Snowmobiles are an exciting activity that can take a dangerous turn if the necessary precautions are not taken in time.

And while a number of features are important here, don’t forget that there are reliable helmets that not only protect your head, but also keep it warm and comfortable.

But with so many options on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice.

That’s why today we’ll introduce you to the 509 Delta R3 helmet and discuss all its important features to discover what makes it so popular with riders.

Read on for more information.

  509 Delta Headset R3
Outdoor materials Lightweight polycarbonate casing
Inner material Double SPE density
Includes Double scratch protection plate
Design Retractable internal blinds
Weight 2 books
Size XS on XXL
Colours Six different colours
Shooters DOT approved
Prices See the current price.

509 Delta R3 Headset overview

If you are considering buying the best snowmobile helmet, you should choose the 509 Delta R3.

In my other articles I have looked at 509 helmets and 509 tactical helmets, feel free to take a look, you will find very good information about them.

So after looking at several 509 helmets, I can say that the 509 Delta R3 helmet is the best helmet for a snowmobile if you are willing to pay a little more than other helmets.

However, if you don’t want to go over your budget, the 509 high helmet and the 509 tactical helmet are a good choice.

The question is what the purchase of a 509 Delta R3 helmet yields.

The first
, Delta R3 comes in many different colors, as well as the
high and tactical helmets. That’s good, isn’t it?

headset has the ability to switch between different configurations: Integrated visor, open face and a double sports helmet

The electric heating technology, combined with the double plate, scratch protection and anti-condensation screen, ensures a clear view, even in extreme conditions.

Removal of the respirator, an inward opening sun visor and an adjustable ventilation system provide greater comfort as you can adjust the functions of this helmet to suit your needs.

Another feature is the Fidlock magnetic tape closure, which allows you to work with one hand without any problems, even when wearing snowmobile gloves.

It contains other elements that make it one of the best snowmobile helmets we will talk about later.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying, take a look at the customer comments on the 509 Delta R3 helmets and see for yourself what they say.

509 Delta R3Headphone Overview Video

Below you can see the current price of this helmet.

Let’s break the ice

509 Delta R3 2.0 Control of helmets

If you are looking for a lightweight double sports helmet, look no further. Delta R3 offers you the most remarkable dual sports helmet, the Fiber 509 carbon helmet. It’s incredibly light, about half a pound less than a normal R3. This ensures the safety of the driver in all cases.

509 Delta R3 Headphones

The carbon fiber, however, does not have a sun visor that falls off, and the ordinary R3 has one. It is equipped with a double electrical panel. The best thing about a double sports helmet is that it can be worn with goggles or without a visor, such as a full-face helmet. You can also remove the shield and wear it as an open helmet.

Magnetic Headphone 509 Delta R3

This helmet is best suited for places where the weather is constantly changing. You can also remove the shield and combine it with one of the 509 points. This is one of the most important features of the 509 helmets, you can wear any 509 snow goggles with your helmet and they will be 100% compatible.

However, if you want to wear glasses of another brand, you may experience some difficulties. The mixing glasses, for example, are quite famous, but you may have problems if you try wearing them with 509 R3 headphones.

If you want to capture your riding experience, try attaching a camera to your snowmobile helmet and this helmet is perfect for that.

Other characteristics

Breathing enclosure

If you want to enjoy the pleasant and foggy attractions of a snowmobile, a helmet is a good alternative. The breath filter is designed to fit over the nose and face. The respiratory filter eliminates the fog that can form inside the helmet and that is caused by the rider’s breathing.

The breathing tube regulates the exhalation and expulsion at the base of the helmet and thus successfully counteracts condensation.

Respiratory equipment can also help protect your bare skin from cold air when driving in colder environments or in winter.

Three configuration options

The 509 Delta headset has three configurations.

Open Face, Full Face and double sports helmet Delta R3.

Chin Curtain

Chinstrap, as the name suggests, is a way to protect your chin from the cold air entering through your helmet. Not only air, but also sand and dust penetrate through a small hole in and around the helmet and get stuck inside in a closed frame. A king curtain protects your chin and also serves as a reflector. The main goal is to keep you warm, and that’s fine.

This is an excellent feature that protects you from cold air. If you put this helmet on your snowmobile mask, it will protect you 100% against the cold wind.


The headset is also available with Fidlock
technology. It is a patented fastening technology that offers several advantages of

  •  this allows the carrier to close almost automatically
  • It makes it possible to open the staples very comfortably with one hand – even with gloves.
  • The connecting elements are extremely reliable, robust and safe.

Neodymium sliding magnets in combination with a stable mechanical locking system ensure the rigidity and reliability of the liquid locking system. This results in two different ways to open and close the clamp.

These features make the 509 Delta R3 2.0 one of the best snowmobile helmets of the year 2020.

Headphones 509 R3 Colour variations


This helmet is DOT certified, so it is very safe to wear. FMVSS 218, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218, is for motorcycle helmets and applies only to helmets sold in the United States for use on the street.

Who can use a 509 Delta R3 headset?

Anyone with a clear desire to ride, whether on a snowmobile or motorbike, can use this helmet. For snowmobiles, this helmet offers a variety of interesting and useful features to safely fight frost during the ride. Functions such as the fidlock, breather filter and king curtain help you move easily in the snow.

This helmet is also very safe for motorcyclists to wear in road traffic, as it has been approved by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

Last words

It was, in short, Hemet’s 509 Delta R3 magazine. Remember that the purpose of the helmet is to protect you from unexpected accidents. Helmets come as rescuers in terrible situations. Therefore, never take the meaning of the helmet for granted. I hope this article was informative.

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