Captions are statements that usually label an image or video to tell the viewer what it’s about. For example, a photo of Niagara Falls might have this caption: Dive into breathtaking canyons. These captions (or formal cutlines) help give the video or image the punch it needs to be noticed by those who will see it. In this article, you will learn how to hide signatures on TikTok.

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Wait, Ticktock?

TikTok is a sensational video sharing app that rocks the world with its themes, duets, lip syncs and more. The app allows users to share fun or challenging content and is one of the most downloaded apps today. It reached over 2 billion downloads by the end of April 2020.

Now to hide titles

TikTok users have complained that some videos have overly long subtitles, which end up taking up most of the screen.

In this case, the video is not as funny as it could be. Of course, not all users want to remove captions, but some find them annoying, especially if they are too long.

Unfortunately, there is no setting on TikTok to hide subtitles on videos. You can hide subtitles for videos you have watched or are currently watching, or for videos you have uploaded (your videos).

These guidelines for Android and iOS follow this educated guess (excuse me if I sound philosophical): you want to enjoy videos without having to look at subtitles. You can do this in two ways:

  1. If you think the video you are watching has a long title that is preventing it from displaying properly, save it.
  2. If you have downloaded a video with long subtitles, save it and upload it again.

Hiding the video signature of another person

  1. Tap your TikTok app and log in to your account with your login details.
  2. Assuming you’ve watched the video and like it, click the I button to bring up your profile page screen.
  3. Click on the Favorite Videos tab. It has a heart-shaped symbol.
  4. I recorded your video. The video zooms in and starts playing immediately.
  5. Click on the Share button. A split screen with options appears.
  6. Click the Save Video icon next to the Report icon. The download will begin immediately, with an increasing percentage displayed. When you are finished, the message Recorded video appears briefly.
  7. Now close the application and go to your gallery to view the uploaded video. If you are using Google Photos, click on the application and the uploaded video will appear.

It may not be what you expected, but it serves the same purpose. You can watch the video, albeit offline, without the caption blocking the view.

Hide your video caption

In short, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the application and open your video.
  2. Save it and restart it.
  3. Do not print anything on the signature panel.

Your video has been uploaded and although the subtitles are not hidden, they are missing. Remember, we want a video without subtitles blocking the screen.

Curtain trap

TikTok should allow users to remove long titles.

If you upload videos for others to watch, don’t let them get too excited.

Keep your signature short. That way, your viewers can fully enjoy the video. Or, isn’t that TikTok’s point? Do you like video instead of text? Think about it.

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frequently asked questions

How do I make my signature disappear on TikTok?

How do I get rid of the description on TikTok?

Here the TikTok video uploader app is used to remove the watermark, i.e. the description and username. Navigate to the video whose description and username you want to hide. Click the Share icon, then the Copy Link button. Copy the link of the video from which you want to remove the watermark.

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