Google Fax Free and CocoFax offer the most compact answer to your questions about sending faxes via Outlook 365. This request does not require hours of consultation and allows you to spend your time conducting research on the Internet. The search for a simple fax solution became possible with the introduction.

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If you hear this name for the first time, here is the fact that CocoFax is already used by a million users. You’re a little late to be familiar with this utility. Moreover, CocoFax users are not limited to one country, but offer fax services worldwide.

From now on, your account is no longer limited to sending and receiving e-mails, but also contains faxes on file. It is the technology that provides peace, lightness and simplicity of work, no matter what area of life it is used in. CocoFax also helps to provide reliable services.

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Google Fax Free used CocoFax to send faxes; click here to go to Google Fax Free. Downloading Google applications and installing them for hours is an old thing. In this age of mobility, Google Fax Free always helps you choose a portable solution.

Overview of faxes

Free tools are something everyone wants to use because they don’t have to spend money. Whether you want to use a tool once or need it for your daily tasks, the free tools will help any user. CocoFax is not only free, but also a reliable fax service provider.

It allows users to register for free without having to check their credit card. In a later process, however, you will need to invest some money, because paid subscriptions give you special access. After registration, your account will receive additional security rights to use encryption methods.

Sending a fax from your Microsoft Outlook account

For many years, Internet users around the world have limited their email accounts to email. The best thing they can do is exchange files and other important documents. However, there was still room for fax machines, because some professionals believe that this is the safest way to transfer files.

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CocoFax has combined the latest technology with analogue systems. You can now send faxes directly from your Outlook 365 account without the need for additional plug-ins or further training. Just follow these steps and you’re ready to go.

Step 1: Registration with CocoFax

If you do not have a CocoFax account, please register with a valid email address to benefit from online faxing. Set a secure password for your account so that no one can guess at all to gain access to your confidential information. Right-click on the registration documents within 2 minutes.

CocoFax offers its users low-cost subscription formulas. Depending on the frequency of faxes sent or received, you can subscribe to one of them. All your faxes are secure, so you don’t have to worry about information theft.

Free trial account information.

Step 2: Creating a fax

To create a new fax, you can start creating a new e-mail from your Outlook account. To send files, e.g. faxes, to download attachments. CocoFax allows users to send multiple documents as one fax file, so users don’t waste time sending them individually.

To enter the recipient’s fax number, add the prefix For example, if the recipient’s fax number is 12345, enter in the To field. In this case, the fax number is converted to a valid e-mail address.


The file formats supported by CocoFax for sending faxes online are: jpg, png, Xls, doc, pdf. You can also attach a cover page to a fax file by entering the data in the text of the letter. To add fax headers, enter information in the Subject field. All these data are corrected in a single fax file.

Step 3: Send fax

Click the Send button and your documents will be sent to the receiving fax machine in the same way as a fax file. CocoFax converts digital files into an analogue format, Tiff, so it is compatible with fax machines.

You will automatically be informed whether or not your files have been successfully sent to the recipient. Any error in using the file composition will cause the file transfer to fail. Make any corrections and resend them from Outlook Mail after checking the error log.

With CocoFax, you are on performance

CocoFax has already touched the heavens of glory and has been nominated as the best fax service provider in the world. The New York Times, Uthority, Life Wire, PC World, Digital Trends, Forbes and CNET are among the international media forums that have recognized the full effectiveness of CocoFax services.

Other characteristics of Cocofax

It is designed to help people send and receive faxes directly from their point of view. You do not need to purchase a printer or fax machine when you receive this online tool. Here are the reasons why it is the leader among online fax service providers

Context of completion

With CocoFax you can not only send faxes from your Outlook account, but it is also reliable, efficient and secure. All you have to do is pick up any smart device and go to the CocoFax website to send and receive faxes on the go. CocoFax offers users fully functional data transmission services.  CocoFax protects your file from malicious attacks and secures unauthorized users so that no one can access your data without permission. You can get the fax security without even having to use it.

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