How to open a page that is blocked on Google Chrome – Today there are more internet users because the population is increasing.

How do I open a website that is blocked in Google Chrome?

Currently, internet users are people of different ages, from young to old. Each of them has their own interests in the world of the Internet.

For example, students need access to the Internet in order to work at school or university. While many adults use the Internet to do their job.

Opening of a website blocked on Google Chrome 2020

Through the Minister of Communication and Information, the Indus government has implemented positive internet programmes and a healthy internet for the country’s internet users.

This program is based on the increasing consumption of pornographic videos by minors. Of course, government measures are very suitable for blocking pornographic sites.

Blocking these prohibited sites will minimize the consumption of adult content by school-age children. So that they are not contaminated by things that are not suitable for public consumption.

Unfortunately, not all websites blocked by the government are subject to a visit ban. There are many more good sites on the positive blacklist of the internet and a healthy internet.

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To overcome this problem, this time we will discuss how to open a website that is blocked in Google Chrome. Of course, this time the tips can only be applied to the Chrome browser on your PC. Let’s look without hesitation at the next positive steps in internet piracy.

How do you open a website that is blocked on Google Chrome?

    1. Open the Chrome browser on your PC or laptop.
    2. In the upper right corner, press the vertical character3> More Tools> Extensions.

How do I open a website that is blocked in Google Chrome?

    1. On the Extensions page, click Extrins (line 3 of the horizontal image). Then click theOpen Chrome Web Store button in the section below.

Online Shop for Chrome

    1. Enter the keyword VPN Proxyin the Chrome Online Shop search field.
    2. Then search for extensions called Free Proxy to unlock any location |. VPN Press.
    3. Then click the Add to Chrome button on the right.
    4. When the dialog box appears, click the Add Extensions button to install the extensions in the Chrome browser.

Add to Chrome

When the installation of the extension is complete, it means that it is installed in the Chrome browser. To use it, click on the Touch VPN icon in the upper right corner and then click to connect to . You can now install blocked sites in Google Chrome with the Touch VPN extension.

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Press to connect

These keys on the VPN extensions give you access to various restricted locations around the world. Because the Touch-VPN can hack the internet using proxies from abroad.

Opening of a closed chrome sheet without application

Opening of a closed chrome website without application

In addition to using the Google Chrome extension, we can also open blocked websites without the application. The trick is to use the proxy service of is a website offering free proxy services. You can use this website to access websites that are blocked in Google Chrome without the application.

To access a blocked site via a proxy server, you must perform the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Then enter the address of the website you want to visit in the Enter URL column.
  3. Then select the server you want to use. The server options are available in the server column on the left.
  4. Then press the GO button to open the blocked website.

Details :


You will automatically be redirected to the website you want to visit. So you don’t need any additional applications to open websites that are blocked by Google Chrome.

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