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  • Establishing a private network (VPN) between two access points is paramount for data protection.
  • For example, you can set up a VPN between remote employees and the company network.
  • Windows 10 has its own VPN functionality, but it can be difficult for a beginner to use.
  • Read our guide and learn how to easily set up a VPN between two or more computers.

Implementing a VPN (virtual private network) between two access points is essential to maintaining corporate privacy. If your job requires you to handle sensitive information on your network, consider using a VPN.

This solution can also facilitate access to your local network for remote workers. Once connected to the VPN, they appear to be physically available on the local network. This allows them to seamlessly access and share resources and devices on your network.

Using a standard VPN provider is not a viable solution in this situation. The VPN software sends all your traffic through the private server, but you can’t see users connected to the same network or communicate with them.

However, this limitation can be circumvented by creating your own network. This is what you need:

  1. At least two PCs (host and clients).
  2. Internet connection for networking (on all PCs).
  3. the IP address and connection details of each PC in the network

Once you have everything on the list, we’ll show you how to create a VPN.

How do I set up a VPN between two computers?

Step 1 – Start the connection wizard on the client PC

  1. Press the Win key (⊞) on the keyboard.
  2. Type Ethernet and select Ethernet settings from the search results.
  3. Click on the link Network and Sharing
  4. Select Configure New Connection or Network Option from the menu.

Step 2 – Configure the new VPN connection you are creating (outbound)

  1. In the Internet address field, enter the IP address or domain name of the computer you want to connect to.
  2. Choose a name for the new connection
  3. Click on the Create button

Step 3 – Establishing an outgoing VPN connection

  1. Find the VPN connection by clicking on the network icon in the system tray.
  2. Select it and click on the Connect button
  3. You will be asked to log in
  4. Use the login details of the PC you wish to connect to.

Step 4 – Complete the installation on the server PC (incoming)

  1. Access to the network and the sub-center as in solution 1
  2. Click the Change Adapter Settings hyperlink.
  3. In the Network Connections window, press the ALT key on your keyboard.
  4. From the File menu, select New Incoming Connection.
  5. Select the users you want to allow to connect to your PC via VPN
  6. Click here for more information
  7. Select the Through Internet check box and click Next.
  8. Leave it as it is (see what the screenshot should look like).
  9. Click on the Allow access button

Here’s how. You learned how to establish a VPN connection between two computers and create a list of users who can access your network. If you have done this correctly, you should be able to connect to the network without any problems.

FAQ: Learn how to set up a VPN between two access points

  • How can I set up a network between two computers?

You can use a router or switch to connect two computers to the same network. If both PCs are equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter, you can use one to create a virtual access point and the other to connect to it.

  • Can I combine internet connections?

Yes, there are many ways to do it. You can connect two separate ports. The alternative would be to build bridges. For more information on merging internet connections, read our excellent article.

  • Can I set up file sharing between two computers running Windows 10?

Yes, Windows 10 allows you to enable file sharing between two or more computers. However, you must first make sure that the firewall is not blocking it.

frequently asked questions

How do I create a VPN between two offices?

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How do I make a VPN connection to my company’s network?

In Windows, go to Control Panel, Network and Sharing, Create new connection, VPN. On the Mac, go to System, Network, +, VPN Preferences. At this point, you will be prompted to enter your office’s IP address. If you received a static IP address from your ISP, enter it and check the connection.

How do I set up a VPN on two Windows 10 computers?

How to set up a VPN on Windows 10 – step by step | TrainingTech

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