Are you getting a heap corruption error in Blue Kernel mode on your screen? Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake. It’s not that hard to fix.

What is a kernel mode corruption error?

If the heap representation of the multitude is corrupted by the program, this corruption occurs. This is a BSOD bug that would have crashed the systems of many users.

Causes of kernel stack corruption –

  1. One of the causes is a damaged or outdated driver.
  2. Inserting a graphics card into the wrong PCI slot – Sometimes users insert a graphics card into the correct PCIe slot. If you were to do the same, it could lead to a lot of corruption.
  3. Graphics card compatibility issue – Sometimes, if you misplace a graphics card or it has compatibility issues, it can cause this kernel mode heap corruption. Check your graphics card. The solution can only be there.
  4. Reduce the memory clock speed to a value lower than the factory clock speed of your NVIDIA card. This is also one of the reasons for the kernel mode degradation error.

How can I fix a kernel error in Windows?

There are two ways to solve the kernel bug in Windows -.

Quick solutions 1 : According to the second point mentioned in the reasons, this error can occur if you plug the graphics card into the wrong PCIe slot. Therefore, this problem is solved by the correct placement of the graphics card. If this does not work, follow the instructions below….

Quick solutions 2 : – Fixed error in kernel mode with Smart Driver Care. Follow the instructions below

Step 1 : On your Windows computer, download Smart Driver Care and run it.

Step 2 : Now let the driver update utility locate the faulty drivers. To do so, click on the Start scan now button. This step is demonstrated as follows….

Step 3:- Once the analysis is complete, you will notice that the Smart Care Device lists all the damaged, missing, defective and outdated graphics drivers. If you have a registered version, click Update All and manually update it.

Smart Driver Care installs the latest versions of all drivers in minutes.

And you’ve already completed the process. Cheers!

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Fix kernel mode heap corruption in Windows 10

There are three ways to fix a kernel bug in Windows 10. The solutions are as follows…

Method 1: Correction of software incompatibility problems

Below are the steps to follow to resolve the software compatibility issue….

Step one: First press the Windows and X keys simultaneously. A list of different options appears on the screen. Select the task manager from this list.

Step two: Now click on the Process tab and if you want to close a program, select that program and then click on the End Task button. If the error continues to occur, restart each Windows program in turn to find out which program caused the kernel error.

If this doesn’t work, don’t panic. We have another method to offer you.

Method 2: Correction files for the damaged system

Step one: Open the command prompt in your Windows. Take over as director.

Step two: Select the commands below in order. They automatically repair damaged files.

The first command line is sfc /scannow

Run the second command line by pressing the Enter key.

The second command line is Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Press the Enter key again. Wait for the scan to finish. Close the window. This marks the end of the process.

Method 3: Troubleshooting hardware problems

By simply fixing the hardware problems, you can fix the heap corruption error in kernel mode. The steps are as follows

Step one: First start the current window. Then type mdshed.exe in the empty field as shown in the figure below.

When you press the Enter key, two options appear for you….

1) The next time you start your computer, check if there is a problem.

2) Reboot now

If you want to check and fix hardware problems quickly, click on the first option. It saves time.

All possible errors requiring immediate action are output and detailed by the Windows Memory Diagnostic Utility when you select the appropriate option. Restart the laptop/pc to apply the changes.

Here’s a BONUS tip: With the number of hackers increasing every day, it has become important to use antivirus software to protect your system. If you use one, good, otherwise you should.

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