Every football fan dreams of leading their team one day, and with hundreds of football games on almost every platform, that dream is becoming a reality, at least virtually.

Following our list of the best football manager games 2019-2020, here we present the eight best football manager games for Android in 2021.

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Developer: KONAMI. Size: 83MB | Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

This is a management simulation game from the makers of Pro Evolution Soccer, also known as PES. The game is based on the same engine as the PSE mobile game and has very nice graphics for a mobile game.

You can choose to experience the games in 3D or switch to a 2D perspective to see the action from a tactical perspective. Over 5,000 licensed players participate in the game.

You can download the PSE Club Manager here

Developer: Gamegou Limited. Size: 78MB | Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

Top Soccer Manager, known as TFM to fans of the game, is by far one of the best soccer management games on the Google Play store. The game has excellent immersive 3D graphics and is really focused on finding, training and getting the best players to play for your club.

There is also a multiplayer mode where you can participate in championship matches against real players from all over the world.

You can download Football Manager 2021 here

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Developer: Trophy Games – Football Manager Players | Size : 127MB | Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

Pro 11 puts a lot of emphasis on online play. The basic gameplay meets all the requirements you would expect from a football game, but it is the multiplayer structure that makes this game so special.

You can download Pro 11 – Football Management Game here

Developer: Football Manager Ltd | Size : 114MB Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

This game really puts your team management skills to the test, as you can choose from over 800 clubs in 33 countries. As manager you plan every aspect of your club, including training programmes, transfers, team selection, club infrastructure and even the allocation of team numbers.

You can download Soccer Manager 2021 – Football Management Game here.

Developer: Nordeus, mate: 104MB | Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

This game is one of the most downloaded football management games, with over 250 million records (according to the game’s developers). The game allows you and your club to play against other players in a real-time control scenario.

You can design training sessions to improve specific weaknesses of your team. In the game you can collect exclusive T-shirts and emblems to showcase your club, and even build and customize your own stadium in 3D.

You can download the Top Eleven 2021: Be the manager of football here.

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Developer: Trophy Games – Football Manager Players | Size : 36MB Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

Although the game itself is relatively new to the Play Store and hasn’t been downloaded as much as any of the more popular games on this list, you still get great graphics with a very simple interface that sets the game apart from the rest.

The game also offers everything you’d expect from a football management game, including multiplayer game modes and events if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge.

You can download the game Football Management Ultra 2021 – Manager here.

Developer: A great prototype – the creators of the football manager games | size : 159MB | Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

This game has been downloaded over 500,000 times from the Google Play Store and has recently received a massive update in 2021 that promises to completely change the already massive live game it offers.

The 3D graphics are very realistic and the emphasis is on a very deep game economy.

You can download Season Pro Football Manager – Football Management here.

Developer: Trophy Games – Football Manager Players | Size : 131MB | Price : Free of charge (can be purchased in the application)

Another release from Trophy Games. This game has everything that makes a realistic football management game, except that you are managing women’s football teams.

The game features many women’s football leagues and clubs such as Arsenal, Barcelona and Lyon with authentic female role models.

You can download Women’s Soccer Manager (WSM) – Football Management here.

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frequently asked questions

Is Football Manager 2021 down?

How can I make the game work offline? Like previous versions, Football Manager 2021 must be activated and played through online platforms such as Steam. The game can be purchased as a package or a digital download, but both versions require a connection to the online platform and an internet connection.

Will there be a football manager in 2021?

Manager Football 2021 was released on the 24th. November 2020 published. … Football Manager 2021 will be available for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox in December.

What is the best application for football managers?

The best football manager games to choose from

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