Messenger Lite Messenger vs. Messenger Lite

In 2017, Facebook confused many of its users by launching the new Messenger Lite application. Their task was not to confuse their users, but to help them get in touch with their friends faster and cheaper. It’s been three years now and users are still confused. The blog post discusses the differences and deals with the subject Messenger vs. Messenger Lite (2020).



Messenger or Messenger Lite Menu Messenger or Messenger Lite Menu

The main difference is that both functions offer. First of all: If you send a sticker to someone in Messenger Lite, they don’t come to life, but they do in Messenger. The second important difference is in the stories. Like Facebook and Lite, Messenger Lite does not offer these stories. Also, if you have sites and communicate with your customers, Messenger Lite may not be the ideal choice because you won’t find any site options.

Messenger Original supports SMS, allowing Messenger to send and receive messages. This option is not available in the lighter version. Moreover, you cannot create new groups in Messenger Lite, but this does not prevent you from sending and receiving messages in your groups.

Finally, the classic chat feature is not available in Messenger Lite. These features make Messenger Lite an ideal application for users who want to send and receive messages and make voice and video calls to individuals. I called people because you can’t have group conversations with Messenger Lite.

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Messenger to Messenger Light Messenger to Messenger Light – Storage

The second big problem is the difference in storage. Messenger needs 97 MB of disk space on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, while Messenger Lite needs about 33 MB. There is a difference of 66 MB. This player can record more than 30 additional photos in Full HD or more than 20 songs. On the iPhone, Messenger needs about 90 MB disk space and Messenger Lite about 76 MB, which is not as small as on Android, but still has some value.

So what could be the reason for this contraction? The reason for this reduced memory is of course the smaller number of functions, fonts and pixels in the image. All photos on Messenger Lite are compressed and resized per pixel, reducing the amount of data for round trips. This, including data, allows you to save the size of the installation, the data and the cache.


The market is part of Facebook, which is the case in Messenger vs. Messenger Lite? Well, the deal’s part of Messenger, just like Facebook. In the Messenger application you will find a separate option to manage all market messages, but Messenger Lite does not offer it. All calls are sorted by date and time.

In addition, you cannot view product information, sellers’ or buyers’ offers or report the product to Messenger Lite. These options, available on Messenger Original, make it easy to buy and sell.


Message and Messenger DesignMessage and Messenger DesignMessage and Messenger DesignMessage and Messenger DesignMessage and Messenger DesignMessage and Messenger DesignMessage

The original Messenger application has two speakers with conversations and people on the ground floor. The option of your profile in the upper part offers all settings. You also have a camera at the top, a new band, a new room and active people. The Messenger application can be quite confusing due to the large number of navigation options.

Messenger Lite has the advantage of being super easy to navigate. Messenger Light is based on three pillars: Chat, friends and settings. In the account settings various options are offered to you, including active status, notifications, changes to the account manager’s storage space, and so on. The username is limited to the messenger.

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Are you still not sure? Check out this Messenger vs. Messenger Lite video to understand the difference and see both in action.

Which ones to use?

Messenger Lite is designed for slow internet connections, but many major websites have found many advantages and have recommended the use of Messenger Lite regardless of the connection or phone. But if you want to get the right answer to this question, here is the list of Messenger Lite users. Use Messenger Lite if the following is correct.

  • You don’t have enough memory.
  • You are using an older version of Android such as KitKat or Lollipop.
  • Your phone or SIM card does not support 3G or 4G
  • They have a limited data plan.

If none of these functions are correct, you must continue to use the original Messenger application. Download your selection below.

Android Messenger Lite Android Messenger

Messenger Lite iOS Messenger iOS


Blog article : Messenger vs. Messenger Light covered the difference between the two. I hope the information was useful. Send me your comments and subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed of the latest developments.