Cybercrime is one of the biggest talking points in the business world in 2023. This is for good reason, as attacks have been on the rise in the last few years as a result of remote work, new technologies, and advanced tactics being used by cybercriminals. Businesses of all sizes and industries are being targeted, which is why every organization needs to prioritize cybersecurity and know the best ways to protect their business. So, what are some of the biggest cyber trends in 2023? Here are a few of the main trends to be aware of, which should help you to improve your protection.

The Rise Of AI

AI is another major talking point in the business world right now and is also playing a big role in cybercrime. This is on both sides of the battle as criminals are using AI to develop increasingly advanced attacks as well as automate attacks, which is a cause for concern and something to keep an eye on in the coming years.

At the same time, AI can be used to develop a more robust defense against cybercrime and can be used to detect and respond to threats. As technology becomes more advanced and prevalent, it will be interesting to see how this impacts cybersecurity and what steps are taken to prevent the use of AI in cybercrime.

IoT Attacks

Another trend that is on the rise is attacks via IoT devices. IoT is a form of technology that can help businesses to thrive in a few ways, but having so many interconnected devices can also create vulnerabilities. Criminals are taking advantage of this with IoT attacks, which is why businesses need to know the best ways to secure these devices and prevent access.

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Enterprise Firewalls

Firewalls are one of the best forms of cybersecurity as a way to create a boundary between a private network and the public internet. A firewall can then monitor traffic based on a set of predetermined rules to limit the type of traffic that can cross the boundary, which can provide robust protection from external threats.

Enterprise firewalls are on the rise as they can provide the capabilities required to protect an enterprise against the latest and most advanced threats. It is important to choose the right kind of enterprise firewall for your business, so it is helpful to consider your requirements and speak with an expert that will be able to advise.

Deepfake Tech

Perhaps the most concerning trend at the moment is the rise of deepfake technology. This is a form of AI that can be used to create fake but convincing media, which most commonly involve video hoaxes using face swapping. These videos can be hard to detect, which is hugely dangerous because they can easily lead to fraud, identity theft, reputation damage, and many other serious issues.

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There is not much that can be done on an individual level other than learning how to spot deepfakes. Still, there are laws and regulations being developed, as well as tech solutions designed to detect and prevent the spread of deepfake content.

These are some of the main cyber trends in 2023. Knowledge is power in this field, so hopefully, the information in this post will help you to improve your cybersecurity protection. Cyber attacks are on the rise, meaning businesses of all sizes and in all industries are being targeted. You want to make sure that you keep up with all of the latest trends and know what the latest threats are, along with how you can protect your business and important data.