In the UK, dishwashers are available in different sizes and configurations. This ensures that they are suitable for any location where they are placed. Some of them would like to sit on the countertop or on the worktop. Others have a thinner profile and are rubber-coated in narrower areas. There are also fully integrated, semi-integrated and fully integrated systems.

This dishwasher size guide is designed to help visitors understand what to expect from these different products. That way you don’t play gambling games about which type of dishwasher to look for to install in a dormitory, small kitchen or other places.

Then let’s dive in.

Pay attention: As with all dishwasher models, check the exact dimensions and compare them with the available space. Don’t forget that the height of the unit is also an indication of the height of the door and therefore the space needed for the unit to have enough space to lower the door and take out the drawers for loading (or unloading) the items. In addition, a space of about 1 cm or more should be left on both sides, and from the top it makes sense. In addition, additional space must be provided at the rear for water pipes and other necessary connections.

Dimensions and dimensions of the dishwasher

What is the size of the tabletop dishwasher?

Office dishwasher

Tabletop dishwashers are compact models for rental, for dormitories, small kitchens and other places where space is limited. After that they don’t need as much space as a standard dishwasher. You also check the settings in 6 places.

For better sizing, the table dishwasher has the same dimensions (although larger) as a large microwave oven. It’s bigger, but you have an idea.

The table dishwasher can be almost 55 cm wide, about 44 cm high and about 50 cm deep.

How big is a tabletop dishwasher?

The 3 best table dishwashers and their sizes are recommended by us:

  1. Amazone Clarstein 6 – 55 cm (W) x 49.5 cm (D) x 43.5 cm (H)
  2. Pop CTTD6BH – 55cm (W) x 50cm (D) x 43.8cm (H)
  3. Bosch Series 4 – 55.1 cm (W) x 50 cm (D) x 45 cm (H)

Pay attention: The large Amazon 8 in light stone, which has the same width and depth but is 59 cm high, is also highly recommended.

What is the size of a stand-alone slim dishwasher?

Bosch Series 2 Slimline Dishwasher

The slim dishwasher is ideal for narrow spaces, but is still a model in itself. These models offer between 9 and 10 setting positions in their typical configuration.

When measuring, the width is usually 44.6 cm, 44.8 cm or 45 cm exactly. Some manufacturers insist on a width of 45 cm. With a height of 85 cm it seems to be the standard for various manufacturers such as Beko, Zanussi, Hotpoint, Indesit and Bosch.

As for depth, it changes more often. It starts at 59 cm, often measures 60 cm for some models and reaches a maximum of 62.5 cm for larger models.

How big is a slim, stand-alone dishwasher?

The top 3 recommended thin, stand-alone dishwashers and their dimensions:

What is the size of a stand-alone dishwasher?

Miele Original Size Dishwasher

Standalone (non-integrated) full-size dishwashing models have the same capacity as the full-size 13-place integrated models.

Although their size is slightly different. The expected width is between 59.8 and 60 cm and the height is often 85 cm. The depth of the deposit is between 59 and 62.5 cm.

What is the size of a full-size stand-alone dishwasher?

The top 3 recommends dishwashers in their original size and dimensions:

What is the size of a semi-integrated dishwasher?

Bosch Series 4 SMI50C16GB partially integrated dishwasher

Semi-integrated dishwasher models are categorized and generally offer up to 13 places. They are built to fit into the design of existing kitchen cabinets, but the knobs and display panel are always on the outside.

Their dimensions vary in width from 59.5 cm to 60 cm and in height from 81 cm to 82 cm. The depth is generally between 57 and 57.5 cm. However, there are also other business models, such as the Smeg, which have 63 cm deep dishwashers.

How big is the semi-integrated dishwasher?

Built-in dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers can be either normal or finely meshed. That is why they are available in different sizes for integrated connections. The fully integrated dishwasher fits perfectly into the design of existing kitchen cabinets. If the dishwasher door is closed, it should not be obvious that the storage space has been replaced by a dishwasher.

Pay attention: Some built-in dishwashers can be supplied as a range and not as a single value. Many models are equipped with adjustable legs to increase the height of the unit, so that it fits better in the space of the cabinet.

What is the size of the built-in slim dishwasher?

The Blomberg LDV02284 integrated dishwasher with fine crockery

Finer models can work with settings in up to 10 locations.

These models are available in widths from 44.6 cm to 44.8 cm and heights from 81.5 cm to 87 cm. Below is the minimum height of the model, but the adjustable legs of the dishwasher can be changed to increase the height to 87 cm.

The depth varies between 55 and 57 cm for most built-in slim models.

What is the size of the Slimline integrated dishwasher?

The first three recommend integrated dishwashers with slim shapes and dimensions:

What is the size of the normal size built-in dishwasher?

Built-in dishwasher in original size

Full-size built-in models can accommodate 13 seats for large families or large gatherings.

These models are between 59.5 cm and 60 cm wide and 81 cm to 82 cm high (although we also found other features such as the Siemens models shown below and at least one Rangemaster that was 87.5 cm high).

It is typical for a depth of 55 cm, but some models we found measure 57 cm and 59.5 cm.

What is the original size of the built-in dishwasher?

The TOP-3 recommends built-in dishwashers in their original size and dimensions:

  • Bosch SMV68MD01G – 60 cm (W) x 55 cm (D) x 81.5 cm (H)
  • Miele G7152 SCVI – 60 cm (W) x 55 cm (D) x 81 cm (H)
  • Siemens SX736X19ME – 59.5 cm (W) x 55 cm (D) x 86.5 cm (H)

Frequently asked questions

Does the measurement in the dishwasher include the necessary space around the dishwasher?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The dishwasher is connected to the water supply at the rear, which needs extra space. Do not touch the side cabinet or other equipment. You should also consider leaving a space of at least 1 cm on each side, as most equipment is gradually moved into position rather than being lifted, carried and lowered. It is therefore very useful to leave enough room to evacuate.

Do I need a dishwasher and a well-adjusted dishwasher?

It’s not perfect. You still need space to move them from one side to the other. If they don’t work or if they leak from behind, the devil has to take them out again to repair them, or replace the broken water hose if the dishwasher gets stuck like a sardine in a can!

How much space should I leave for my dishwasher for water pipes and cables?

Because the dishwasher has a water flow in and out, it needs a comfortable place in the back. The pipes must not be compressed or flattened due to the limited space at the rear, otherwise water will not be able to flow out or it is more likely that they will burst under pressure and water will escape. It is advisable to leave a space of at least 3 cm behind the dishwasher.

Do I need to hire a professional to install my dishwasher? Can you install it yourself?

The dishwasher needs a water supply with a fresh water inlet and a waste water outlet. These parts are not included in the dishwasher because each hose has its own characteristics. Either you need to make sure you buy and choose the right parts, or you hire a plumber who knows exactly what to do and has a competitive quote.


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