Tiktok Pakistan

The Pakistani Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has decided to release TikTok ten days after the ban on the application and its services.

On Monday, the RTA officially announced that it would lift the blocking of a video-sharing application in Pakistan on condition that the company undertakes to block all accounts repeatedly involved in the spread of obscenities and immorality.

The country’s Internet clock announced it today via its Twitter pen. The authorities added that the administration will keep records in accordance with the local legislation of the country.

TikTok will be unblocked after management has assured that it will block all accounts that have repeatedly been involved in the spread of obscenities and immorality.
TikTok will moderate your account in accordance with local law.

– PTA (@PTAofficialpk) 19. October 2020

It should be noted that TikTok appears to have hired a local agency to provide both public relations and critical incident management. The company had already announced in a press release last weekend that it would confirm the allocation of funds to moderate accounts in Pakistan. These funds would be used to audit the accounts according to the local legislation of the country, which is exactly what the parents’ committee seemed to achieve.

The 9th. On October 10, the PTA banned the popular video-sharing application TikTok for immoral and obscene content. The government said it had given the company a lot of time to react and follow instructions to moderate illegal video content. As the application did not fully comply with the Guidelines, the Authority finally closed the video sharing application.

UPDATE: The Parents’ Committee has issued an official press release about the conditional restoration of the TikTok services. The full press release is enclosed below.

Press release

Islamabad (19 October 2020) The Pakistani Communications Authority (PCA) has reintroduced the Tiktok service under certain conditions.

Given the existence of vulgar, obscene / harmful content on the platform and its negative impact on society, the APT has repeatedly stated that TikTok prevents the distribution of illegal content on its platform. However, TikTok has not been able to comply with the requirements of specific measures to block and remove illegal content. As a result, the TikTok application was blocked until a satisfactory content control mechanism was set.

Through continuous cooperation with platform management before and after the ban, TikTok has moderated the content in accordance with Pakistani social standards and laws, and ensured the blocking of platform users who are constantly involved in downloading illegal content.

That is why OTA, as a facilitator of healthy digital experiences for internet users and the growth of digital companies, has decided to lift the ban. However, the restoration of the TikTok services is strictly dependent on the platform not being used for the distribution of vulgar/obscene content and not allowing abuse of public values. If this condition is not met, the Parents’ Committee must permanently block the application.