Do you have a low communication level at home or at the office? In general, the router’s Wi-Fi connection does not cover every corner of your location. Sometimes your router sends weak signals to your device. In this day and age, the Internet is a tool that needs to be worked on continuously. All you need is a Belkin Range Extender to solve these problems. Belkin is an amazing and well-known company that produces high quality network equipment, such as extension cables and routers.

The Belkin N300 Range Expander is designed to increase the speed of your wireless router. It is equipped with wireless functions. The Belkin N300 offers 300 Mbps, which is enough to surf with anything and everything. If you want to connect in rehearsal mode, Belkin has a configuration button. There’s no doubt about it! It works on any device you connect to, such as a mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

No wires or cables are required to install a Belkin N300. Because it is a wireless network, it can be connected without wires or cables. If you’re considering investing your money in a Belkin N300 Series Extender, you can do better.

Don’t know how to install a Belkin N300 extender in your home? So don’t worry! In this article we tell you how easy it is to set up a Belkin N300 Wireless Band Extender.

Modification of the Belkin N300 series extension

Before you begin the simple steps, make sure you have a Belkin N300 computer or laptop, wireless router, and Wi-Fi tape extension nearby. Unlock the Belkin N300 series extension setting and start processing methods.

Step one: Connect the Belkin N300 Series extension cord to an electrical outlet. However, be sure to connect it next to your wireless router.

Step two: Carry your device, such as a laptop, computer or mobile phone, what works best for you. Go to the WiFi connections section, where you will find a list of names of nearby networks. In the list you can see the Belkin.setup network. Click on it, because it will open for the connection.

Note that you often can’t see Belkin. At this point, restart the expander by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds. When the light turns blue, let yourself go a little. Then look again whether you can see the landscape or not. He’ll definitely be on the list. If not, try again. It’s gonna work. Connect them later by clicking on them. Just follow the instructions below.

Step three: Go to your web browser and enter the domain name https://belkin.range in the address bar of your browser and go to the page. In addition, you can even go to the IP address, after which you need to click the Go button on the screen.

Step four: Once the page is open, check the Start button. It searches the router’s SSID.

Step five: Update it as soon as it stops downloading. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to extend from the list of neighboring networks. Click on the Next button when you’re done. Wait until he connects to the network.

Step 6 : It will then check your password for any hints. Enter the password for verification and click the Next button. The password has been verified.

Step seven: If the user is using a dual-band network, select the second network for the connection you want to extend and click the following button.

Finally, you can now use the Belkin N300 Range Extender in your device to increase your Internet speed. I hope this article worked well for you and the device.

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