Around the world, it’s estimated that there are over 26.3 million software developers. With such a huge number of software developers currently active, it’s no surprise that the global software industry is more competitive than ever. This is why it’s so important you take the relevant steps to give yourself a competitive advantage while providing high-quality applications to users.

To improve as a software developer, you might need a little help. Whether you’re an independent software developer or part of a larger team within a company, here are some tips so that you can create and deploy better-end products.

Deploy API Management Tools

APIs are essential when it comes to developing and integrating new applications with existing software systems. Thanks to APIs, development speeds can be increased because new functionalities don’t need to be written from square one; you can instead use APIs to leverage existing code. This is great — and you can make it even greater by deploying API management tools. With these API management tools, you’ll be able to build new interactions between your different applications, get more creative, and stay compliant at the same time. There’s a lot to love and very little to dislike about this, which is why API management tools are being deployed by more tech companies as each year goes by.

Be Aware of Changes to Container Development

For a long time, Docker was the go-to container solution for countless developers. However, this has all started to change, as Kubernetes and several other different platforms have now started to take over. A strong Kubernetes audience has grown substantially since 2014, with this particular platform now being seen as the industry standard for container development. As a talented software developer, you should also be looking to make the switch to Kubernetes.

Learn the In-demand Programming Languages

When it comes to modern-day software development, you have to stay ahead of the curve and engage with the latest trends. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting left behind, which isn’t a desirable outcome for any software developer out there.


It all starts with learning the in-demand programming languages. Throughout 2024, you can expect some of the most in-demand programming languages to include:

ü JavaScript

ü Python

ü Swift

ü TypeScript

ü C/C++

For a while now, JavaScript has been one of the most widely learned programming languages of them all. Why? It’s because JavaScript is used by most web browsers and is also incredibly easy to learn. Whether you’re a new software developer or someone who has been in the industry for a while, JavaScript should certainly be at the top of your to-learn list in 2024.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is the present and future of software development.

Ever since cloud computing exploded in popularity, it’s had a huge impact on software development. Through cloud computing, developers can now work on projects simultaneously from any location, make changes in real-time, and gain access to cloud-based software development tools, such as the open-source Kubernetes, during the development process.

Keep Your Eyes on the Latest Trends

New trends are constantly emerging in the software development space, so you need to keep your eyes on them whenever new trends pop up.


For instance, right now, no-code development is a big deal. This is a type of software development where you don’t need to write any code yourself from scratch and can instead drag and drop pre-made blocks of code to create your applications. If you’re a beginner software developer, you might want to look at no-code platforms like Webflow or Bubble to help get you started with this.