Phone numbers or contacts are considered very important to keep in touch. It’s almost a part of life that we talk to someone on the phone every day. But it is also true that we face different data loss situations in our daily lives, and contacts are one of them.

I am here today to address the many users who have reported accidentally deleting contacts from the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

While there may be other reasons for the loss of contact, there is no need to worry. This article explains how to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra phone.

Is it possible to restore deleted contacts from my Samsung phone?

When contacts or other data is lost or accidentally deleted from the Samsung phone, users do not know how to handle it. In fact, many users want to know what to do if contacts are accidentally deleted from Samsung Galaxy.

I want you to know that if your contacts are lost, they will not be erased from your phone. They are always present in the device itself and are stored in an invisible format. This means that you can retrieve these contacts from your Samsung Galaxy phone.  But it’s not worth rewriting for a successful revival.

There is little to keep in mind:

  • First of all, don’t use your Android phone for any reason.
  • Turn off all mobile data, hotspots or wifi to prevent unwanted internet downloads.
  • Find the best tool to recover lost contacts from your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Part 1: Restore contacts from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra without backup [Automatic]

The first thing I suggest you to recover deleted phone numbers from Samsung phones is to use Samsung Galaxy data recovery service. With this professional tool, you can easily recover contacts from your Samsung device. It is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. You can recover not only contacts but also other data like photos, videos, documents, notes, WhatsApp chats, audio files, text messages and more.

The program retrieves data from internal and external memory. It features powerful scanning technology that detects if the contacts have disappeared from your Samsung phone. Best of all, it’s compatible with all Samsung phones, including the latest Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra.

So there is no need to worry and without wasting much time, just download the Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery software and recover lost contacts from your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Read the full Samsung Galaxy data recovery user guide.

Android Data Recovery – Recover lost/deleted data from Android phones

The most effective tool for recovering lost, deleted and inaccessible data from Android phones. Here are some unique features:

  • Instantly retrieve different types of data such as photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recovery of lost data in any critical situation, such as. For example, in case of screen breakage, accidental or unintentional factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons.
  • Allows one-click recovery of deleted files without backup.


Part 2: Methods of restoring contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+S21 Ultra phone [Guide]

Apart from the automatic method mentioned above, there are other alternatives for recovering deleted phone numbers from Android / Samsung phones.

Method 1: Use a Google account to restore contacts from your Samsungphone.

If you really want to recover contacts from your phone, I will show you a few steps to recover contacts deleted from Gmail.

Follow them as indicated below :

  • First, go to Settings > Google or just go to the Apps icon > Settings > Google.
  • Now click on Restore Contacts under Services.

  • Next, in the Device Backup option, select the device on which contacts are stored that you want to copy. If you do not want to copy the contacts from the internal memory or SIM card here, deactivate the SIM/memory device.
  • Then click Restore and wait for the Restored Contacts to appear.

Method 2: Recover deleted Samsung contacts from a Samsungaccount

You are familiar with the Samsung account, as users of Samsung phones use it to back up important data. Your contacts can also be saved if you follow the instructions: Settings > Clouds and Accounts > Backup and Recovery > Data Backup > Select data > SAVE.

So, if you have backed up your contacts, follow these steps to recover your deleted contacts:

  • First, go to Settings > Accounts and Backup.
  • Now click on the Backup and Restore button.
  • Then click on Data Recovery.

Note – You can view all your backups if you used multiple Samsung phones to back up the same account. Select only the device you want to restore.

  • Now select the contacts you want to restore.
  • Then press Restore Now to save a backup of your Samsung phone’s contacts.

Method 3: Retrieve lost phone numbers with Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung users may be familiar with their own media management tool, commonly known as a Smart Switch. It easily syncs contacts between phones and backs up all data locally. However, if you have already backed up your contacts on your computer with this manager, you can restore them in a snap.

Follow the steps below to remove the contacts from the Samsung Smart Switch:

  • First launch the Smart Switch on the PC and connect the device to the PC with a USB cable.
  • Now click the Restore button
  • Then click Select backup data if there is more than one backup.
  • Then select the backup you want to restore.
  • Then select Contacts under Personal content
  • Finally, click OK, and then click Restore Now.

This will synchronize all contacts with your Samsung phone.

Bonus: How important is reinforcement?

When you face an unexpected data loss situation, you would think that if there is a backup, you can easily restore it, right? At this point, we know how important backups are. But to avoid that next time, I suggest you store all your important stuff in a safe place. Whether it’s contact information or other data.

Regularly backing up all your data makes it easier to manage data loss situations. However, if you are still thinking about how to back up your Samsung phone’s data, I must tell you that there are several ways to back up data. But the safest and most efficient way is to use the Android backup and restore option.

This is a professional backup program that allows you to backup all your data, including contacts, photos, videos, messages, etc. And the best part is that if you lose data, you can easily recover it with this software.


Contacts are very important, because without phone numbers we can’t contact anyone. But if for some reason they get deleted or lost, it’s not easy to figure out how to get them back. This can happen to any Android phone user. This article contains different methods to recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra phone. And if your phone numbers have been erased, we hope the following will help you get them back.

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frequently asked questions

How do I retrieve contacts on my Samsung Galaxy S20?

To back up contacts Press Settings > Accounts & Backup > Backup and Restore > Data Backup.

How do I retrieve contacts on my Samsung Galaxy?

Restore deleted contacts on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Is there a Samsung S21?

The Galaxy S21 (and also the S21+ and the S21 Ultra) has been available since the 29th. January availability – the predecessor to the Galaxy S20 has already been delivered in early March 2020. … This is considerably less than the price of last year’s S20 version with 5G, 12GB RAM and slightly less than the S20 version with 4G, 8GB.

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