Pornhub Premium is Now Free Worldwide during COVID-19 Pandemic

Critics have denounced the attempt by one of the world’s largest porn sites to exploit the coronavirus crisis and remove videos from its platform with complaints from victims of sex trafficking.

The online petition to close the site – more than 42 billion hits in 2019 – now has more than 500,000 signatures.

On the platform, anyone with an account can publish content. The content is then reviewed by moderators and automation methods. Women’s rights experts called on governments to tighten regulations to combat online abuse and accused Pornhub of not taking immediate action to remove content after it is reported.

“That’s why it’s important for governments to enact strong laws that impose responsibility for the maintenance of technology platforms,” said Tsitsi Matekaher.

Pornhub, a platform for streaming pornographic content, has been criticized for allegedly failing to remove images and videos of child pornography and sexual abuse from the site, which it denies.

The IWF, which is responsible for identifying and removing online images of child sexual abuse, reported that between 2017 and 2019, 118 cases of child sexual abuse were discovered on Pornhub, but this number was small and Pornhub quickly removed the content. IWF spokesperson Emma Hardy said, “You and I use websites like social media or other communication tools every day, and those present child sexual abuse material that is more serious than Pornhub.”

Major cities around the world blocked each other this week to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Pornhub said it would show users its best products for free for 30 days, and its global traffic rose 11.6% after the pandemic.

PornHub Premium is now free for everyone.


A Pornhub spokesperson said, “Pornhub will offer Pornhub Premium to the world to emphasize the importance of staying home and socially excluded during this pandemic.”

Data from the site shows that before a free trial was offered in Europe this week, the service saw its traffic increase by 57% in Italy, the European country most affected by the coronavirus, by 38% in France and by 61% in Spain.

However, as the number of clicks increases, new complaints are being filed against video sharing platforms, and it is questionable whether all content shared online is voluntary.

A Pornhub spokesperson said, “The measures we have taken have put us under more scrutiny than any other major user platform. Any claim that we have not taken this allegation seriously is completely false.” He added that Pornhub has denied any evidence that claims of sexual transactions on the site are completely false.

Pornhub also donates 85% of video sales to artists forced to stop working due to the pandemic.

Previously, the site offered free quality services to people in Italy (who are currently the most affected by COVID-19), but now it is expanding the service to anyone who practices a noble profession.

Stay home and help flatten the curve! As COVID-19 continues to affect us all, Pornhub has decided to extend Pornhub Premium worldwide for free until April 23. So take advantage of it, stay home and be safe 🔥 #StayHomehub

– Pornhub ARIA (@Pornhub) March 24, 2020

Viewers who would like premium content still need to register to create an account and check the Isolation and #FlattenTheCurve options.

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