Whatsapp’s updated privacy policy has caused a huge uproar on the internet, which its competitor seems to be taking advantage of.

The application that has seen an extreme increase in downloads lately is Signal. It used to be popular with anyone who cared about their privacy, but these days even the least tech-savvy horseshoes seem to be taking over.

In this article we will talk about Signal, what makes it so secure, who owns it, whether it is better than Whatsapp, and whether it is worth switching to Signal.

Signal is a free encrypted messaging application that lets you send messages, photos, videos, voice notes, links and more to your friends. You can even make individual or group calls, all of which are encrypted. Users can also form groups of up to 150 people.

The application uses end-to-end encryption for all communications, meaning that only the participants and not the signal developers can read the chat data.


The application has several features that distinguish it from the competition. Users can respond to posts like Discordance or Lull. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux (Debian-based distributions).

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Signal is by far one of the most secure messaging applications you can use today. This application has long been used, loved and recommended by the cybersecurity community, as well as Edward Snowden and even Elon Musk.

Two-factor authentication is supported, and users can lock the application using a biometric phone lock or PIN. And then there’s Signal’s famous emphasis on privacy. The application includes end-to-end encryption used for almost all functions, making it extremely difficult for third parties to spy on your communications.

Signal was the first company to implement a security protocol to keep its users’ conversations private. In November 2014, Moxie’s Open Whisper Systems partnered with Whatsapp to integrate the signaling protocol into the Facebook-owned messaging application, which is due to be fully encrypted by April 2016. In May 2016, they also partnered with Google to provide a signaling protocol for Hello. Two months later, in July 2016, Facebook Messenger published Secret Conversations – e2e chats using the Signal protocol. In January 2018, the signaling protocol was also integrated into Microsoft’s Skype.


The application’s source code is open and peer-reviewed. This means that cyber security professionals over the years have been able to look at the application, play with it and help make it more secure.

However, despite its relatively good experience and general use, it has some weaknesses. For example, if you switch phones, saving your conversations and transferring them to the new device isn’t as easy as you might think, especially if you’re coming from a place like Whatsapp.

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Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer, developed Signal in 2015 under the banner of Open Whisper Systems. Since then, Signal has partnered with many popular messaging and social media platforms to integrate encryption over the Signal protocol.

In February 2018, the application was donated to the Signal Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in California, USA. The charity is backed by Brian Acton, a co-founder of Whatsapp who helped set up the foundation a year after leaving Facebook and Whatsapp. In addition to the $50 million received by the Signal Foundation at the time of this announcement, it also receives funding from the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

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In terms of number of features and ease of use, maybe not. In terms of security and privacy? Yeah, definitely.

While Whatsapp and Signal use end-to-end encryption, as mentioned above, Signal was the first company to adopt a security protocol to keep user conversations private. The unique selling point is security and privacy. As a result, the entire application and user experience is built around a central focus on privacy and security. It has spread to several other popular applications thanks to its signaling protocol.

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So if you think Signal is more secure than Whatsapp when it comes to security and privacy, it certainly is, because without the encryption protocols, including Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype or the now defunct Hello, their users cannot offer the same level of end-to-end encryption.

Facebook also owns Whatsapp. Since the most recent privacy policy it states that from 8 years. February’s chat data should be shared with Facebook, you can worry a lot about your online conversations and delete your Whatsapp account to avoid further damage.

Absolutely. It is an excellent application, and with the sudden and massive influx of new users, it will only get better in the future.

However, the real answer to this question is determined by your social environment. Finally, you should use an application where most of your social circles are, be it Whatsapp, Signal or even Telegram.

We strongly recommend that you switch to Signal. Companies around the world must respect data confidentiality. As more and more users become aware of invasive usage policies, the big social networks have the best time moving to something truly secure.

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