Windows is known to send you a netwtw08.sys blue screen of death from time to time, and it would make sense to be worried about it. However, even though the BSOD can strike at any time, it usually triggers when there’s some problem with your computer. But, does it represent a serious problem in your system? The good news is that, no matter the cause of the BSOD error, there are ways you can fix it. In fact, this guide will walk you through all the things you need to do to be able to fix BSOD errors successfully.

When your computer crashes, you want to fix the problem as soon as possible—but it can be difficult to know where to start. Not all blue screens of death errors are caused by the same problem, so it’s important to figure out what went wrong. (A netwtw08.sys BSOD, for example, could indicate a hardware problem, a software problem, or even a virus infection.)


In this guide, we will discuss some of the best solutions to help you deal with netwtw08.sys on your PC.

How to fix error netwtw08.sys in Windows 10?

1. Run a scan using the system restore utility

There are many third-party utilities for system recovery in Windows 10. The best third-party system recovery software can repair a wide range of BSOD error messages.

The system recovery software scans your computer and allows you to fix the detected problems with a mouse click.

Restoro relies on an online database that contains the latest working system files for Windows 10 PCs, so anything that could cause a BSoD error can be easily replaced.

This software can also help you create a restore point before starting the repair, so you can easily restore a previous version of the system if something goes wrong.

Here you can learn how to fix registration errors with Restoro:

  1. Download and install Restoro.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Wait for the program to detect stability problems and possibly damaged files.
  4. Press the Start repair button.
  5. Restart the computer so that all changes take effect.

Once the patch is completed, your computer will run smoothly and you will never have to worry about BSoD errors or slow response times again.

⇒ Get Restoro

Denial: The program must be upgraded from the free version to perform specific actions.

2. Network Device Driver Update

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Find your network adapter, right click on it and select Update Driver.
  3. Select Automatically check for driver updates.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

A third-party driver update program, such as DriverFix, offers the best way to automatically update device drivers, so don’t hesitate to try it.

Run a system check for errors

Press Start Scan to check for Windows problems.

Press Repair Everything to troubleshoot proprietary technology.

Run a PC scan with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the recovery process replaces the damaged files with new Windows files and components.

⇒ Get DriverFix

3. Troubleshooting blue screen

  1. To open the Search tool in Windows 10, click the Search here option in the taskbar.
  2. Enter the keyword Blue Screen in the search field.
  3. In the search results, click Search and Blue Screen Troubleshooting.
  4. Then click on Advanced in the blue screen window.
  5. Select the Apply repair automatically check box.
  6. Click Next to resolve the BSOD issues.

If you don’t want to use BSOD recovery software, sometimes the built-in troubleshooter can help you solve the BSOD netwtw08.sys error, so feel free to try it.

4. Reset the latest Wi-Fi driver updates

  1. First, right-click in the Start menu and select Device Manager.
  2. Double-click on Network adapters to expand this category.
  3. Then right-click on the Wi-Fi network adapter device for which you recently updated the driver and select Properties.
  4. Select the Driver tab as shown below.
  5. Press the Roll Back Driver button.
  6. Then use the radio button to choose an option for the reason for the rollback. Press Yes to confirm.
  7. Reboot Windows after resetting the driver.

Many users have reported that this solution has worked for them on Lenovo devices with WLAN AC 8260, but even if you are not using the same model, you should definitely try this solution.

Message: This solution applies to users who encounter the BSOD problem netwtw08.sys after a recent network driver update. If the Wi-Fi network adapter driver is outdated, update it with a driver update program.

5. Analysis of system files

  1. Open the search program in Windows 10.
  2. Type Command Prompt in the Windows 10 search box.
  3. In the Control Panel, click Run as administrator for the search result.
  4. First, run the provisioning screen check by typing this command and pressing Enter: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  5. To run the system file check, type this command and press Enter: sfc /scannow
  6. Then wait until the analysis is 100% complete.
  7. Restart Windows when the scan indicates that Windows Resource Protection has recovered the files.

Corrupt files can cause the nettw08.sys BSOD error, so it’s always a good idea to check your files. Want to know what other causes of BSOD errors are? Be sure to check out our guide on the most common causes of BSODs.

6. Restore Windows 10 to a restore point

  1. To open Run, simultaneously press the Windows key and R.
  2. You can then open System Restore by typing this command in Run and clicking OK: rstrui
  3. If the recommended restore point is selected, click the Select another restore point radio button.
  4. Click Next to open the list of restore points for your PC.
  5. Click the Show other restore points option (if available).
  6. Choose a restore point that resets Windows 10 before the netwtw08.sys BSOD error appears on your desktop or laptop.
  7. Press the Next button to go to the confirmation step.
  8. Click on Finish to start the system recovery.

Message: Windows 10 Rollback removes software installed after the selected restore point date. To check which programs need to be reinstalled for the selected restore point, click the Find Affected Programs button in the System Restore window.

7. Resetting Windows 10

  1. On the Windows 10 Start menu, click Settings.
  2. Select Update & Security in Settings to open the Windows Update tab.
  3. Click Restore in the settings.
  4. Click the Start button for the Reset this PC utility.
  5. In the Reset this PC window, select Save My Files.
  6. Select Next and click Reset to restore Windows 10 to its original configuration (factory settings).

Message: Resetting Windows 10 only backs up third-party apps that are preinstalled on your computer. After you reset Windows 10, you will need to reinstall any programs you installed yourself.

So, there are several ways to fix netwtw08.sys blue screen error. The Microsoft Troubleshooting Blue Screen Errors page may also be useful for users who are still looking for workarounds for BSOD nettw08.sys errors.

Were you able to solve this problem on your own? Share your solutions with us in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix netwtw08 Sys?

Microsoft Windows 7 is a sophisticated operating system that both novices and professionals can use to get a lot of work done. It is possible to use Windows 7 for years and never run into a serious problem, but eventually, something might go wrong. Wait too long to fix a problem and you may find that you’ve lost all of your data or that your computer no longer works at all. For example, you might get a blue screen error message that tells you your system is unstable. This article will teach you how to recognize the different kinds of Windows 7 blue screen errors, how to troubleshoot them and how to fix them. The computer blue screen of death (also known as a BSoD or bluescreen) is an error screen that Windows may display after encountering a critical error, such as a hardware failure or software bug. The BSoD is a very common error in Windows, and can be caused by problems with a computer’s hardware or software. Firstly, if you are experiencing a BSoD, restart the computer. If this does not fix the problem, try to perform a System Restore point. If the BSoD continues, check to see if all the necessary drivers are installed, and if not, update them. If the BSoD continues, run Windows Update to check for updates. If none of these solutions work, the last

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