We use our iPhones every day for a variety of tasks. One of those tasks is finding our way to places we want to visit or directing traffic on our way to work. Maps,

Over time, maps and navigation have evolved in an unconventional way! People have a difficult journey behind them, they plan an itinerary, get lost and eventually find their own way. Thankfully, the days of compasses and astronomical clocks are over! The hum of a smartphone makes tracking easier than ever. Now all we have to do is type in an address on our phone and a pop-up window shows us the step-by-step route from our destination to our destination. If you ask me, it’s amazing in so many ways. At this point, the magic has been rubbed and polished to make our lives more enjoyable.

However, there are a large number of similar applications on the market that at first glance look very similar. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you and selected the top 10 GPS and navigation apps for iPhone that you should have on your device by 2020, so you’ll never get lost again!

Top 10 GPS and navigation applications for the iPhone

  • Triposo
  • MapQuest
  • Apple Maps
  • Here we are.
  • Sygic GPS
  • GPS explorer navigation
  • CityMaps2Go
  • Waze
  • Google Maps

1. triposo


The Triposo application is not a full GPS and navigation application, but a travel application. The application does not have a full world map. Instead, there are maps of several major destinations around the world. Users can download maps of these cities for offline use or use them directly on the mobile network. These maps contain too many attractions in the selected city and allow the user to get directions to the desired attractions.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the application is the ability to create tours of the city on foot. City walks are short walks that users can take to visit some of the main attractions in the city. Users can choose whether the cities should be short or long. The Triposo application, which focuses on travel, also allows users to book hotels, tours and activities directly from the application.

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2. mapQuest


The MapQuest application offers turn-by-turn voice navigation, real-time traffic updates and automatic rerouting based on previous traffic situations, so users can avoid as much congestion as possible and make the trip as enjoyable as possible.

The application allows users to share their estimated arrival time with friends and family, giving them a clear idea of what time they need to arrive. In addition, the application allows users to search for nearby attractions and compare the costs of different transportation services such as Uber, Car2Go, etc.

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3. apple cards


The Apple Maps application is the standard mapping application installed on the iPhone. The application has a simple interface that allows users to select a destination and then get directions and navigation. The advantage of using Apple Maps is that it integrates seamlessly with Siri and is displayed on the lock screen, allowing users to navigate quickly even when the phone is locked while driving.

If you use a car with Apple CarPlay, using Apple Maps is even better. As soon as you park and leave your car, your phone automatically marks the location on the map so you don’t forget where you parked. This can be very useful in new towns and cities.

FreeIntegrated into iPhone

4. Here we go.


Here WeGo is the name of Nokia’s mapping application, previously called Here Maps. The application has multiple navigation and transportation options and allows users to store offline maps so they can access them without a data connection. The application’s offline feature also includes street information, so users can even navigate intersections offline.

When users plan a trip by public transport or cab, they can use the application to check the price of a ticket or cab to find their destination. In addition, the application integrates with popular services such as TripAdvisor, BlaBla Car and Expedia.

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5. Sylogic GPS


Sygic GPS is another great GPS application for iPhone with voice navigation and real-time traffic updates, so users are always aware of exact road conditions. The application features a radar warning system and dynamic lane control for safe lane changes.

Sygic GPS has voice-activated navigation, so users can concentrate on driving without having to look at the navigation screen every few seconds. When they reach their destination, the application provides recommendations on parking, accessibility and prices.

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6. GPS navigation for scouts.


The GPS Scout navigation application has real-time traffic and speed updates, so users always know when they will arrive at their destination. Before navigating, users can click on all available routes to know the direction of each turn of the selected route.

The application also allows users to share their ETA with one or more contacts and has a list of frequently contacted people, so users can easily share their ETA when traveling. GPS Scout Navigation also allows users to download maps for offline use, so they can open the map and get directions even when they are offline.

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7. cityMaps2Go


CityMaps2Go is an application with detailed maps that customers can turn off at any time, so it can be used even when information is not available. Maps can be placed simultaneously in urban areas, states or even entire countries. In the guide, clients can save and add locations to their folders and easily archive the saved locations as they wish. For example, they can reserve certain locations for visits under “To See,” certain restaurants under “To Eat,” and so on. Basically, the application should allow clients to plan fewer visits to different parts of the city.

Users can use applications like Apple Maps and Google Maps to request directions to locations stored in the application, and can also order an Uber directly from the application itself.

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8. waze


Waze is an application from Waze Inc, which was acquired by Google in 2013. The application is a crowd-powered, community-based road navigation application that depends on users for traffic data. It allows users to report traffic accidents, hazards, road closures, etc. to help other drivers using the application.

The application has advanced voice navigation and includes ETA sharing, which allows users to share their ETA with the people they meet. You can use some of these methods to make better use of Waze.

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Nine. Maps.


Maps.ME is a free application that offers giant maps of 345 countries and islands. Wherever you are going, you can find a map of that place on Maps.ME. Designed for tourists and travelers, the application includes detailed maps with restaurants, tourist destinations, gas stations and much more.

For mountain resorts, the application includes slopes and ski areas. Maps.ME also allows customers to download maps for occasional use and hiking routes without using the information network. If you are traveling to another city and need to visit many sights, this application may be ideal for you.

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10. google maps


Google Maps is the world’s most widely used and reliable GPS and route application. The application was created by Google and found nothing, with accurate traffic data, multiple modes of transportation for routes and directions, and the ability to automatically detour based on sports conditions or turning points and exits.

The application also has a street view and interior images, so users can virtually visit a place before deciding to actually go there. Most importantly, this feature allows users to save maps for offline use, so they can get directions and browse maps offline, even without a data connection. This can come in handy when visiting a new city or traveling abroad.

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Here are the top 10 GPS tracking apps for iPhone that can effectively use your smartphone’s location-based services to make your life easier. If we missed your favorite app, leave a comment below.

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Waze is the world’s largest public transportation and shipping app. Join other drivers in your area and share real-time traffic information to save time and money on their daily commute. Waze is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 10 or higher.

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