you can’t change countries or regions.
  • To start the procedure, you need to spend your credit.
  • In some cases, if you receive a partial refund, you may have to wait in the shop until the money has been paid out.
  • The billing address must be the same as the shop address, as it is necessary to have the payment method ready when you move to a new country.
  • Before you change the country of the App Store, you need to back up your device.
  • If you change country, you may not find some applications. Since some applications are not available worldwide, you shouldn’t be surprised by this fact.

What happens if the region of the country changes

When you switch from a country or region in iOS 9 to your iPhone or iPad, the following changes occur:

  1. For all your Apple services, your billing and payment information will be updated and linked to your current Apple ID.
  2. This means that your current payment details and billing address will be replaced with a new address depending on the country you have chosen.
  3. However, if you create a new Apple ID for the country of your choice, you can still store your existing payment and billing information.
  4. This allows you to use both your current Apple ID with country, shipping address and appropriate billing information and your new Apple ID with country, address and alternate billing information.

Change country or region for iTunes and App Store on iPhone

Follow these steps to do so:

  • Step one: Start the Preferences program and click on the name of the Apple ID.
  • Step two: Tap iTunes and the App Store on the Apple ID screen.
  • Step three: Then select your Apple ID on the next screen.
  • Step four: Click Show Apple ID in the pop-up window.
  • Step five: If you’re prompted now, you’ll need to register on iTunes and the App Store. You will also need to enter your Apple ID password.
  • Step 6 : Now click Country/Region on the next screen.
  • Step seven: Then tap Change Country or Region.
  • Step 8 : In the Country/Region window, you can select the country of your choice.
  • Step nine: Then click on Accept to confirm your choice.
  • Step 10 : On the next screen you must select the payment method. Here you have to fill in your name, address and phone number for invoicing.
  • Step 11 : Click on the Next button.

Note: You can also select the No option if you do not want to activate the payment method for another country. In addition, even if you provide your current phone number, you must provide the billing address based on the country of your choice. This means that the billing address must be the address of the country to which you have moved.

Final reflection

This is a way to change the App Store section of your iOS gadget. As we’ve said, there are many things we have to deal with before we start. If you don’t have a membership, divorce or similar plans, the process is very simple.

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