DLL files are a library with a lot of code and data. Their main task is to perform certain actions in Windows. They are used in various applications. Although they function as EXE files, they are not executable files. Instead, they are approached by other programs – sometimes by multiple programs at the same time.

A missing DLL file is an error that can occur for several reasons. Maybe you took it off by accident. If this is not the case, please be aware that each application tends to slightly modify the dossier. Some will even rename it – that’s when the missing DLL problem starts.

How can I correct a missing DLL error?

1. Reboot the computer’s DLLs and ignore DLL file error.

Reboot the DLL computer and ignore the error in the DLL file.

It’s the first thing you can try. This is also the recommendation of most experts. A quick restart will solve many problems and a missed DLL error can also disappear. Sometimes the cache is the problem, so you have to reboot the system.

Some DLLs may affect the ability to restart your computer. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with it forever. Perform a forced restart and the problem may disappear.

2. Program relocation

You’ll never get a forgotten DLL mistake. The problem occurs when you try to run a program or software in the background and need it – if it is a background program, the error may appear randomly.

A new installation of the software will probably solve this problem. When you reinstall a program that needs a DLL file, it comes with all the files needed for it to work properly. Whether it’s a game or design software, this quick fix will solve the problem pretty quickly.

For games you will probably save both files and settings, but this is not always the general rule.

3. Download file

In general, this solution is not recommended unless you know exactly from whom you download DLL files. It was almost possible to download a modified DLL file, or possibly a DLL file infected by a malicious script – malware or virus.

However, there are several reputable sites that allow you to download missing DLL files depending on your version of Windows. The available and unchanged files are as recent as when Windows was first installed.

The best thing about this solution is that you no longer have to spend time on reinstalling the problematic software. In addition, there is no risk of losing any saved games or settings.

4. Driver Update

Individual conductors can also cause missed DLL errors. They are less inclined to constantly update them, especially if the extra services work. For example, you get a new printer and it seems to work. You edit it, and the new alternative works just as well. But not always.

If the driver is too old, it may not be compatible with the camera. The software is currently searching for an old or outdated DLL file and cannot find it. In general, you need to update the drivers, whether the software works or not. Try this idea and it may solve your problem.

5. Updating windows

It’s a long process that can cause other problems along the way, so it’s the only idea everyone tries to avoid. Sometimes it is the only solution to this problem. Individual updates or changes to the Windows configuration can change, delete or replace DLL files.

If certain programs try to access these DLL files, you will get a known error. Update Windows and see if this solves the problem. The good news is that even if you don’t, it will improve the overall health of your operating system.

To summarize, there are several things you can try to do to fix the missing DLL error. You may be used to it after just one try, or you may have to try different things. Downloading files is usually the fastest and most efficient option, but it can also be the most risky option – sticking to an authoritative DLL file source.