According to my research, there are rumors that Apple could release another delicious iPhone model, which they could call the iPhone 13, and it will be available in different sizes and even under different names, just like the iPhone 12 released earlier. We expect a 5.4 inch iPhone mini, a 6.1 inch iPhone, a 6.1 inch iPhone pro and a 6.7 inch iPhone pro max. That would make it an iPhone 13 mini, an iPhone 13 pro and an iPhone 13 pro max. Now you may wonder why the leaks do not refer to the name of the next iPhone with the suffix se : Since the release of iPhone X and 8 side-by-side in 2017, Apple has changed its naming policy and adopted the use of pro and pro max.

It has been said that these iPhone 13 models will be released in the fall of 2021, which is likely to be in September, as Apple attempts to restore the launch month that was earlier September, and there will be no production delay as with other Apple models.


Features of the following Apple mobile phones in 2021

The future iPhone is expected to have the same features, but with slight differences compared to the 2020 models (iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max), but with camera improvements and the introduction of Qualcomm’s 5G chip.

Apple has always wanted to create iPhones without ports or buttons, so I think the next iPhone, coming out in 2021, should have this feature and more. Apple analyst Ming-Chukuo said in 2019 that Apple will launch a high-end iPhone in 2021 that will offer a fully wireless experience since the Lightning connector has been removed. This is truly a new turning point for the Apple family.

Rumor has it that the new iPhone, which is expected to be launched in 2021, will not have a charging port, but a smart connector, which will be used for charging, data transfer and synchronization. It is also said that this new iPhone will have both tactile and facial identification.

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Public opinion on the following Apple mobile phones in 2021

Nevertheless, people are looking forward to the release of this iPhone model, but they are looking forward to the next step:

  1. iPhone 13 Mini : Personally, I think the public doesn’t have to worry about this and should be sure, because in parallel with the release of iPhone 12 this year, the iPhone 12 mini has also been released, just like other iPhone models, so we have to hope that the iPhone 13 mini will also be released. And I mentioned earlier in this article that four models of this iPhone will be launched, including the iPhone 13 mini.
  2. Updating the Camera : Each time different iPhone models come out, the camera is updated. It has been announced that the camera of the iPhone 13 will be improved and will be better than other iPhone models.
  3. Price reduction : Rumor has it that the next iPhone 13 will be lower priced, making it more affordable for iPhone fans. I have a good feeling about the release of this iPhone model.
  4. The best option for charging: There has also been a leak that the new iPhone, which will be released in 2021, will not have a charging port, but will have a smart connector that will be used for recharging and the like. So this is good news for all iPhone users waiting for the new iPhone model.

I’m sure this report has helped us learn more about the upcoming release of the iPhone 13. And it will serve as a revelation for those waiting to buy this device.

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