Watching movies, shows and videos with loved ones is always memorable, but if you’re not together, you should check out this list of the best rabbit alternatives.

With these rabbit alternatives, you can watch the content with your loved ones on a laptop or mobile device and never feel lonely.

What are the best alternatives for the rabbit?

I have listed the nine best websites, like Rabbit with its pros and cons. I have also reviewed and assessed the pros and cons and written a report to help you better understand how to choose the right solution.

Two Seven


Twoseven is the perfect alternative to watching movies and videos with your loved ones when you’re not with them. Twoseven has an automatic synchronization, and it is very easy to connect with your loved ones.

Twoseven is a good alternative to rabbit because it supports popular streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many others. The platform is designed to have low latency, so you can watch movies with your loved ones in peace and quiet.

Two sevens also feature a chrome extension cord, making it one of the best rabbit alternatives on this list.

Plus for 27

  • Available in chrome
  • Low waiting time
  • Communicate with your loved ones.
  • Webcam

Works of two families

  • Users cannot send audio messages

My opinion of Two-Seven

The amount of functions in Twoseven makes it one of the best rabbit alternatives on this list. Low latency makes watching a film with friends and family flawless. The best thing about Twoseven is that the use of the platform is free and you don’t have to pay for the service, which makes it an ideal alternative to the rabbit.

My digit is two-seven

4.8 out of 5 stars


Metastatic flow


Metastream, with its flawless synchronisation technology, is also a good alternative to the rabbit’s courage. The company has developed a patented technology that works seamlessly when multiple people use the platform to watch movies and TV series.

Metastream is coming soon, making it one of the best alternatives to rabbit in 2020. The platform can be used free of charge to facilitate contact with your loved ones.

Thanks to Metasteam, it’s so easy to watch movies with your loved ones that you feel like you’re sitting next to them.

In Metastream, which was available in Rabbit, only the webcam and audio functions are missing.

Metastream Plus

  • Easy to synchronize
  • zero latency
  • Chatbox available
  • Can connect to the most popular streaming service providers

Contraindications for metastasis

  • Users cannot send audio messages
  • The webcam function is not available.
  • A chrome plugin is missing

My opinion of Metastream

Metastram is a good alternative to Rabbit, but does not offer all features such as webcam and audio connection is not supported. Metasteam is equipped with a good synchronization technology and has no delay. These features make it very easy to watch movies and shows with friends and family.

My metastasis classification

4 out of 5 stars




Watch2geather is the perfect name for watching movies and shows with the person you love. Watching films with your loved ones is an unforgettable experience. Watch2gether has earned itself a place in the list of the best alternatives for the rabbit, especially because you can watch movies with your loved ones, but you can also shop with them online.

The platform supports Amazon prime, Youtube and Sound cloud videos, but does not support Netflix and Hulu, which is a major drawback. If you want to view Netflix with your friends and family, you can search this list for other rabbit alternatives.


  • You can watch Youtube, SoundCloud and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Chat feature available
  • Good synchronization quality

Consolidated Clock2B9

  • No webcam
  • No audio chat
  • Unable to connect to Netflix

My opinion of Watch2gether

I like to watch movies on Netflix, but Watch2geather doesn’t support it. If you are looking for alternatives to rabbits, where you can view Netflix and other popular streaming services, check out this list of the best rabbit alternatives.

My Watch2gether rating

3.8 out of 5 stars


Animated party

Anime party

All your anime fans want to use AnimeParty to watch your favorite shows and movies together with your anime partner.  AnimeParty should be the best rabbit alternative in this list to watch anime.

AnimeParty is dedicated to anime, so if you want to watch Netflix and other popular streaming services, AnimeParty can’t satisfy your needs.

The best feature of AnimeParty is that the library has anime content, which makes it very welcoming to anime fans.

Against the Anime lot

  • The best way to watch an anime
  • Group discussion
  • Comes with Anime’s own content.

Disadvantages of the anime batch

  • Does not have a webcam
  • No sound.
  • Just for anime.

My opinion of AnimeParty

I am a big fan of Anime and I like to use Anime as an alternative to rabbit. If you just want to watch a cartoon with your friends, a cartoon party is the best rabbit alternative on this list.

My grade is animePart

4.5 out of 5 stars




Rave is the last best alternative to rabbit on that list. Do not mention the name of the platform, it is ideal for sharing movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other popular streaming services.

The platform also supports streaming from Google, Daily motion and Youtube. Rave is a seamless synchronization technology that makes watching movies together even better.

The platform has its own Google Play App Store and an Apple Store, which explains why many users turn to this rabbit alternative.

Plus Rave

  • Mobile-friendly
  • audio chat
  • Text chat
  • Most suitable for mobile viewers
  • You can also connect your Google player to the most popular movie streaming services.

Contraindications Rave

  • Does not support video chat

My opinion Rave

One of the best alternatives for a rabbit to watch content together on mobile devices. The application is good and it is easy to connect to another user without delay. I recommend Rave as an alternative to rabbit, which has many features and is also suitable for mobile devices.

My digit is Rave

4.7 out of 5 stars

Annex : Android, iOS


Thop tv is known for its latest movies and shows, and one of the best features of the application is that users can download movies and shows. Movies and series can be viewed if users do not have mobile data.

The platform also knows his films live. If you want to watch films and shows online, television is the best alternative to rabbits.

How can I download and install apk TV on multiple devices?

About top TV

Contraindications for television

  • The user must download the apk application in order to use thop tv.

My opinion of TV.

Thop TV is known for its live TV and sports programs. The only disadvantage is that access to the website is not possible for legal reasons. Users need to download the apk application. If you don’t like home TV, I’ve written a whole article about alternatives to home TV. Thop TV used to watch movies and shows together.


Mobdro was one of the best sites to watch free movies and shows with your loved ones. Users can download the application and watch movies and shows, enabling the viewing experience.

The apk application is not easy to download, so I wrote a whole article on how to download and install Mobdro Apk on multiple devices. Mobdro users love the user-friendly interface and the latest movies.

Plus Mobdro

  • Easy to use interface
  • You can download the titles
  • Good video quality

versus Mobro

  • Not available in the game shop.

My opinion of Mobdro

The Mobdro application has a cult status and users like to watch movies for free. The application in the Google Play Store has been closed due to legal problems, but there are many alternatives for the mafia.


Cat movies are another alternative to the rabbit, and cat movies are known for their latest movies and shows. The application offers free movies and shows in video and audio quality. Users of the apk application use it to watch movies online.

Cat movies also have a good selection of shows, which further enhances the reputation. One of the best features of cinemas is that users can watch and download movies and films in the cinema.

Step for downloading movies to multiple devices

Comic strip specialists

  • Films and screenings in HD and 4k format
  • Latest films and screenings

Cinema users

  • The application is not available in playback memory.

My opinion of Catomoviki

Cotomovies was one of the most famous places for films and shows. The application cannot be downloaded from the game shop, so I wrote about alternative movies.

Tube TV

Tubu TV is a completely legal and free film platform with thousands of films and series. The platform offers more than 20,000 films and shows that can be viewed online. Tubi has millions of users worldwide who make watching incredible.

If you’re worried about compatibility issues, that’s not why Tubi TV is available on more than 25 devices such as Android, Smart TV, Roku, Fire TV and many others.

Skilled workers Tubi TV

  • Fully legal platform for streaming movies
  • Compatible with more than 25 devices
  • More than 20,000 items
  • A great user interface

Disadvantages of Tubi TV

My opinion of Tubi TV

A tube TV is the perfect place to be like a rabbit. Tubi TV is one of the best film platforms in the world. Millions of users install Tubi TV every month and watch movies and TV series.


If you want to watch with your loved ones without being physically together, check out this list of the best alternatives for rabbits in 2020. If you have found a good alternative for the rabbit, you can leave a comment below and we will gladly add it to the list.

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