What Is Clipboard In Windows 10 And How To Use It: A Complete Guide

You must use the copy and paste feature at least once, whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer. What would life be like without copy and paste? Eng. We use them almost daily and yet we take them for granted, like most things we use regularly. Most people don’t even know what the real purpose of copying and pasting data is – adding it to the clipboard. The clipboard is also available in Windows 10. What is the clipboard in Windows? How is it used? Answers to these questions can be found in this post.

The simple action of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V made the task much easier. The clipboard is cut and paste on steroids. Over time, the Windows 10 clipboard has gained new features.

Let’s see what the clipboard is in Windows 10 and how you can turn it on or off.

What is the clipboard in Windows?

Imagine this: You cut a text in Word and paste it into Google Docs 5 minutes later. Where did the text go in those five minutes? It wasn’t in Word or Google Docs. What happened to him? You can imagine it as hidden under an invisibility cloak. Well, it was saved to the clipboard. Yes, it stores text in the same way as the physical clipboard.

Think of the clipboard as a temporary, small, hidden repository for recently copied data. The data can be an image, a text, a file or a folder. That way, the copied data remains on the clipboard and you can paste it anywhere. You can insert the same data more than once. Unless it is overwritten by other data during copying. Yes, there is an end limit.

The clipboard has always been a part of Windows PC. But his options were limited. Previously, if you copied something, you could only paste or use the newly copied item. However, with the October 2018 Windows Update, Microsoft added new features to the clipboard, including saving multiple entries to the clipboard.

What’s new about the clipboard in Windows 10?

As mentioned above, when copying an entry to the clipboard, the existing entry (from the old clipboard) is deleted. The new update allows you to view clipboard history and paste old history entries.

In other words: Windows keeps a small temporary log of the copied data. If you z. For example, if you copy paragraphs from different pages, you can display them on the Windows 10 clipboard. You can then paste the desired paragraph from the clipboard, not just the paragraph you just copied. The data remains in the clipboard history until you restart your computer.

You can now attach your most frequently used items to the clipboard. These objects are not deleted even if you restart your computer. The message board history is now cloud-based, so you can sync it to Windows 10 devices when this feature is enabled. This means that if you copy something to a computer, the same will be available on the second device.

New clipboard features and limitations

The new clipboard can store up to 25 items, not including attachments. Subsequent additions will automatically erase the previous data, unless it is a mothballed item or you restart the computer.

The clipboard can be used for text, HTML and bitmap images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.). You can recall paragraphs, URLs and even screenshots from your clipboard history.

The maximum size of copied data, including images, is 4 MB per item. If the item is larger than 4 MB, it is not accessible from the clipboard history.

Viewing the clipboard history in Windows 10

You have to ask yourself: Where can I find this new clipboard in Windows 10 or download a new app? Some may have even tried to use the existing key combination Ctrl + V and could not see the copy and paste history.

First, you don’t need to download any applications. Just use the key combination Windows + V, and the clipboard panel will open. You can still use the Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut keys to cut, copy and paste the last data respectively. However, to view the history of the clipboard, you must use the Windows + V key combination. The clipboard window opens at the current location of the cursor.

Tip: If you tend to forget the key combination for the clipboard, remember to press the Windows key instead of the Ctrl key.

Enable or disable message board history

The first time you press the Windows key + V, you will be asked if you want to enable clipboard history. Click on the Activate button.

If you didn’t get this option, follow these steps to enable or disable clipboard history in Windows 10.

Step one: Open the Settings of your computer and go to System.

Step two: Click on the clipboard in the left pane. Activate the switch in the clipboard history section of the right window. To deactivate it, turn the switch off.

Using the clipboard in Windows 10

Now that you know what the clipboard is, its features, and how to access it in Windows 10, let’s see how to use it.

First, copy or cut the data as you normally would with hotkeys or by pressing the Cut or Copy buttons. Then open the clipboard history window with the Windows + V key combination. When the clipboard panel is open, you can perform the following tasks.

1. Clipboard copy

To retrieve an item from the clipboard history in the application, click a clipboard item. When a supported application is opened, the data is automatically inserted. If the application is not open, the item is available as the last clipboard item. You can press the key combination Ctrl + V to insert it anywhere.

Message: It is currently not possible to select and insert multiple items. You have to put them in one by one.

2. Pen contact Article

When you add an item, it remains in the clipboard history until you manually delete it. If you restart the computer or delete the clipboard history, the pins are not deleted.

To link an item to the clipboard, click the three-dot icon next to the item. Select Pin from the menu. To unzip, repeat the steps and click the Unzip button.

3. Delete a single item from clipboard history

You do not need to restart the computer to remove items. You can delete any item manually. To do this, click on the icon with the three dots for the item and press the Delete button.

4. Delete board history

To remove all items from the clipboard, except pinned items, click the three-dot icon next to an item. Then select the Delete All option.

You can also go to Settings > System > Clipboard. Scroll down and press the Delete button under Delete clipboard data.

Synchronizing the clipboard between multiple devices

Sharing clipboard items is one of the new clipboard features in Windows 10. However, this feature is limited to Windows 10 computers.

Synchronizing the clipboard between Windows 10 PCs

You must use the same Microsoft account on your Windows 10 devices to sync the clipboard.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > System > Clipboard. Activate the switch available under Inter-device synchronization.

Synchronizing the Windows clipboard with Android

To sync the clipboard between Windows 10 and Android computers, you need to use third-party apps. Anyway, it was the only solution while writing this post. The good news, however, is that in the future you’ll be able to sync your clipboard with Microsoft’s Your Phone app.

Corrigendum: Clipboard history cannot be displayed in Windows 10

If you can’t open the new clipboard through the settings or with a hotkey, make sure you’re using the latest version of Windows 10. The new clipboard works on Windows 10 October 2018 builds and higher.

To check the current version, go to Settings > System > About. The version number is indicated in the Windows specifications.

To update your computer, go to Settings > Update and Security. Click on Check for updates. Install the update as soon as it becomes available.

Try other clipboard managers

Microsoft has done a good job with its own clipboard manager. But if you are not satisfied with these suggestions, you can try free third-party clipboard managers for Windows 10 PC, such as Ditto, Clipboard Master, 1Clipboard, ClipX, etc. Hopefully Microsoft will add new features to the clipboard, such as. B. Search, use of filters and more.

frequently asked questions

How do you use the clipboard in Windows 10?

How to use the new clipboard…

How do I use the clipboard?

Open the Messages app on Android and tap the + icon to the left of the text box. Select the keyboard icon. When the keyboard appears, select the > icon at the top. Here you can click on the clipboard icon to open the Android clipboard.

What is a Windows tablet?

The Windows clipboard is a repository for cut or copied items. Each time you cut or copy an item, it is automatically placed on the clipboard. … There are three clipboard functions that you can perform in almost any Windows application: Cut, copy and paste.

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