As an avid fan of AC Milan, you likely jumped at the chance to manage the storied club when you first booted up EA Sports FC 24. However, while the Rossoneri boast one of the most talented and decorated squads in world football, success is never guaranteed. To get the most out of leading Milan in EA Sports’ newest football simulator, you’ll need to quickly get a feel for how to best utilize your talented but aging roster. In this guide, you’ll find key tips and tricks for finding success when taking control of the 18-time Serie A champions, from which formations and tactics best accentuate your squad’s strengths to instructions that will help you outwit opponents. With these strategies, you’ll be leading Milan back to glory in no time.

Overview of AC Milan in EA Sports FC 24


In EA Sports FC 24, AC Milan has a squad featuring many of the current real-world players, including Zlatan Ibrahimović, Gianluigi Donnarumma, and Franck Kessié. The team is well-balanced, with a mix of experienced veterans and promising young players. Milan has a 4.5-star rating, reflecting the talent and potential of the squad.

Formation and Tactics

The default formation for AC Milan is a 4-2-3-1 with an emphasis on possession and building up play from the back. The tactics focus on dominating midfield, playing out wide, and crossing for target man Ibrahimović. You can adjust the formation and tactics based on your preferences to take advantage of the pace of players like Rafael Leão and the playmaking ability of Hakan Çalhanoğlu.

Stadium and Atmosphere

AC Milan plays its home games at the world-famous San Siro Stadium. In EA Sports FC 24, the San Siro is faithfully recreated with stunning graphics and detail. The atmosphere aims to replicate the passion of the Milan supporters, with custom chants and a sea of red and black flags in the crowd. Playing at the San Siro with a full, roaring crowd can give your team a boost and intimidate your opponents.

Prestige and Expectations

As one of the most successful clubs in Italy, with 18 Serie A titles and 7 Champions League trophies, AC Milan demands excellence. Expectations will be high each season to challenge for silverware, especially the Scudetto. While this pressure can motivate players, it also means jobs are constantly on the line, and patience for rebuilding periods will be limited. Achieving objectives and making progress each season is key to success as Milan’s manager.

Popular Formation and Tactics for AC Milan

Focus on Possession and Width

To get the most out of AC Milan in EA Sports FC 24, utilize a formation with three central midfielders like the 4-3-3. This provides width to stretch the opposing defense but also enables dominating possession in the midfield. Focus on patient build-up play with short passes, along with switching the field to open up space. The key is to not force the attack and wait for opportunities.

Rely on Skilled Wingers and Playmakers

With players like Suso, Çalhanoğlu, and Paquetá, AC Milan has excellent dribblers and playmakers to unlock defenses. Look to get the ball to the wingers in isolated 1v1 situations where they can beat their defender and cut inside or cross. The number 10 role is also key – use a playmaker like Paquetá to link midfield and attack with through balls to the striker and wingers making runs.

A Target Man and Pressing Defense

To provide an aerial threat and hold-up play, use a target striker like Piątek. Have him win long balls and lay it off to onrushing midfielders and wingers. Defensively, utilize AC Milan’s pace and stamina by applying high pressure with a moderately high defensive line. The outside backs should also push up to force opponents into mistakes and win the ball high up the pitch.


By focusing on possession, utilizing skilled playmakers and wingers, employing a target striker, and pressing defensively, you can replicate AC Milan’s real-world style of play and find success in EA Sports FC 24. With the right tactics, this historic club’s combination of talent, experience, and youth can once again challenge for titles.

Key Players to Build Your AC Milan Team Around

To build a formidable AC Milan team in EA Sports FC 24, focus on securing key players that will form the core of your squad.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

At 39 years old, Zlatan Ibrahimović continues to be an influential force for AC Milan. Despite his age, Ibrahimović’s experience, leadership, and clinical finishing make him invaluable. His aerial prowess, technique, and strength allow him to excel as a target man. Make signing Ibrahimović a top priority.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Replacing a club legend like Gianluigi Buffon is no easy task, but Gianluigi Donnarumma has proven he is up to the challenge. Still only 21, Donnarumma has established himself as one of the best young goalkeepers in the world. Donnarumma’s reflexes, shot-stopping ability, and command of his penalty area will provide a strong base for your AC Milan defense for over a decade.

Alessio Romagnoli

To organize your backline, look no further than Alessio Romagnoli. A born leader, the 25-year-old Romagnoli has captained AC Milan and the Italian national team at youth levels. Romagnoli reads the game well, is strong in the tackle, and is comfortable playing the ball out from the back. Alongside another quality center back, Romagnoli would excel.

Building around players of the caliber of Ibrahimović, Donnarumma, and Romagnoli will put you in good stead to achieve success with AC Milan. Add additional young talent and depth to compete on multiple fronts, and you will have the makings of a team that can once again challenge for major honors.

Young Prospects for AC Milan in Career Mode

Sandro Tonali

The 20-year-old Italian central midfielder, Sandro Tonali, is one of AC Milan’s most promising young prospects. With a potential ability of 87, Tonali can develop into a world-class deep-lying playmaker. His strengths lie in his passing, ball control, and composure. Given playing time, Tonali’s attributes will improve dramatically. His potential and affordable wage makes him an excellent signing for Milan in Career Mode.

Rafael Leão

The 21-year-old Portuguese striker Rafael Leão joined AC Milan in 2019. Leão possesses blistering pace, aerial presence, and a left foot with the ability to finish clinically. His potential ability is 85, but with ample playing time and in-form performances, Leão can achieve an overall of 88. For his young age, Leão’s attributes are formidable. With guidance, Leão may mature into an elite striker for Milan in Career Mode.

Alessio Romagnoli

Despite being only 25 years of age, Alessio Romagnoli has emerged as a leader in Milan’s defense. The Italian center-back has an overall ability of 82 but has the potential to reach 88, demonstrating his high ceiling. Romagnoli excels in tackling, marking, and positioning. His experience, leadership, and potential make him a mainstay in Milan’s defense for seasons to come in Career Mode. With the right training and matches, Romagnoli can develop into one of the world’s best defenders.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Widely considered one of the best young goalkeepers in the world, the 21-year-old Gianluigi Donnarumma is a generational talent. His overall ability is 85, with the potential to reach 92, showcasing his supreme ability. Donnarumma’s greatest strengths are his reflexes, diving, and handling. Given his young age and potential, Donnarumma is poised to become Milan’s starting goalkeeper for over a decade in Career Mode. His world-class potential makes him an indispensable prospect for the future.

How to Play Like AC Milan: Tips and Strategies

AC Milan is known for employing creative tactics and dominating possession. To replicate their style of play in EA Sports FC 24, focus on the following strategies:

Patient Build-Up Play

AC Milan is renowned for their patient, possession-based approach. When in possession, do not force risky passes or dribble aggressively. Instead, make safe passes between your players, probing for openings in the defense. Draw the opposition out of position with lateral passes before exploiting the space. This approach requires discipline but can tire opponents and create scoring chances.

Fluid Formation

AC Milan are tactically flexible, adjusting their formation to counter the opposition. You may start in a 4-3-3 but transition to a 4-2-3-1 or 3-4-2-1 if needing an extra striker or winger. Learn multiple formations and make changes during the match as needed. Practice each formation to understand the optimal positioning and roles of each player.

Use Width

AC Milan deploys wingers to provide width, stretching the defense and creating space centrally. Instruct your wingers to run at the defense, dribble down the flanks, and cross into the box. The striker should attack crosses, and central midfielders should make late runs into the box to finish any loose balls. Using width is key to breaking down stubborn defenses.

Press High

When out of possession, AC Milan employ an aggressive high press to quickly win the ball back. Instruct your forwards and midfielders to aggressively press the opponent on the ball and cut off passing lanes. The high press prevents the opposition from comfortably building up play and leads to opportunities for your team to counterattack. Be careful not to tire your players, so press intensely only when there is a chance to win the ball.

By focusing on these strategies, you can emulate AC Milan’s style of play and find success in EA Sports FC 24. With practice, their fluid and dynamic approach can become second nature.

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In closing, as you’ve seen, there are many effective strategies and tactics you can employ when playing as AC Milan in EA Sports FC 24. Mastering player development, transfers, formations, and in-game adjustments are all key to bringing Milan glory. With the right focus, patience, and practice, you’ll be lifting trophies in no time. Trust in the process. Experiment with tactics. And most importantly, have fun bringing success back to this storied club. You now have all the tools you need to make your Milan career mode journey a memorable one.