The best tech deals for Memorial Day are now available. Amazon says that it’s hosting a Memorial Day sale that includes Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show devices, as well as Fire TV Stick and Echo Input for Fire TV. Google says that its special Memorial Day sale offers are solely on Google Home devices (A.K.A. Google Home Mini and Google Home Max), as well as Chromecast Audio.

It’s that time of year again— Memorial Day weekend– and it’s time to remember the fallen. In addition to all the usual activities that occur on this day, there are a few unique ones. One of the more important of these is to head to your local Walmart and buy the new Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, Amazon Tap, and Google Home. These devices are all very different in their own ways, but they all do one thing: play music.

You can use Amazon’s Alexa assistant in a number of different ways. You can ask it to read the news, play music, and even make phone calls and check the weather. Google and Microsoft have their own versions of the assistant as well, and there are a number of other products that work with the technology, too. But the Amazon Echo is the most well-known, and offers the most features.

We start today’s deals with a huge selection of Amazon Echo speakers, up to $50 off. One is the current Amazon Echo, which is discounted by $20. That makes this Alexa smart speaker with superior sound and smart home available for just $80. If you want the smaller Echo Dot, you can buy it for $35 after a $15 discount, and if you also want to see the time on your smaller Echo Dot, you can do so by paying $45 with the same $15 discount. If you want to buy a previous generation Echo Dot now, you can do so by paying $30, which is $10 less than the regular price. word-image-15160 word-image-15161 word-image-5507 These aren’t the only Amazon products that are heavily discounted. You can also buy the new Amazon Echo Show 5 for $50 after a $40 discount. Just remember that this is a first-generation model that comes with a 5.5-inch smart screen and also helps you control your smart home with Alexa. The larger Echo Show 8 is also on sale, and this model will give you the biggest savings, as it’s currently discounted by $50. In other words, you can buy it for $80, which is less than its usual price of $130. Echo Auto is also on sale, and you can buy it for just $25 after a 50% discount. So you can take Alexa with you on the go. word-image-15162 word-image-15163 word-image-15164 Other deals include the Google Pixel 4 with 128 GB, which is on sale at B&H for a discounted price of $400, making it available for just $499. The device features a 16MP main sensor, 8MP selfie camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB RAM. If you’re in the market for new headphones, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro for just $150, a $50 savings. This offering includes the color options Phantom Violet and Phantom Silver, which give you noise reduction, water resistance and long battery life. You can also get a new solar powered garden lantern for $26.60, which is less than the normal price of $30. They have 16 color change options and can be used to light your lawn, patio, walkways; the best part is you just place them and the sun will give them enough juice to light your way for 10 hours. word-image-15165 word-image-15166 word-image-15167

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A former bilingual teacher who has left the classroom to join the Pocketnow team as a writer and content creator for a Spanish-speaking audience. Artistic by nature, loves video games, guitars, action figures, cooking, writing, drawing and good music.Today is one of the best days of the year for tech fans, as the deals on Amazon, Google, and other online stores become a bit easier to find. Since the holiday is in 5 days, there will be some deals on these products available only to the customers who are planning to buy them from this week.. Read more about echo dot 5th generation and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alexa work with multiple devices?

Multiple users can use Amazon’s voice-activated assistant Alexa to control (access) multiple devices, from different manufacturers, using only one Amazon account. For instance, you can turn on a home’s lights from your smartphone, and you’ll be able to ask Alexa to do the same. Alexa can also control music playing on your devices, or give you news headlines, sports scores, traffic updates, and so on. However, you need to enable the feature on each device and use the same Amazon account on the devices. The Amazon Echo is a popular device that lets you command your home through a voice command. The product is powered by Amazon’s Alexa intelligent agent. Alexa is a cloud-based digital assistant. It is like your personal assistant, that works with you to make your life easier by performing tasks like: setting alarms, answering questions, searching the web, playing music, playing podcasts and more.

Can Alexa drop in on multiple devices at the same time?

The Amazon Echo is a cool smart speaker that you can talk to and hear from anywhere in your house. It plays music, answers your questions, controls smart devices, and more. It’s also Amazon’s most popular product. At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, the company unveiled the upgraded Echo Plus, which includes a Bluetooth speaker. It’s hard to believe Alexa is getting smarter, and with the introduction of multiple device support for the first time, it seems like she’s starting to become a little too clever for her own good.

How do I get Echo to play music on multiple devices?

The Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the like are great for playing music from your smartphone, but they can’t play music on their own. They can’t play music from your favorite Spotify or Pandora stations either—or play music from the cloud like Amazon Music or Google Play Music. They can’t play music from your local library. The Echo, Home, and other smart speakers can’t play music from your phone, no matter which streaming service you use. They can’t play music from any of your other Amazon Echo devices. And so on. If you’re like us, you love to create your own music, but hate the prospect of picking up your phone or tablet and switching to the music app. Instead, we’d rather just ask Alexa to play our favorite jams. The trouble is, Alexa doesn’t always play music from the same device. Is there a way to get our tunes on multiple devices?

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