There has been a lot of discussion lately about what is faster when creating a website: Gutenberg blocks or page builder? When I searched for answers, I couldn’t find anything, so I made my test and shared the information.

Are Gutenberg blocks faster than page builders? Yes, but only in small amounts and only if you are not using a caching program. The Gutenberg blocks increase the speed slightly compared to the Gutenberg base. Caching can be used to align results, but page builders also have more options than Gutenberg blocks.

If you want to see how Gutenberg blocks relate to each page generator, I’ll show you how to improve the performance of the page generators. We also discuss some of the drawbacks of Gutenberg blocks and what you give up if you don’t use the page builders.

To test Gutenberg blocks and page creation speed

The easiest way to verify this was to use shared hosting (aka slowest hosting) with one of the fastest themes on the market, Cadence. The Cadence theme, like many modern themes, is implemented using only standard Gutenberg blocks.

I used Google and Gtmetrix to record the speed test results. Since the two test rates differ, it is important to take the results with a grain of salt. You cannot compare them, but you can use them in connection with the exam.

We did each test three times, as recommended by other videos I’ve recorded in the past. The three results can be used to obtain basic averages, but it was easier to display the results themselves….

We also tested it with a header, an (optimized) image and a button. I did this specifically to keep the tests fairly even, so I don’t have a lot of variables on the page itself.

Gutenberg block rejection test and page loading speed

I’m not a speed pro, so even though I tried to stay as scientific as possible, it’s pretty hard to control all the variables. Nevertheless, I think it’s a pretty good test that was fair, and I didn’t choose one block or page builder over another.

Also some small notes: Oxygen disables the default theme, which I’ll talk about later. It didn’t have a huge impact on the test, but it made me analyze some results much more than I did at first.

I also couldn’t include all the blocks and page creators because not all of them are mine. I can’t include them all, but if other builders or blocks come forward, I’ll be happy to include them later and update the results. It was the best I could do with what I had.

Gutenberg blocks and Page Builder speed results

alt=PageSpeed Insights Test width=1024 height=499 data-ezsrc= />

The first three lines are information about Google page speed, and the fourth through sixth lines are Gtmetrix results, which I’ve summarized in a handy table. Therefore, I added slashes to the data fields to indicate the meaning of each line, depending on the test used.

Name developer/block Council/evaluation Desktop/LCP load time Moving score/ranking Charging / locking of mobile phones
Cadence base 98 0.8s 97 2.1s
99 0.7s 97 2s
99 0.6s 97 2s
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 460 ms 100% 0ms
100% 0.5s 100% 0ms
Oxygen builder 98 0.8s 86 2.8s
98 0.8s 86 2.8s
98 0.8s 86 2.8s
99% 0.7s 100% 0ms
100% 484 ms 100% 0ms
100% 0.5s 100% 0ms
Breezy Pro 88 1.2s 56 3.5s
89 1.1s 53 5.4s
76 1.7s 53 5.4s
98% 1.0s 97% 0ms
99% 0.8s 99% 52 ms.
99% 0.8s 98% 19ms
Chief Architect 90 1.2s 65 4.3s
90 1.2s 66 4.2s
89 1.4s 53 4.7s
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.7s 100% 0ms
Elementor 87 1.3s 65 3.6s
84 1.5s 59 4.9s
83 1.5s 65 3.1s
99% 0.8s 100% 0ms
99% 0.8s 99% 0ms
100% 0.7s 100% 0ms
Biberbauer 97 0.9s 92 2.7s
97 0.9s 85 2.7s
98 0.9s 84 2.7s
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
LiveCanvas 99 0.6s 93 1.9s
99 0.6s 92 1.9s
99 0.6s 92 1.9s
100% 412 ms 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
Divi 90 1.2s 63 4.3s
88 1.2s 61 4.3s
88 1.2s 59 4.4s
97% 1.0s 99% 6 ms.
98% 1.0s 98% 8 ms.
98% 1.0s 99% 2 ms
Tariff blocks 97 0.9s 91 2.8s
97 0.9s 85 2.5s
97 0.9s 86 2.5s
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.5s 100% 0ms
GetWid 92 1.1s 75 3.4s
93 1.1s 75 3.4s
93 1.1s 76 3.5s
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
Qubely 97 0.8s 83 2.8s
97 0.8s 83 2.8s
97 0.8s 83 2.8s
100% 0.6 95% 0ms
100% 479 ms 95% 0ms
100% 494 ms 95% 0ms
Stackable 98 0.7s 89 2.2s
98 0.7s 89 2.2s
98 0.7s 89 2.2s
100% 0.7s 100% 0ms
100% 0.6s 100% 0ms
100% 0.7s 100% 0ms

Gutenberg blocks base

alt=width=1024 height=515 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />

We built the foundation of the Gutenberg block on the theme of cadence. Although this ranking is influenced by a whole range of factors and varies from subject to subject, it is on this basis that it has been prepared. They’ve now incorporated it into WordPress, so no matter what you use, it will include Gutenberg.

I don’t think it will affect the speed at which pages load, because if you don’t use it, it won’t affect you at all. From what I’ve seen, the base of the Gutenberg block is thin, but it’s not the most complete set of blocks, and you’ll find things missing compared to the page builders.

However, you can still create very simple and decent websites or blogs using only Gutenberg blocks. I like to use them for blog posts, it’s good for decorum.

Gutenberg blocks versus Oxygen Builder

alt=width oxygen page=1024 height=521 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />

As mentioned earlier, one of the first things to notice is that Oxygen disables the theme. This means that Oxygen is pretty fast by default, because it doesn’t load anything related to the theme. While oxygen scores very high like some mobile manufacturers.

In particular, most blocks beat Oxygen on mobile download speeds and even LiveCanvas. I was a little surprised because Oxygen has made several posts showing how fast he is, and although he is faster, I think speed is the limit.

I would classify this as marketing, which I will talk about later in the article. In the end, Oxygen certainly does very well on the bills, but it doesn’t dominate as I expected, especially if other page and block builders had to include Cadence’s bloat (which is almost non-existent), but Oxygen doesn’t dominate.

Gutenberg blocks against Breezy

alt=hell width=772 height=250 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />

Bryzy has been causing a stir in the WordPress community for a while now with her clever UI/UI. I would say it has a pretty high score compared to many other page builders, it’s not the slowest on the list, but it’s not the fastest either.

It didn’t match the cell phone results, they were everywhere. I think he may become a bit more mobile in the future to improve those numbers. It was also one of the few manufacturers to add block elements to the side that could be improved.

Gutenberg Blocks versus Thrive Architect

Thrive performed well on desktop computers, but not on mobile phones. His results weren’t the best, but they seemed to follow the trend of page makers doing well on desktop, but then completely bombing the tests for mobile devices.

Overall, the results are not interesting, and they speak for themselves.

Gutenberg blocks against elements

alt=element width-popups=1024 height=455 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />

I was shocked by these results because Elementor has made so many posts claiming to improve the manufacturer, and yet, looking at these results, I don’t see it. For Elementor, which has so many users, it’s really shocking how slow this manufacturer is.

Elementor had one of the slowest desktop downloads, and the mobile version wasn’t that great either. I didn’t realize how bad it was, but the results are promising. More information on this at the end of the article.

Gutenberg blocks against the manufacturer Beaver

Again, the results are overwhelming. I’ve always heard that Beaver Builder is one of the fastest page builders on the market, but it wasn’t until this test that I really saw how fast it was. When you compare Beaver Builder to something like oxygen, you don’t even realize how good it is to load.

I don’t know if the Beaver Builder is different from other page builders, but it works. Beaver adds some swell, but it’s not much compared to Kadence’s basic theme.

Gutenberg blocks versus LiveCanvas

LiveCanvas is not as reliable as some other page builders on the market, but the speed is great. LiveCanvas had one of the cleanest speed ratings you can get with a page creator.

It requires a fair bit of programming knowledge, but he is one of the creators of the self-study pages.

Gutenberg versus Divi blocks

For most of them, Divi wasn’t the worst on the list, but she would have been second or third if the scores were compared. I still have some feelings about it, so don’t be too sensitive to the wrong note.

Divi is probably the second biggest page builder on the market after Elementor, because it is very cheap.

Gutenberg blocks vs. cadence blocks

The cadence blocks were the fastest Gutenberg blocks I have ever tested. They did very well and added very little ballast compared to the manufacturers on the side. It also allows you to disable objects you don’t want to see or use, which is fine.

The cadence blocks are the reference for me in terms of Gutenberg blocks, because they work so well. They don’t offer everything, but they come close to perfection.

Gutenberg versus Getwyd blocks

Getwid was the slowest of the Gutenberg blocks I tested, and it tested so poorly on mobile devices that we could compare it to most page builders in terms of speed. On the desk, it was the slowest block.

Gutenberg blocks versus cubes

Qubely evaluated the descent for one of the Gutenberg boulders, but it turned out to be pretty standard. I have nothing more to say.

Gutenberg blocks vs. Stackable

It’s pretty good compared to secondary manufacturers. Bendability is a good option if you are not interested in cadence blocks.

How to improve page generator speed to get better ranking intests

We ran these tests without caching and without any improvements you can make to your site. Once you’ve incorporated these elements into the site with things like cleaning or caching, you can improve these tests.

They may not come close to Gutenberg blocks, but if you compare what most page builders do with blocks, you may see a gap.

Page makers can:

  • Create pop-ups
  • Creating themes
  • 404 page results
  • Results archive page
  • Headers and footers
  • WooCommerce Edition

Although the blocks are catching up and doing some of these things, they can’t do them all. So at some point you have to weigh the speed you lose against the opportunities you gain.

We can’t assign a number to these things, but a comfort factor that just can’t be taken into account. I recommend, if you are considering the Gutenberg block on Page Creator, that you understand why you need this extra speed.

Don’t let the mighty Google make you believe that a limited extra speed will make such a difference in the rankings, because while it may give you a small boost, it may also help you. It won’t be as much of an incentive as you think.


I hope this article has helped you understand the difference in speed when working with Gutenberg blocks and Speed Page Builders. I also hope this has opened your eyes to the possibilities. Don’t limit yourself to what other people think.

Page builders are as viable today as they were a year ago. If you want to read other WordPress or Page Builder content, check out our blog for more information.

frequently asked questions

Is Gutenberg faster than elementary?

Gutenberg v. Elementary: Page Speed As you can see, Gutenberg loads a web page faster than Elementor, and if your page loads faster, people can read your content faster.

Will Gutenberg replace page makers?

Can Guttenberg replace the WordPress page builder? As it stands, Gutenberg is simply a better content editor than what WordPress had before. This is NOT a replacement for the powerful WordPress plugins for creating pages.

What is the Gutenberg Block Builder?

Gutenberg blocks are editing blocks used to create content layouts in the new WordPress block editor, also known as Gutenberg. … Some of the best WordPress plugins add their own blocks so you can easily integrate their features.

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