Formerly known as Morphious tv, Morph tv is making a strong comeback in all its glory. Now that the application is available in apk format and has already been downloaded over 100,000 times, this site will certainly continue.  Among the most important features of a Morph TV are its picture quality and large library. Morph tv offers its viewers torrent links for each movie, so you can click on the movie and download it later if you don’t have an internet connection.

We have listed some alternatives for you here, because keeping options open is never a bad idea. All applications and websites on this list are well designed and full of original features, and meet Morph tv’s standards.

If you want to know more about Morph tv, we have a special article on the subject. Check it.

Tubi TV is one of the best applications for free movies and TV shows. This alternative to Morph tv is highly compatible with all major devices and is 100% free and legal. Tubi TV is owned by entertainment conglomerate Fox, so it’s copyright-free. With a large collection of classic movies and TV shows and 4k quality, Tubi TV is one of the best sites like Morph TV.

Devices supported for Tubi TVvideo

Tubi tv is available on all major platforms including Android, Apple iOS and Mac, Fire tv stick, Roku, Samsung smart TV, Xbox and 25 other platforms. This wide availability is one of the reasons that makes this application like Morph tv a better alternative than many other sites in this field.

Tubi TVFeatures

Tubi tv is a feature-rich alternative to Morph tv as it offers its users a large collection of movies and TV shows in 4k video quality for free on many streaming devices. This site, like Morph TV, is completely legal and safe. A good user interface with multiple screens, this application is a godsend in my opinion.

Tubi TV research

Tubi TV is a website that offers a free and legal streaming experience. They generate revenue by placing ads in their videos, so aside from that, there’s nothing that can take them out of the race to be a better alternative to Morph TV.

Youtube Original

Youtube Originals, or as Youtube Red was called, is a series of new original series produced by Youtube itself. Since this is a well-known platform, the content you are distributing is completely safe and legal. Starting in 2019, some YouTube shows will be free to all users, while other shows will still be reserved for those with premium YouTube subscriptions.

Devices supported for YouTube originals

Youtube Originals is available on all devices you have access to Youtube with, which is much better than many sites like Morph tv.

Youtube Original Features

All the most popular and most used features you can get on Youtube, you can get for Youtube Originals. With this alternative to Morph tv, users can download and stream in HD quality. Youtube premium subscription, users can watch all original Youtube shows without advertising.

Review on Youtube Original

YouTube originals are unique. If you love YouTube, you will definitely appreciate this application. It’s a much better alternative to morphing TV.


Thop TV is, in my humble opinion, the best application for free live streaming and movie watching. This is another application like morph TV, which is very famous because it was once available on the google game shop with a high audience rating. This alternative to Morph tv is now available in APK format that you can easily download to any of your devices.

Thop TV has a very user-friendly interface that is divided into four categories, such as live TV, movies, TV shows and home page. Downloading and installing the apk TV is done in several steps. I gave all steps to download and install thop tv on apple, firetv, roku and many other devices.

Devices supported for Thop TV

Thop tv is supported by all major platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, Browser etc.

Features of Thop TV

TV Thop, like Morph TV, is a very well-known application. This alternative to morphing television is a well-designed application that contains over 300,000 popular movies and TV shows. Shows from all major OTT subscription platforms are also available for free.

Like Morph TV, this application allows you to choose between HD and SD quality for video playback, depending on your internet connection. With Thop TV, users have access to the latest shows and movies as soon as they are released.

Review of Top TV

With regular OTA updates that can be downloaded directly on the device itself, fixing bugs or issues you had with the previous generation of the application.

Unlike Morph TV, Thop TV alerts you when a page is inactive and when it is saved and ready to use. All these features make this application the best alternative to Morph tv. If you don’t like TV at home and are looking for alternatives, read this article.

Cyberflux TV

Cyberflix is a free alternative to Morph tv and is very well known among all sites like Morph tv, Vudu, etc. There are over 1000 international titles to choose from. Cyberflix offers 4k to its users without a subscription model. Cyberflix is a very well-known and respected site.

To download and install the Cyberflix application on devices.

Devices supported by Netflix TV

This streaming platform is available for all major players like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Amazon Fire Stick, which is very rare for other applications like Morph tv.

Cyberflix TVFeatures

Cyberflix is not only a free and safe site, but also offers a user-friendly interface and the ability to download TV shows and 4k movies for future entertainment. This alternative to morphing TV is also compatible with the vast majority of devices.

Review of Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix is a very simple application with no strings attached. Free 4k viewing and a huge library alone make this a great alternative to Morph tv. The download feature is one of the extra advantages over other sites like Morph tv.

Tee TV

If you are looking for sites like Morph tv, Tea tv is a good alternative. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to search and browse all your favorites for free. The Tee-TV has the ability to switch from SD quality to HD quality.

Supported equipment for televisions

Tea TV is easily available on all major smartphones and computer devices like Android and iOS, Windows and Mac os, which is a plus for all sites like Morph tv.

Tea TVFeatures

One of the main features of this morphing TV alternative is that you can choose the video quality from SD to HD, depending on your preferences and internet speed. Tubi TV is an application with a backup library.

Tea review on TV

Tubi TV is a very good application, but it often encounters problems such as copyright infringement and piracy laws. Legal drawbacks aside, this application like Morph tv is a great way to enjoy a live TV streaming experience.

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Mobdro is another good alternative to Morph TV. This application works with many operating systems and allows users to watch and download thousands of popular movies and TV shows for free. Every update of this application brings new changes, which are always welcome. Good site with a clean interface, unlike other morphing TV alternatives.

The process of downloading this application in apk format is not that simple, so to understand the step-by-step procedure to download this TV morph alternative, see our detailed article on Mobdro.

Devices supported for Mobdro

All variants of Android and iOS smartphones, Roku, Smart TV, etc. are major applications supported like Morph tv.

Features of Mobdro

The strong point of this site like Morph tv is the ability to download the title in high quality to watch it later. This application updates itself with new features with every new update. A very common feature of this site, and of all the alternatives in this list, is that it is free and offers many high-quality titles.


The Mobdro application is a very convenient way to broadcast content online, just like any other application similar to Morph tv. It’s an easy way to do it, even for the non-factory technician, a few quick steps and you’re on your way. No registration is required.

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This is a very famous application offered to you by the respected ranking site IMDb. These Morph TV alternatives are actually geeks for all the details and rating, as they give trivia and other details with the movie title and rating.

Everything you need to know about IMDB TV, with pros and cons.

Devices supported for IMDB television

All devices with a browser are devices that support this alternative to Morph tv.

IMDB TVFeatures

Like Morph tv, this application offers all American classics and sitcoms for free. Since the application is a subsidiary of IMDb, it provides ratings along with the movies you watch. A very clean and interesting user interface will make you find your way around this application very quickly.

IMDB TV Magazine

As mentioned before, this is a very well-known application, so it is safe, legal and free. This may not work in some countries, for which you can use a VPN connection or another TV morph alternative from this list. All in all, it is a very robust and easy to use application for all online streaming fans.

This Morph TV is the best alternative for all sports fans. Lola TV is a sports website that broadcasts all major football, cricket, baseball and basketball leagues. All sports events can be easily streamed in high quality with just one click. There is also a paid version for this service, but I think the free version is sufficient for most of us.

Devices supported for Laola.1 TV

This alternative to morphing TV is supported on all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Smart TV, Xbox, etc.

Features Laola.1 TV

With this sporty alternative to Morph TV, all fans around the world can watch live matches on any device. The premium version gives access to a number of exclusive games and shows with the ability to rewind the live stream and download the game to watch at any time.

Review by Laola.1 TV

This site for live sports broadcasts, unlike other sites like morph tv, is without a doubt the best thing to happen to you this football season. The free version also allows you to transfer the game in high quality with automatic detection of the speed of the Internet connection.

We’ve talked a lot about this alternative to Morph TV, many of us here at Geekymint use this app to watch the latest shows and movies absolutely free. With a parent company like Viacom, this platform is also very legal and secure. With a promising user interface and more than 170 channels, this application can entertain you for a long time.

Devices supported for Pluto TV

Devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. support the Pluto tv application which is much more compatible with other sites like Morph tv.

Features of Pluto TV

The most amazing features like 4k and HD streaming, more than 170 channels with all the famous names are USP. This application, like satellite TV, generates its revenue from advertising, so you may encounter a few, but if you ignore them, it’s a gem of an application.

Pluto TV Magazine

Since it is a legal alternative to morphing television, this application is sustainable and cannot be taken offline for piracy or copyright infringement. We have been using this application for quite some time and the user-friendly interface is never tiring and easy to navigate.

Concluding observations and conclusion

all of Morph’s alternatives are somehow better. We have done extensive research to offer as many interesting and versatile options as possible.

The sites are not ranked in any particular order, best or worst, but only here so you can make a more informed choice. You pick one and enjoy your drinking sessions without worrying about the law or high subscription fees.

Warning – The following TV morph alternatives are all well documented and selected for your amusement. We do not receive payments from the following websites and applications. These are all our own honest opinions, formed after personal use of these platforms.

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Is Morph TV still around?

Morph TV is an on-demand media application with many free movies and TV shows. It is a clone of the very popular but no longer supported Morpheus TV application. While you can still install and use Morpheus TV on various Android devices, it is no longer supported by the developers.

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