For those who are constantly on the phone, it can be a real pain to have to deal with unwanted calls. Here are six apps that will help you block the annoyances and keep your phone from ringing.

The best free call blocker app for android 2021 is a list of the best call blocking apps that can be found on Google Play Store.

When it comes to scam calls, customer service annoyances, unknown callers out to create problems, and even unwelcome calls from individuals you’d prefer avoid than talk with, call blocking is a godsend. While we would want to block the calls, we have decided not to. 

The major issue with not blocking calls is that we have no way of knowing which unknown number is a legitimate business call and which is a blatant attempt to irritate you. 

Are you weary of getting calls every day that put your safety in jeopardy? Don’t worry, since we’ve compiled a list of helpful call blocking applications for your Android smartphone that you can use for free to avoid getting bombarded with unwanted calls:-

Android Apps for Call Blocking

  • Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus is a security and antivirus application for mobile devices.
  • Truecaller
  • Showcaller
  • Control the call
  • Hiya
  • Whoscall

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus (Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus) (Avast Mobile Security and


Avast is renowned for its robust security foundation as well as additional features such as app locking and virus protection. However, it is now drawing attention to itself as a result of the call blocking function it provides to its customers. 

It now now protects you from the unwanted calls you choose to ignore, in addition to preventing all possible dangers to your system with the aid of a firewall and antivirus. It works similarly to other call blocking applications in that it can quickly detect spam calls, telemarketing calls, and computer-generated calls. 

However, you get the added benefit of not needing an extra software to block calls if you already have Avast installed for antivirus reasons. 

Truecaller is number two.


Truecaller has earned the confidence of billions of consumers who believe in the flawless operation of its remarkable recognition technology. It actively identifies banned calls, fraud calls, and telemarketing calls (you may add numbers to the blacklist in the truecaller app and the program will notify you in quiet whether the prohibited numbers have been contacted or not). 

The screen would then flash with the caller id as calls came in. The color red denotes fraud, spam, or improper numbers, whereas the color blue denotes a safe flag. 

While truecaller makes it simple to find out about the undesirable species attempting to contact you, it has a drawback in that it restricts who may see your profile. 

Truecaller knows when someone sees your number or truecaller profile to contact you, but it only informs you about that person if you upgrade to the premium version. Aside from that, the in-app purchases and advertisements may be irritating at times. 

Showcaller is number three.


Showcaller is the most user-friendly of all the calling applications, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it. Its features include simple identification of the numbers contacting you and the related caller ID flashing across the screen. 

Showcaller has the advantage of being able to detect the caller ID of numbers that are not in your contact list, in addition to the spam and robocallers that plague you. As a result, you can now tell whether or not you have an essential business call coming up. 

You may now view the name and picture of the person who is phoning you in addition to the caller id. 

4. Call Management


The call control app functions similarly to an android device’s built-in blocking functionality. However, it outperforms the boring android function by being best suited for android devices since it includes an in-built feature called ‘Do Not Disturb’ that you can set up on a daily basis to completely avoid calls and give yourself some ‘me’ time. 

It can easily identify and prevent computer-generated calls, spam callers, and telemarketing callers. 

Plus, the greatest feature of the software is that it can manage your text messages inbox, preventing your phone from being sluggish and using storage space due to an overflowing inbox. Its sophisticated function also displays the caller id, allowing you to see who has contacted you. 

5. Hiya


While certain Android phones will block undesirable numbers and spam callers, this does not always imply that text messages would be banned as well. The SMS bulk messaging software would be used to send you API-generated messages to an exploitative degree by telemarketers seeking for insurance, calling for college admissions, and other investments. 

Use the Hiya app to block your text messages as well as other kinds of bothersome calls if you’re tired of the mass of worthless unread messages in your inbox and want to get rid of them to prevent filling up your storage. 

Whoscall is number six.


Whoscall is well-known for its capabilities of recognizing the kind of callers and is considered one of the finest call identification and blocking applications. It detects telemarketers, scam callers, computer-generated calls, customer service calls, and other telemarketing calls that irritate you with their constant calls. As a result, the huge pools of such calls will be readily recognized by the Whoscall system, which will subsequently block them according to your preferences. 

The greatest thing about the software is that you can use Whoscall to customize your own caller ID. The software is, however, free to use and may include advertisements while in use. However, with Whoscall’s other sophisticated capabilities, this may be overlooked. 


Aside from these applications, many Android devices feature a built-in call blocking mechanism, which is easily accessible on most phones. In Android devices, a good call filter is available in both basic and sophisticated models. 

It is quite easy to use; there are choices for adding numbers to the blacklist (your phone may not even ring if the banned numbers call, and they will not show up in your call records until you unblock them), and adjusting whether you want to block unknown calls, spam calls, and other robocalls.

You may also choose whether or not you wish to be informed every time the built-in functionality blocks a call.

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The best call blocker for android without ringing is a list of 6 apps that are the best to block calls on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for blocking calls?

The best app for blocking calls is the one that you use.

How do I block calls without busy tone?

There are a few ways to block calls without the busy tone. One is to use your phones call blocking feature, which you can find in your phone settings. Another way is to use an app like Silent Phone for Android or Signal for iPhone.

Is RoboKiller really free?

Yes, RoboKiller is completely free.

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