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There are a lot of anime like Katanagatari, but what you should watch instead? Katanagatari is a series that left a deep impression on me when I first watched it. It inspired me to learn more about both world building and storytelling, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. The world building is something you can’t find in many anime, and it’s hard to believe this anime was made in 2012. The series portrays the lives of the people who lived in Nihonbashi in the Edo period. The viewers even get to see what happens in the present, and witness the lives of the people who live there in the present. It’s a work that manages to be both a story about the past

[Best Recommendations] Top 9 Anime Like Katanagatari – Katanagari is one of the most enjoyable action romance anime. This anime also has a high rating on many anime websites across the globe, including MyAnimeList, which gives it an 8.47 rating.

Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021[Best Recommendation] Top 9 Anime Like Katanagatari

[Best Recommendation] 9 Anime Like Katanagatari

Katanagari stands out from the crowd because to its clean visuals, distinctive colors, and background characters. Katanagatari has a total of 12 episodes.

However, each episode is about 50 minutes long. That is also the source of the anime’s unique thrill.

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Katanagatari follows Shichika Yasuri as she lives a solitary existence until the game is summoned! This is a sad love tale with historical undertones.

In the anime, the Shogunate is shown in a variety of ways. It’s difficult to believe the Edo Period started in the 1600s. Historical tales may teach us, astonish us, frighten us, and so much more.

While not every anime with historical themes is entirely true, this setting may be appreciated and connected to.

Steel will crash with steel, and the will will collide with the steel. When will people realize that violence is not the world’s sole language? Even in anime, war will erupt, if only for the sake of amusement.

If you like a good sword battle as much as I do, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Katanagatari may have ended, but the fight has just just started; be ready! Samurai, sword, ninja, and romance are all included in this story.

Here are nine anime that are comparable to Katanagatari that should not be missed, all of them have intriguing and engaging plots.

1. Asterisk Gakusen Toshi

1630640862_386_Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021Asterisk Gakusen Toshi

Following the Invertia tragedy, the world’s power system had to be rebuilt. There are new biological kinds of people now that the Integrated Enterprise Foundation exists.

Elite schools now engage in bouts for entertainment as a result of these super-powered people wandering the streets. One of these schools is Seidoukan Academy.

Some schools, on the other hand, play dirty and attempt to eliminate opponents before the competition begins. Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld was rescued from such an assault thanks to Ayato Amagiri. Ayato assures Julis that he would protect him after rescuing him.

Ayato, like Shichika, is a hulking bodyguard who openly expresses love for the girl he swore to protect. Togame and Julis are hardly pushovers, however, and they battle alongside their guardians.

Togame and Julis did have one thing in common: they were both daughters. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is ideal if you want additional guardians like Katanagatari.

2. Shura no Toki: Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden

1630640863_415_Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021Shura no Toki: Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden

Mutsu Enmei-Ryu, an unarmed technique that enables practitioners to beat a multitude of armed opponents with exceptional speed and strength, is said to be invincible.

This is the tale of three generations of Mutsu people and their meetings and fights with the most powerful warriors of their day.

One of the greatest martial arts animes with a compelling storyline. Both shows feature male commanders who beat different swordsmen without using swords, which is a very uncommon occurrence.

Although Katanagatari has more humorous aspects and a more colorful visual style, they both have the same pace and journey.

3. Hanamaru Touken Ranbu

1630640864_712_Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021Hanamaru Touken Ranbu

History is essential to preserve since people have a proclivity towards forgetting the past.

Maybe it’s because wicked forces wreak havoc on history! Fortunately, we have Saniwa, which has turned the ancient Japanese sword into people who are now fighting to preserve the past.

These swordsmen typically wander about their houses until they are confronted with actual dangers, at which point they engage in different comedic scenarios. The tale was set in 2205, but the swords used to preserve the past were mainly from feudal Japan. Never be frightened, since you’ll be defended by amusing warriors!

In Katanagatari, Shichika is the sword, and there are even more swords alive in Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru. The combat style in each of these anime is the same.

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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru includes a few slices of life genre pieces if not much occurs. When Katanagatari isn’t fighting, they have a few slices of life bits.

Even if slice of life isn’t exactly one of their genres, it’s important for the authors to spend time developing the characters.

Both of these anime include a surprising amount of light comedy. If you like Katanagatari, you will enjoy this anime as well.

Hakuouki ()


Hakuouki follows a group known as the Shinsengumi in the program (and in real life).

The Shinsengumi rescued Chizuru Yukimura after the bastard samurai nearly murdered him. He and his rescuer seem to have the same goal: to locate his father, who studies western medicine.

They allowed Chizuru remain with them for his own protection, as long as he dressed like a male. Later, it was discovered that chemicals were being disseminated, and Chizuru’s father was somehow implicated.

There must have been a lot of tales during the Edo Period! In the Edo Period, I believe history and swordplay are favored.

Togame employs Shichika as a bodyguard, while Chizuru is protected by the Shinsengumi. In Japanese feudalism, both female characters had powerful guardians.

This must have been a running topic among guards at the time. Although there isn’t much in the way of romance, I believe the other parallels are enough of a cause to see it!

5. Koushinryou to Ookami

1630640866_282_Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021Koushinryou to Ookami

Lawrence is a trader who traverses the globe in search of adventure and commerce. When he arrived in the hamlet, he discovered a girl sleeping beneath the straw on his wagon.

He is a wolf with wolf ears and a tail. The Wolf Girl claimed to be “God,” but her real name was Holo.

Lawrence taunts the girl, but after hearing his tale, he chooses to go north with him.

On the trip, they both had various adventures & often got into trouble but slowly the bonds between them grew stronger

Both series are about a romance between two opposite-sex heroes who meet by accident and team up to go on an epic adventure in a beautiful fantasy environment.

Whereas Katanagatari includes some politics and conflicts, while Spice and Wolf deals with commerce and negotiating, both rely significantly on character conversation and interaction along the route, which has many parallels.

For example, the two ladies are clever little creatures that not only torment their spouses by guessing but also know how to influence others around them.

If you like mature love relationships developing over the course of their trip through a fascinating universe with hilarious, clever, and pure language, and a full character in one of these programs, you’ll probably like the others as well.

6. Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)

1630640867_650_Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021Juliet and Romeo

Except for Capulet’s daughter, Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet, the Montague family controls and murders every member of the Capulet family on the floating continent of Neo Verona.

Juliet and the surviving Capulet followers lived concealed from the Montague family’s right hand 14 years later.

Juliet is disguised as Odin and the hero of city justice, “Red Whirlwind,” and has long forgotten the death of her family and her identity. Romeo Candorebanto Montague, a cruel Montague dictator, is the object of his unexpected escape in his everyday journey.

Destiny was sealed when these two people quickly became “star-struck lovers” who ruthlessly toyed with destiny in the middle of a battle. The play is loosely based on William Shakespeare’s drama.

In terms of location and historical background, Romeo X Juliet is perhaps the most unique title on the list.

Katanagatari was no stranger when he arrived to the sad love tale. At the conclusion of Katanagatari, Togame dies. It goes without saying that Romeo and Juliet both perished in the end.

However, as many have pointed out, it is the trip, not the destination, that makes the tale. We have to admit, this is the most inventive Shakespeare interpretation we have ever seen. See Romeo X Juliet if you enjoy Katanagatari and sad love tales with hefty swords.

Champloo, the Samurai

1630640868_381_Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021Champloo, the Samurai

Hip hop seems to be extremely popular in this other version of the Japanese Edo Period! Everything went out of control when Mugen promised to defend Fuu Kasumi at the restaurant where he worked.

Jin walks close to the restaurant, and Mugen misinterprets him as a henchman, so the two fight. Jin and Mugen have been apprehended and will be decapitated for interfering with business.

With the assistance of Fuu, Jin and Mugen battle and flee. Both of them are now guards, on the lookout for samurai that smell like sunflowers, thanks to Fuu.

The shogunate arose once again, and they were not fond of sunflower samurai. The Edo Period is shown in both Samurai Champloo and Katanagatari.

So, if you like sword combat and battling, Samurai Champloo is a blend of ancient and modern techniques that you will enjoy watching.

Mugen, like Shichika, has a thing for the lady he guards. They’re both ready to give up everything for the sake of their loved ones (although Mugen rarely shows it emotionally).

This anime is extremely interesting to watch if you are seeking for excellent amusement like Katanagatari!

Bakemonogatari (number 8)


Both of these anime contain a lot of storylines and are entertaining to watch at work. The way the tale is presented, though, is the finest part.

Both of these anime series have a similar degree of humor and are fantastic anime programs. Furthermore, the two anime are authored by the same person.

9. Kouga Ninpou Chou (Basilisk)

1630640870_385_Top-9-Anime-Like-Katanagatari-Best-Recommendations-2021Kouga Ninpou Chou (Basilisk)

The future shogun will be decided by a fight between Kouga and Iga. Each clan’s chief must choose ten warriors to battle for them. This is when the battle comes to an end after a village is assaulted.

Gennosuke Kouga is a decent guy who attempts to marry Oboro Iga. Unfortunately, their family has turned against them. Although Oboro is not a fighter, he may utilize his sight to weaken the opponent.

Both clans will set traps, play dirty, and go to any length to win. When their planet is at war, can Oboro and Kouga be able to find peace?

People may bemoan the fact that they live in a divided era, but bear in mind that there are terrible periods. Shichika and Gennosuke were both feudal Japan residents.

The Edo era was a bloodbath. Both Shichika and Gennosuke fought valiantly in Japan, and they shared a passion for love.

Togame claimed to be a member of the shogunate, while Oboro said that the government compelled him to battle. Characters that battle have some commonalities as well.

At the Basilisk, Jyubei Jimushi conceals a knife in his stomach. In Katanagatari, Maniwa Koumori similarly concealed the blade in his stomach.

We believe it’s unpleasant to hide blades in the stomach, so don’t attempt it at home! Basilisk is a game similar to Katanagatari. Basilisk, in fact, is a bit bloodier.

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So there you have it, friends. That concludes the list of Anime that are similar to Katanagatari. You may leave a comment below this page if you have any additional questions or concerns about this topic.

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When it comes to anime, quality is more important than quantity. If you want to be a good anime fan, you need to know what the best anime are, and that’s where this list comes in. You may have heard of the Katanagatari series, but did you know it’s a cult classic, a masterpiece, a masterpiece of a masterpiece? Here’s a quick rundown of the top 9 anime like the Katanagatari series.. Read more about katanagatari age rating and let us know what you think.

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