Why doesn’t Facebook Lite open? Here’s the solution – Are you just looking for a solution so Facebook lite can’t open? Check the Internet connection you are using the first time or that you are not connected to the Internet at all.

Why can’t Facebook Lite open here? Here’s the solution.

There are some bugs that prevent Facebook Lite? from being opened? So how do you get over the fact that the lighter version of facebook won’t open? Let’s talk here and find a solution.

Correct impossibility to open Facebook Lite or Facebook Lite does not work 2021

1. Are you connected to the Internet?

Are you connected to the internet?

  • Assuming that you have the correct email address and password to login (and that you are connected to the Internet), there are a few things that could cause your problem:
  • Are you receiving an error message? If this is the case, go to the Facebook Help page for clarification and troubleshooting.
  • Make sure you don’t have any extensions or antivirus programs that block Facebook.

2. Have you tried deleting the application cache?

Have you tried clearing the application cache?

Go to Settings> Apps> Facebook> Empty Cache. If this doesn’t work, you can try to delete the data and uninstall facebook lite on Android and then reinstall the same application.

3. Did you log in with your phone number?

Are you logged in with your phone number?

  • Make sure you also enter the country code when you register.
  • If the application asks you to update your email address, it’s probably because your mail server marks your Facebook email as spam.
  • If you just registered on Facebook, you may need to verify your account first using the email you registered on Facebook. If you recently changed your password, make sure that you try to log in with the new password and not with the old one.
  • If you login with a browser, make sure cookies are enabled and facebook.com is added to the list of secure sites.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Android application on Facebook.

Method 2:

1. Facebook Lite Application Update

Facebook Lite Application Update

If your friends have tried it and it still doesn’t work, you should probably update your system by going to the Play Store, then select the Facebook application and update or refresh the application.

2. Remove the application and then reinstall it.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the application

If you have updated the application but are unable to open it, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook site application from the Play Store.

More information can be found here: How do you use hashtags to optimize social media?

Since this kind of thing can happen during a system update, it will not be possible to overwrite the system 100%. So it’s better to update the system by uninstalling and reinstalling the application from the Play Store, hoping that this will help you deal with such a disaster.

3. All connected devices discharge

All connected devices are discharged

This method is indeed a bit strange, but it would be a good idea to try it first, i.e. to charge or erase all devices connected to the smartphone.

How do I first switch off my phone, then remove all batteries, SIM cards and the external memory and leave it for 10 minutes? If it’s been 10 minutes, try turning the phone back on, hoping this will help.

If your smartphone is equipped with a battery, turn off the phone, remove the SIM card and external memory, and run the device for 10 minutes.

Method 3:

1. Check Facebook account

The first reason Facebook Lite doesn’t open is that we first need to check our Facebook account. For example, because we upload statuses, photos or videos that violate Facebook policies, our account is temporarily disabled and must be verified with a friend’s photo ID or date of birth and security issues.

Why is that? Because Facebook Lite cannot check if our account is deactivated. To overcome this, we need to open Facebook via a browser, on the mobile phone and on the PC. Check first and try logging in to Facebook Lite again.

2. Empty the cache

Too much cache can also prevent opening the lighter version of Facebook. The cache file contains data such as. For example, photos you’ve seen, friends you’ve read or videos you’ve listened to. We have to empty the cache regularly:

  • Entering parameters
  • SelectInstalled applications
  • Look for theFacebook Liteapplication.
  • PressEmpty cache
  • Done

Now try to open the Facebook site application again. Any luck? If not, continue with the third alternative.

3. Forced shutdown and erasure of data

If you can’t open the Facebook lite after emptying the cache, try to force a lockdown and remove it first. Don’t forget that emptying the cache and deleting data are two different steps. If you delete data, all data stored in FB lite, including registered accounts, will be deleted. To delete the data and stop it by force:

  • Entering parameters
  • SelectInstalled applications
  • Look for theFacebook Liteapplication.
  • PressureForce shut-off
  • PressDelete data
  • Done

Try opening Facebook Lite again. Can this work? If this works, you need to log in and log in again. If this doesn’t work, follow this fourth step.

4. Application update

If this still doesn’t work, we can try updating the Facebook-lite application via the Google Play Store. This step is very easy to do, just follow the path below:

  • Sign in to the Google Play store
  • Search the search field forFacebook Lite.
  • PressRefresh

Wait until the download is complete. If so, try to reopen the application and good luck. But if that fails, there are other ways.

5. Remove the removed device connected to HP.

This may sound strange, but maybe a device connected to our mobile phone is the reason why the FB lite apk does not open. Moreover, other applications cannot be opened. It’s kind of confusing, but you can try now.

Unplug all devices connected to the mobile phone, such as. B. Data cables, microphones, headphones, USB OTG, etc. Good luck, and if it still doesn’t work, look at the last piece.

6. Re-profile the Android system

This is the last way to solve the problem with the Fb lite that cannot be opened, i.e. by performing a flash reset or factory reset or by erasing all existing data on Android phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Huawei, Advan, etc.

The other phones are regularly updated. The success of this method is guaranteed because it deletes all data on the Android mobile phone, not just the data stored on Facebook Lite.


So, my friends, here’s why can’t Facebook lite open? How to solve common problems with Facebook lite, I hope this article can help you. You can also share your experiences and opinions in the Responses section below.

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