Today, using renewable energy means not only saving energy, but also supporting consumer demand and overcoming economic difficulties. In a recent Fulterra survey of consumers in the US and the UK, 96% of respondents believed that actions such as ethical buying can make a big difference to the planet. In addition, a study by IBM and the National Retail Federation shows that almost 70% of people in the United States and Canada believe it is important that the brands they support are sustainable or environmentally friendly. If your company is ready for the transition to renewable energy, which companies will set the standard and how can a major transition benefit you, your employees, your customers or your consumers?

Companies that play a pioneering role

Intel, Apple, and Walmart are just three companies that place high demands on the use of renewable energy. Intel is the largest consumer of renewable energy in the U.S., which has relied 100% on renewable energy in its operations in recent years. At the same time, Apple has developed a comprehensive plan to combat climate change and recently committed to using 100% renewable energy. Walmart also has ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with a target of 50% renewable energy by 2025.

Benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises

SMEs wishing to switch to renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, may be concerned about the commercial cost of solar panels once installed. Although the total cost will depend on the size and type of system installed, companies should consider numerous government programmes and incentives that can reduce the cost of commercial signage. Between the tax breaks, the premium write-off and the energy savings of the year, a $80,000 commercial solar system pays for itself in just over six years and generates a 14% return for the household.

Improve your brand reputation

Relying on renewable energy can improve your brand reputation in many ways: A study by the New York Reputation Institute shows that consumers select about 60% of the products they buy based on their level of knowledge and reputation. A good reputation also increases the recommendation rate by 6.5%, brings 5% more turnover and doubles the quality of the work compared to the general market. Confidence in renewable energy can help your company to become a socially engaged company.

Renewable energy sources such as hydropower, solar energy and geothermal energy are indeed more labour-intensive than traditional fuels. As more and more companies opt for renewable energy, the number of jobs available in this sector will increase accordingly. Renewable energy sources, which are more stable and widespread than conventional energy sources, can also increase customer loyalty by reducing the number of service interruptions.

If you are a small or medium-sized company, research grants and other forms of support that can help you make the transition to renewable energy are important. Sustainability is an important value for modern customers, so greening can increase customer loyalty for many reasons. One of these is the positive impact on the environment. Other reasons are higher referral and sales figures and more jobs for members of the community.